Western Colorado University High School Indoor Open 2024

Gunnison, CO

Meet Information

Western High School Open

Feb. 17, 2024

  • Completed in the Spring of 2014

  • Mountaineer Field house is located at 7,717 ft. & is the highest collegiate indoor track in the world

  • Six 42" lanes on the oval and Nine 42" lanes on the straightaway

  • The Long Jump/Triple Jump runway and Pole Vault runway are located outside the oval

    o Wood Board will be used for all Triple Jump and Long Jump take offs

    o The Long Jump board is located at 3m (9'10) and the runway extends to 45m (148') and can also

    accommodate approaches up to 50m

    o The Triple Jump boards are located at 10m (32'9.75") and 12m (39'4.5") and the runway extends

    to 39m (128') and can accommodate approaches up to 44m on the 12m board.

    o Pole Vault Runway is 45m (148') but can accommodate longer approaches if necessary

  • The High Jump area is located in the south D zone and will utilize roll out runways to accommodate

    approaches from approximately 25m (82')

  • Throwing area is located on the north D zone and features a concrete circle and built-in throwing cage

    with full doors.


  • All Team and Individual entries will be done online through Direct Athletics

Spectators will be charged $5, students/children under 13 are free
  • Collegiate coaches may only enter eligible athletes in the meet (unattached will be accepted if they are

    affiliated with your team)

  • Entries close at 11:59pm on the Tuesday before each meet. Late Entries will not be accepted.

  • $250 per team, $500 for both a men's and women's program (if 14 or more)

  • $20 per individual athlete - Post-Collegiate or Unattached athletes must pay on Direct Athletics

    Packet Pick-up:

    • Will be in Mountaineer Fieldhouse lobby (NE corner) from 9:30am-11:00am

    • Heat Sheets will be emailed to participating teams by Thursday, January 27th and be available on


      Team Scoring and Advancement into Finals:

    • This meet will be scored and scored according to NCAA regulations to ensure this is a NCAA qualifying


    • NCAA Rules will be followed for advancement for all running and field events.

    • If there are more than 9 competitors in the 60m or 60 Hurdles there will be prelims.

    • In field events, if there are 9 or fewer we can have automatic advancement to finals, if there are more

      then we will bring 9 places to finals.


      • Finish Lynx Automatic timing will be used

      • Result will be posted on the video display board in the SW corner of the track; Paper result will be pinned

        to the board in the NE lobby of the track

Infield Surface:

  • Use of spikes is strictly prohibited on the light grey infield surface

  • Runways and mats will be provided for the HJ area, competitors are required to stay on runways provided

    Spike requirements:

  • Only 14" pyramid spikes for all events.

  • No Christmas tree or needle spikes are allowed.

  • No permanent spiked shoes are allowed unless they are equipped with 14" or smaller pyramid spikes.

    Implement Weigh-In:

  • Weigh-ins will occur at the garage area in the northwest corner of the Mountaineer Fieldhouse. Please

    coordinate with to schedule a time

  • Only Indoor implements can be used

    Team Parking:

  • Teams will park in the Paul Wright Gym Lot to the North of Mountaineer Fieldhouse.

  • Teams will enter through the North entrance of Paul Wright Gym and then through the Northeast

    entrance to the Mountaineer Fieldhouse.

  • There is Bus Parking available on the West side of Paul Wright Gym.

    Team Camps:

  • Team camps will be assigned the week of competition and will be included in the visiting team info

  • No food or drink will be allowed in the Mountaineer Fieldhouse please keep that in your team camp. Only

    Water is allowed in the Fieldhouse.

  • There are restrooms by the classrooms that will be available for use for your teams only

  • Water coolers will be available in each team camp area. Teams must provide their own water bottles

  • The meet will be streamed in each of the classrooms via YouTube

    Warm-up/Cool Down Area:

    • The lower gym will be the warm-up and cool down area (unless otherwise notified in meet information)

    • Participants will enter the lower gym through the east entry way and visiting teams will be escorted down

    • We will have a warm-up schedule sent out and posted in team camp areas, only events that are next on

      the track will be allowed to warm-up in the gym. The warm-up schedule will be sent out with the updated

      schedule after entries are finalized

    • Events that are first on the track for that day will be allowed to warm-up on the track

    • Masks must be worn for all warm-up and cool down activities

      Restrooms /Locker Rooms:

    • Participating Athletes will be allowed to use the restroom on the north side of the track.

    • Locker Rooms for visiting teams will be available upon request.

Athletic Training

Please refer to the email sent to your athletic trainer for more information or contact Elizabeth Spangler



The meet will be streamed via YouTube. A link will be sent out with the schedule and heat sheets on

Thursday. Other questions related to this can be directed to our assistant sports information director,

Brenna Barkley at

Any additional questions or concerns can be addressed to:

Mark Badowsky -