Colorado State XC 2017: Boys Full Meet Merge

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Not surprisingly, Mountain Vista wins the state meet merge, but how do the rest of the teams fare?

I'll be doing a power merge here shortly, but for now here is your full meet merge from today's Colorado State Cross Country Championships. This page is the individual scoring. It's long. The next page is the team scoring. You can click on Next to get there.

As meet merges go, this one is fairer than most as the conditions did not change much during the day.

Full Merge Individual Results

1Charlie Perry2018Monarch High School15:36.80 1
2Chris Theodore2018Rock Canyon High School15:42.10 2.5
2Cole Sprout2020Valor Christian High School15:42.10 2.5
4Austin Vancil2019Dakota Ridge High School15:46.10 4
5Mason Brown2018Eaglecrest High School15:47.20 --
6Harrison Scudamore2018Denver East High School15:49.80 5
7Carter Dillon2018Mountain Vista High School15:51.10 6
8Michael Mooney2018Broomfield High School15:53.50 --
9Brock Dykema2018Silver Creek High School15:56.40 7
10Easton Allred2020Rock Canyon High School15:56.50 8
11Mason Norman2020Classical Academy, The15:56.70 9
12Cal Banta2019Air Academy High School15:58.80 10
13James Lee2018Silver Creek High School15:58.90 11
14Ryan Matson2018Palmer Ridge High School15:59.20 12
15William Dixon2018Monarch High School16:01.60 13
16Drew Seidel2018Wheat Ridge High School16:01.70 --
17David Fine2019Elizabeth High School16:02.10 14.5
17Thomas Chaston2018Cheyenne Mountain High School16:02.10 14.5
19Shayan Zarrin2018Mountain Vista High School16:02.90 16
20Cole Munoz2018Widefield High School16:03.10 17
21Dillon Powell2019Air Academy High School16:04.00 18
22Connor McCabe2018Rampart High School16:04.40 19
23Connor Ohlson2020Dakota Ridge High School16:04.50 20
24Isaac Russo2018Monarch High School16:04.90 21
25John O'Malley2018Centaurus High School16:05.80 22
26Ben Kelley2018Soroco High School16:06.50 --
27Hayden Martinez2018Doherty High School16:10.30 --
28Isaac Roberts2020Lyons High School16:14.60 23.5
28Parker Mackay2018Mountain Vista High School16:14.60 23.5
30Ares Reading2019Niwot High School16:14.90 25
31Caden Foster2018Mountain Vista High School16:15.70 26
32Chase Dornbusch2018Lakewood High School16:16.00 --
33Afeworki Zeru2018Rampart High School16:16.10 27
34Simon Kelati2019Greeley Central High School16:16.20 28
35Ethan Rouse2019Mountain Vista High School16:16.50 29
36Blake Davis2018Lamar High School16:17.50 30
37Drew Johnson2018Chatfield High School16:19.20 --
38Dylan Schubert2020Thompson Valley High School16:19.50 31
39Yonatan Kefle2019Denver South High School16:19.90 --
40Jack O'Sullivan2020Mountain Vista High School16:21.20 32
41Jack Shore2018Fort Collins High School16:21.90 33
42Jacob Dewey2018Rampart High School16:22.10 34
43Blake Hubert2018Fossil Ridge High School16:22.30 35
44Kieran Nay2018Palmer Ridge High School16:23.40 36
45Levi Chambers2018Frontier Academy16:25.30 37
46Justin McDaniel2018Mead High School16:26.10 38
47Aj Bishop2018Rock Canyon High School16:26.70 39
48Kyle McCabe2018Holy Family High School16:26.90 40
49Cooper Brown2019Centaurus High School16:28.10 41.5
49Tyler Scholl2019SkyView Academy16:28.10 41.5
51Maxwell Herebic2018Palmer Ridge High School16:28.20 43
52Jonathan Woolf2018Palmer Ridge High School16:28.30 44
53Wesley Beckham2020Rock Canyon High School16:29.40 45
54Wyatt Lehr2018Lamar High School16:29.60 46
55Alex Hooten2018Centaurus High School16:30.00 47
56Noah Bodewes2019Durango High School16:30.10 48
57Derek Fearon2020Rock Canyon High School16:30.40 49
58Eliott Cassidy2018Silver Creek High School16:30.70 50
59Colton Stice2019Gunnison High School16:31.10 51
60Andrew King2018Platte Valley High School16:31.20 --
61Lucas Jordan2018D'Evelyn High School16:31.30 52
62Jaden Davis2020Frontier Academy16:31.70 53.5
