3A Boys XC By Rankings

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Nate MacDonald was D'Evelyn's top finisher at State last fall and one of a lengthy list of reasons D'Evelyn is a good team to have an eye on this fall. 

When this fall's season starts, Alamosa puts their three-year run of 3A state titles on the line. And, honestly, despite the biggest hit to graduation that 3A has likely ever seen the Mean Moose is not out of the hunt. But, Alamosa will have to get some big jumps out of a few folks to be there.

As we've done with all the other articles in this series, we take a look at rankings of returning runners for each of last fall's cross country, this spring's 1600s, and this spring's 3200s, scoring each by conventional methods of cross country scoring.

. No one set of rankings opens a perfect window on the season ahead, but the compilation of these three sets of rankings sheds a good deal more light on the prospects than any one set of rankings would alone. And, of course, none of the rankings take into account incoming freshmen.

We begin with the rankings of returning cross country runners. 

By Fall, 2016, Cross Country Rankings

1D'Evelyn High School (CO)149
1) Grant Norman16:26.9010
2) Nate Macdonald16:34.0014
3) Lucas Jordan16:34.5015
4) Connor Humiston16:50.1021
5) Hunter Byram18:00.0089
Average Time: 16:53.10 Total Time: 1:24:25.50 1-5 Split: 1:33.10
6) Caleb Feagans18:44.00147
7) Sam Meiser19:34.40229
2Classical Academy, The (CO)189
1) Ryan Moen15:49.401
2) Canaan Lamberth16:09.505
3) Mason Norman16:34.8016
4) Isaac Bahr17:48.0068
5) Brendan Johnston18:04.7099
Average Time: 16:53.28 Total Time: 1:24:26.40 1-5 Split: 2:15.30
6) Nathan Bone18:20.00118
7) Aidan Johnston18:45.91153
3Gunnison High School (CO)229
1) Colton Stice16:26.208
2) Jon Wilkinson16:30.0612
3) Garrett Butts17:02.4236
4) Braydon O'Neill17:03.3838
5) Wulf Stark18:32.42135
Average Time: 17:06.90 Total Time: 1:25:34.48 1-5 Split: 2:06.22
6) Mikhail Garcia19:12.48201
7) Jason Vader19:13.28203
4Salida High School (CO)234
1) Camden Gillis16:10.006
2) Bean Minor17:02.0034
3) Reilly Stack17:35.0052
4) Sam Kearley17:48.0069
5) Frank DeCew17:49.0073
Average Time: 17:16.80 Total Time: 1:26:24.00 1-5 Split: 1:39.00
6) Jason Joslin19:05.00187
7) Carlos Barrientos19:48.00246
5Faith Christian Academy (CO)247
1) Cole Sprout16:01.003
2) Macklin Brockmeyer16:50.4022
3) Wyatt Orstead17:25.0044
4) Antonio Blaine17:56.0081
5) Corbin Marcus18:03.0097
Average Time: 17:15.08 Total Time: 1:26:15.40 1-5 Split: 2:02.00
6) Carter Heekin18:06.00100
7) Cameron White20:57.20316
6SkyView Academy (CO)268
1) Jimmy Scavuzzo16:53.0025
2) Jordon Wilson17:00.0032
3) Ryan Butler17:11.0039
4) Andrew Pippin17:34.0050
5) Tristan Lee18:22.00122
Average Time: 17:24.00 Total Time: 1:27:00.00 1-5 Split: 1:29.00
6) Zach Zimmer18:58.00169
7) Brandt DeJager18:59.00174
7Middle Park High School (CO)338
1) Tyler Scholl16:04.154
2) Eric Berry16:53.5226
3) Brevik Petersen17:37.0353
4) Aaron Sanders18:13.77107
5) Ben Johnson18:44.10148
Average Time: 17:30.51 Total Time: 1:27:32.57 1-5 Split: 2:39.95
6) Dylan Cormican19:45.90244
7) Jeremy Peterson20:32.00301
8Liberty Common High School (CO)344
