Doherty Spartan Invitational 2022

Colorado Springs, CO

Meet Information




Minimum Marks and Starting Heights

High Jump 5'4"High Jump 4'4"
Long Jump 17'6"Long Jump 13'6"
Triple Jump 37'Triple Jump 27'
Shot Put 36'Shot Put  25'
Discus  100'Discus  75'


3200 Will be run in the morning. If needed, a slower heat will be run in the afternoon after the 200m. A short break will be built in between the 200m and the 4x4, if their are not enough entries for a slower 3200 in the Afternoon.


The rules governing the meet are those of the National Federation of the State High School Association, The Colorado High School Activities Association, and the Spartan Invitational games committee.


The SPARTAN Invitational is a sanctioned State Pre-Qualifying meet.Certified Officials, Fully Automatic Timing system and wind gauges will be used to comply with CHSAA requirements.

DATE OF MEET:Saturday May 7, 2022

SITE: Garry Barry Stadium2020 Glenn Summer Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

BUS DROP OFF:Drop off team on Glen Summer, the street just East of the stadium then park either around Wasson Park or at the strip mall on the Southeast corner of Circle and Constitution which is Southeast of Wasson Park.



Students * $3.00

Senior Citizens$1.00

SCORING:10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 (Eight Places)

AWARDS:1st- 3rd place medals and top two team plaques per gender

TIMING:Finish Lynx (FAT) will be used, and Sprint 8 as a backup system. 

COACHES MEETING:  8:00am at the finish line

WEIGH INS: Outside North end of press box 7:30-8:15am

Minimum Marks:  Courtesy mark on last attempt only if haven't made minimum

Spike Size: 3/16-inch spikes will be allowed

TEAM CAMPS: Tents in EAST STANDS only ENTRY TO TRACK AND FIELD EVENTS: Enter the Southeast, Northeast, and Northwest gates.

CHECK-IN FOR RUNNING EVENTS:North 20 yard linea.Relay teams must declare entrants at the time they check in with the clerks.

 RESTRICTED AND COMPETITIVE AREAS: Coaches, Not Parents or spectators, are allowed on the infield.Coaches are restricted to the areas outside the flags at the shot and discus area. Pleae help us keep team camps and

spectators off of the infield.
Infield only for coaches and athletes competing, warming up and cooling down.  Athletes shall be considered to be in a competitive area when they step onto the track, and whenever they are in the infield of the track.This includes the jumping areas for both vertical and horizontal events.Also, athletes are considered to be in a competitive area when they are inside the throwing cage for discus or within ten feet of the shot put ring, and at any time while in the landing areas both in and out of bounds.

Warm-up area for the athletes will be on the field.Please remember that there will be NO ELECTRONICS,  FOOD, DRINK, GUM OR SEEDS allowed in competitive areas OR the turf area.

 TRAINER: Will arrive by 8:30am.  We will have a full training room facility located in the locker room at the South end of the stadium.Please use this facilityas needed.Our trainer will be available.Bringyour own tape and pre-wrap if an athlete needs to be taped.