62Landon Rast2018Legend High School16:31.70 53.5
64Matt Hubert2018Fossil Ridge High School16:31.80 55
65Ben Conlin2021Rampart High School16:31.90 56
66Joshua Krafsur2018Fort Collins High School16:32.20 57
67Ryan Moen2018Classical Academy, The16:32.30 58
68Jimmy Scavuzzo2018SkyView Academy16:32.70 59
69Justin Lund2018Mountain Vista High School16:33.90 60
70Jared Scott2018Cherry Creek High School16:34.80 61
71Torey Puckett2019Centaurus High School16:35.40 62
72Jaden Evans2019Telluride High School16:35.80 --
72Logan Simington2018Silver Creek High School16:35.80 63
74Evan Graff2018Montrose High School16:36.40 64
75Aidan Fitzgerald2019Durango High School16:37.00 65
76Cole Nash2020Chatfield High School16:37.10 --
77Sadio Fenner2018Rampart High School16:37.20 66
78Bryce Pietenpol2018Poudre High School16:37.30 67.5
78Luke Thurman2018Air Academy High School16:37.30 67.5
80James Gregory2020Fort Collins High School16:38.00 69
81Brandon Hippe2019Palmer Ridge High School16:38.20 70
82Elijah DeLaCerda2019Alamosa High School16:38.30 71
83Benjamin Bi2019Niwot High School16:38.40 72
84Orion Pipersky2019Boulder High School16:39.20 73
85Brock Helvey2018Douglas County High School16:40.70 --
86Grayson Arstingstall2018Chaparral High School16:41.60 74
87Ian Kelly2019Heritage High School16:42.20 75
88Christian Fagerlin2018Resurrection Christian High School16:42.30 --
89Cody Danley2018Rocky Ford High School16:43.10 76
90Arturo Toro2018Greeley Central High School16:43.80 77.5
90Canaan Lamberth2018Classical Academy, The16:43.80 77.5
92Aiden Branch2018Eagle Valley High School16:44.00 79.5
92Cory Kennedy2020Heritage High School16:44.00 79.5
94Jack Volf2019Niwot High School16:44.70 81
95Matthew Roberds2019Mesa Ridge High School16:44.80 --
96Nolan Getchell2019Legend High School16:44.90 82
97Chris Lyders2018Monarch High School16:45.30 83
98Ryan Johnson2019Legend High School16:45.40 84
99Caleb Hardy2019Boulder High School16:45.70 85
100Caleb Randolph2018Grandview High School16:45.80 86
101Ben Morrin2020Dakota Ridge High School16:46.00 87
102Joseph Dicke2018Discovery Canyon High School16:46.40 88
103Mark Testa2018Dakota Ridge High School16:46.50 89
104Parker Wolfe2021Cherry Creek High School16:46.70 90
105Henry Barth2019Glenwood Springs High School16:47.20 91
106Lukas Haug2021Boulder High School16:47.40 92
107Brody Bittner2019Palisade High School16:47.70 --
108Caleb Ream2019Chaparral High School16:47.90 93
109Gavin Morgenegg2018Eaglecrest High School16:48.10 --
110Riley Abrashoff2019Dakota Ridge High School16:48.30 94
111Carson Williams2020Boulder High School16:48.60 95.5
111William Ledden2020Peak to Peak Charter School16:48.60 95.5
113Oskar Wells2018Niwot High School16:48.70 97
114Matthew Fox2018Grandview High School16:48.90 98
115Macklin Brockmeyer2019Faith Christian Academy16:49.10 99
116Nick Shampoe2018Discovery Canyon High School16:49.60 100
117Logan Moore2020Durango High School16:50.30 101
118Seth Bruxvoort2019Heritage Christian Academy16:50.50 102
119Andres Perez2018Arvada West High School16:51.00 --
120Josh Welo2019Chaparral High School16:51.40 103
121David Cardenas2019Central (Grand Junction) High School16:51.70 --
122Manny Lujan2018Thornton High School16:52.00 --
123Drew Vidano2018Palmer Ridge High School16:52.10 104.5
123John Parker2019Fairview High School16:52.10 104.5
125Yonas Mogos2019Gateway High School16:52.20 --
126Carter Struhs2019Chaparral High School16:52.50 106
127Ben Piegat2020Dakota Ridge High School16:52.80 107
128Parker Lee2020Legacy High School16:53.30 --
129Zac Witman2019Loveland High School16:53.40 --
130James Overberg2021Centaurus High School16:54.10 108
131Ryan Outler2019Widefield High School16:54.30 109
132Walker Rudolph2018Cheyenne Mountain High School16:54.40 110
133Luke Sundberg2020Rangeview High School16:54.80 --
133Ryne Johnson2018Cheyenne Mountain High School16:54.80 111