1) Nathan Dowdy17:16.0040
2) Jacob Doman17:26.0045
3) Will Seest17:54.0077
4) Hudson Majeski17:54.0078
5) Stuart Hoskins18:11.00104
Average Time: 17:44.20 Total Time: 1:28:41.00 1-5 Split: 55.00
6) Mark Vosseteig18:33.00137
7) Ben Miller19:16.00209
9Conifer High School (CO)349
1) Gabriel Elson16:56.1029
2) Sean Crosby17:32.6049
3) Adam Westfall17:59.3088
4) Will Toppin18:00.4091
5) Sean Sands18:01.1092
Average Time: 17:41.90 Total Time: 1:28:29.50 1-5 Split: 1:05.00
6) Colin Moore18:20.40120
7) Steven McDermond18:37.20142
10Resurrection Christian High School (CO)359
1) Christian Fagerlin16:31.0013
2) Jesse Hayward17:39.0055
3) Ryan Bauer17:59.0086
4) Jonathan Wyrwas18:08.00102
5) Gabriel Fair18:10.00103
Average Time: 17:41.40 Total Time: 1:28:27.00 1-5 Split: 1:39.00
6) Tyler Langer18:24.00124
7) Benjamin Jackson18:52.00163
11Lamar High School (CO)367
1) Wyatt Lehr16:26.309
2) Blake Davis16:41.0018
3) Derek Oxley17:40.6858
4) Johnathan Murphy17:45.5065
5) Ethan Settles19:22.90217
Average Time: 17:35.28 Total Time: 1:27:56.38 1-5 Split: 2:56.60
6) Jeffery Snyder19:38.60238
7) Rafeal Chavez20:11.50282
12Holy Family High School (CO)369
1) Kyle McCabe16:56.0028
2) Braden Bartlett17:02.0033
3) Christian Montoya17:46.0066
4) Aaron Sanders18:14.00108
5) Jonah Munoz18:32.40134
Average Time: 17:42.08 Total Time: 1:28:30.40 1-5 Split: 1:36.40
6) Jack Elliott19:04.00184
7) Eddie Bartoletti19:11.00197
13Alamosa High School (CO)393
1) Elijah DeLaCerda16:41.5019
2) Richard Sais17:02.2035
3) Josh Lopez17:49.0072
4) Matthew Vance17:59.0087
5) Cole Schweizer19:01.00180
Average Time: 17:42.54 Total Time: 1:28:32.70 1-5 Split: 2:19.50
6) Zack Vance19:01.00181
7) Josiah Shown22:23.10353
14Elizabeth High School (CO)412
1) David Fine16:00.002
2) Zachary Richardson17:24.0042
3) James Finken17:32.0048
4) Braydon Campbell18:46.00154
5) David Lee18:55.00166
Average Time: 17:43.40 Total Time: 1:28:37.00 1-5 Split: 2:55.00
6) William Erzen19:33.00227
7) Caden Frasl20:23.00293
15Peak to Peak Charter School (CO)438
1) Ethan Monarski17:45.0064
2) Cole Beasley17:49.0070
3) William Ledden17:57.4084
4) William Alexander18:12.00105
5) Benjamin Cunningham18:17.60115
Average Time: 18:00.20 Total Time: 1:30:01.00 1-5 Split: 32.60
6) Justin Hager19:09.70195
7) Walter Tulis19:31.00223

Let's first concede here that a lot of the cross country times you see above are NXR-SW times. While not bogus times, they probably exert a bit too much influence over some teams' scores. And, while you may or may not be surprised at D'Evelyn coming out at the top of these rankings, you do need to note that three of the times that make up their scoring five come from the D'Evelyn Dash. That meet confounded rankings all last fall, too. So, make of it what you will. 

Gunnison finished third at the state meet last fall and should figure as a team worth watching again this fall, even if the cross country rankings above do seem to undersell them a little. 

And, finally, we should note that Cole Sprout will be running for Valor Christian this fall, not Faith Christian. So, that changes the picture a little for Faith Christian.

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