Cheyenne Mountain Stampede 2014

Colorado Springs, CO


8/23 High School XC Weekend Recap Aug 24, 2014

Another very early weekend of high school cross country action on the 4th weekend of August, but more momentum is building towards when all 50 states will be back to racing this fall. On Thursday, two high quality season openers were found in Colorado on the state meet course in Colorado Springs with the Cheyenne Mountain Stampede, while big names such as Conner Mantz and Lucy Biles debuted this season at the Highland Invitational in Utah. 

Opening weekend in review Aug 24, 2014

Carly Volkmer was only momentarily delayed by the rain-slickened hill at the Central Warrior Invitational. Photo by Ron Niemeyer.

Bold Beginnings Aug 22, 2014

Aubrey Till has successfully made her break from the pursuit of Lauren Offerman by the top of the hill. Photo by Tim Hilt.

Stampede preview, 4A and 5A Aug 20, 2014

Thornton's Joshua Joseph is the top returning state finisher among the fields for Thursday's running of the Cheyenne Mountain Stampede. Colorado Track XC file photo by Paul Jaeger.

Stampede preview, 2A and 3A Aug 19, 2014

For Telluride's Anna Fake, a new season means never running alone in Miner maroon again. Colorado Track XC file photo by Paul Jaeger.