Western Colorado University High School Indoor Open 2023

Gunnison, CO

Meet Information

More information: Wester Colorado HS Open 

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Western High School Open

Feb. 18, 2023

Track Events

11:00am Boys 60mh Prelims

11:10am Girls 60mh Prelims

11:20am Boys 60m Prelims

11:25am Girls 60m Prelims

11:30am Girls Mile

11:40am Boys Mile

11:50am Girls 400m

12:00pm Boys 400m

12:10pm Girls 60m Final

12:15pm Boys 60m Final

12:25pm Girls 60mh Final

12:35pm Boys 60mh Final

Officials Break

1:00pm Boys 1600m Steeplechase

1:15pm Girls 1600m Steeplechase

1:25pm Girls 800m

1:30pm Boys 800m

1:35pm Girls 200m

1:50pm Boys 200m

2:05pm Mixed Gender 

2:25pm Boys 4x400m Relay

2:35pm Girls 4x400m Relay

Field Events

11:00am Boys Shot Put - Girls to Follow*

Girls Long Jump - Boys to Follow

Boys High Jump - Girls to Follow

Girls Pole Vault - Boys to Follow*

1:00pm Boys Weight Throw - Girls to Follow*

Girls Triple Jump
- Boys to Follow

*Implements/poles will NOT be provided

Western High School Open

Feb. 18, 2023

  • Completed in the Spring of 2014

  • Mountaineer Fieldhouse is located at 7,717 ft. & is the highest collegiate indoor track in the world

  • Six 42" lanes on the oval and Nine 42" lanes on the straightaway

  • The Long Jump/Triple Jump runway and Pole Vault runway are located outside the oval

o Wood Board will be used for all Triple Jump and Long Jump take offs

o The Long Jump board is located at 3m (9'10) and the runway extends to 45m (148') and can also

accommodate approaches up to 50m

o The Triple Jump boards are located at 10m (32'9.75") and 12m (39'4.5") and the runway extends

to 39m (128') and can accommodate approaches up to 44m on the 12m board.

o Pole Vault Runway is 45m (148') but can accommodate longer approaches if necessary

  • The High Jump area is located in the south D zone and will utilize roll out runways to accommodate

    approaches from approximately 25m (82')

  • Throwing area is located on the north D zone and features a concrete circle and built-in throwing cage

    with full doors.


  • All Team and Individual entries will be done online through Direct Athletics

  • Collegiate coaches may only enter eligible athletes in the meet (unattached will be accepted if they are

    affiliated with your team)

  • Entries close at 11:59pm on the Tuesday before each meet. Late Entries will not be accepted.

  • $250 per team, $500 for both a men's and women's program (if 14 or more)

  • $20 per individual athlete - Post-Collegiate or Unattached athletes must pay on Direct Athletics

    Packet Pick-up:

  • Will be in Mountaineer Fieldhouse lobby (NE corner) from 9:30am-11:00am

  • Heat Sheets will be emailed to participating teams by Thursday, January 27th and be available on


    Team Scoring and Advancement into Finals:

  • This meet will be scored and scored according to NCAA regulations to ensure this is a NCAA qualifying


  • NCAA Rules will be followed for advancement for all running and field events.

  • If there are more than 9 competitors in the 60m or 60 Hurdles there will be prelims.

  • In field events, if there are 9 or fewer we can have automatic advancement to finals, if there are more

    then we will bring 9 places to finals.


  • Finish Lynx Automatic timing will be used

  • Result will be posted on the video display board in the SW corner of the track; Paper result will be pinned

    to the board in the NE lobby of the track

Infield Surface:

  • Use of spikes is strictly prohibited on the light grey infield surface

  • Runways and mats will be provided for the HJ area, competitors are required to stay on runways provided

    Spike requirements:

  • Only 14" pyramid spikes for all events.

  • No Christmas tree or needle spikes are allowed.

  • No permanent spiked shoes are allowed unless they are equipped with 14" or smaller pyramid spikes.

    Implement Weigh-In:

  • Weigh-ins will occur at the garage area in the northwest corner of the Mountaineer Fieldhouse. Please

    coordinate with to schedule a time

  • Only Indoor implements can be used

    Team Parking:

  • Teams will park in the Paul Wright Gym Lot to the North of Mountaineer Fieldhouse.

  • Teams will enter through the North entrance of Paul Wright Gym and then through the Northeast

    entrance to the Mountaineer Fieldhouse.

  • There is Bus Parking available on the West side of Paul Wright Gym.

    Team Camps:

  • Team camps will be assigned the week of competition and will be included in the visiting team info

  • No food or drink will be allowed in the Mountaineer Fieldhouse please keep that in your team camp. Only

    Water is allowed in the Fieldhouse.

  • There are restrooms by the classrooms that will be available for use for your teams only

  • Water coolers will be available in each team camp area. Teams must provide their own water bottles

  • The meet will be streamed in each of the classrooms via YouTube

    Warm-up/Cool Down Area:

  • The lower gym will be the warm-up and cool down area (unless otherwise notified in meet information)

  • Participants will enter the lower gym through the east entry way and visiting teams will be escorted down

  • We will have a warm-up schedule sent out and posted in team camp areas, only events that are next on

    the track will be allowed to warm-up in the gym. The warm-up schedule will be sent out with the updated

    schedule after entries are finalized

  • Events that are first on the track for that day will be allowed to warm-up on the track

  • Masks must be worn for all warm-up and cool down activities

    Restrooms /Locker Rooms:

  • Participating Athletes will be allowed to use the restroom on the north side of the track.

  • Locker Rooms for visiting teams will be available upon request.