Lori Fitzgerald Online Registration Now Open

Colorado Track XC is hosting online registration for the Lori Fitzgerald Pre-State Invitational. Online registration will be opening in the next few days and will remain open until August 29.

All coaches should be registering athletes for the race through the Colorado Track XC online registration system.

To register athletes, coaches will need to make sure they are registered as a team admin for their schools. To be a team admin for your school, you must have, at some point, completed the following steps:

1. Register as a user in the system.

2. Register as a team admin for your school (go to your team page and click on Claim This Team).

3. Fill out the information requested for team admin or coach (not both--and there really is no difference between the two statuses).

4. Wait for a reply e-mail indicating you have been added as a team admin or coach.

Please note that these four steps can be done at any time starting now. It's a good thing to have each of these steps done well before the entries are due. A last-minute question at any step in the process stops all other steps from being completed. Send an e-mail to the address at the bottom left corner of this page if you get stuck anywhere in that process.

Once that is complete (and it only needs to be done once), the first thing you want to do is to log back in, go to your team page, click on Team Adminstration, and make any necessary additions and changes to your team roster. In most cases, this should simply be a case of adding new freshmen to your roster.

When you are ready to do entries, click on the Lori Fitzgerald Pre-State Invitational from the list of Upcoming Meets on the front page or from the 2011 cross country calendar. Click on the green Enter Online Now button, fill out the information, and enter your team in the appropriate divisions. Even if there are separate boys and girls coaches at your school, please check that you are doing entries for both teams when you start the online registration process. That makes it easier for the other coach to get in later and do his/her entries. A team's online entries can be updated and revised at any point up to the closing of entries.

Currently, entries are slated to close at 10 PM, MDT, on August 29. If this time and date changes I will post that information in an update to this article.

Please note there is no online entry for the JV races.

Lori Fitzgerald Pre-State Invitational meet page with link to online registration.