135Campbell McDonough2018Faith Christian Academy16:55.20 112.5
135Cruz Culpepper2020Niwot High School16:55.20 112.5
135Ryan Montera2021Legacy High School16:55.20 --
138Jack Neifert2018Eagle Valley High School16:55.30 114
139Hayden DeBuse2018Mead High School16:55.40 115
139Patrick Scoggins2018Rangely High School16:55.40 --
141Field Soosloff2018Lyons High School16:55.50 116
142Nick Nowlen2018Ralston Valley High School16:55.70 117
143Max Tenbraak2019Heritage High School16:57.00 118.5
143Simon Kearns2018Mancos High School16:57.00 118.5
145James Hibbard2019Pine Creek High School16:57.40 121
145Jordan Craig2018Grandview High School16:57.40 121
145Ryan Butler2018SkyView Academy16:57.40 121
148Abdi Abade2020Overland High School16:58.20 123
149Austin Podhajsky2018Legend High School16:58.30 124.5
149Daniel Lisenbee2018Discovery Canyon High School16:58.30 124.5
151Henry Bowman2019Centaurus High School16:59.00 126
152Gavin Jones2018Ralston Valley High School16:59.30 127
153Mason Howard2020Peyton High School16:59.50 128
154Will Daley2020Denver East High School16:59.60 129
155Griffin Hampton2018Arapahoe High School16:59.90 130
156Paul Knight2021Durango High School17:00.60 131
157George Maldonado III2021Chaparral High School17:00.80 132
158Caleb Boutelle2021Pine Creek High School17:00.90 133
159Gavin Harden2019Glenwood Springs High School17:01.50 134
160Micah Zeller2021Custer County High School17:01.60 --
161Drew Kroeker2019Pine Creek High School17:01.90 135
162Paxton Hansburg2019Monarch High School17:02.20 136
163Nick Lovato2018Vanguard School, The17:03.20 137
164Jamison Cartwright2019Erie High School17:04.60 --
165Peter Martin2020Fossil Ridge High School17:05.30 138
166Jacob Doman2018Liberty Common High School17:05.50 139
166Jonah Penrose2018Lewis-Palmer High School17:05.50 --
168Josh Thompson2018Valor Christian High School17:06.10 140
169Henry Murphy2021Fairview High School17:06.20 141
170John Houdeshell2020Poudre High School17:06.40 142
171Cody Dewitt2018Standley Lake High School17:06.50 143
172James Jessep2021Stargate High School17:07.00 --
173Kellis Ward2018Loveland High School17:07.40 --
174Jace Owen2019Legend High School17:07.60 144
175Ryan Lehmuth2018Jefferson Academy17:07.80 145
176Andrew Murphy2018Pine Creek High School17:08.10 146
177Grahm Tuohy-Gaydos2021Green Mountain High School17:08.30 --
178Hayden Beck2018Discovery Canyon High School17:08.40 147
179Zack Beckwith2018Silver Creek High School17:08.60 148
180Gavin Glaza2018Horizon High School17:08.70 --
181Brady Blinzinger2019Alamosa High School17:09.40 149
182Bryan Martino2018Poudre High School17:09.80 150
183Owen Buehler2020Regis Jesuit17:09.90 --
184Josh Lopez2020Alamosa High School17:10.00 151
185Kyle Clancy2018Discovery Canyon High School17:10.40 152.5
185Stephen Haysley2020Arapahoe High School17:10.40 152.5
187Eric Wright2019Fossil Ridge High School17:10.60 154
188Zach Klaus2018Fairview High School17:10.70 155
189Christian Sapakoff2019Littleton High School17:10.80 --
190Bryce Medaris2018Mullen High School17:11.30 156
190Max Saliman2019Shining Mountain Waldorf High School17:11.30 --
192Matt Vafides2018Grandview High School17:11.40 157
193Matthew Mettler2020Air Academy High School17:11.80 158
194Jeremy Harms2018Poudre High School17:11.90 159
195Bryce Shirley2018Pueblo West High School17:12.50 --
195Conner Culhane2019Rocky Mountain High School17:12.50 160
197Caleb Jaramillo2020Rock Canyon High School17:12.60 161
198Jack Ray2019Valor Christian High School17:12.80 162
199Peter Quiros2019Cheyenne Mountain High School17:13.90 163
200Devin Ocana2018Legend High School17:14.30 164
201Ben Santos2018Boulder High School17:14.40 165
202Colin Szuch2020Evergreen High School17:14.60 166
203David Garcia2018Frontier Academy17:14.80 167
204Tyler Watkins2019Heritage High School17:15.00 168
205Jake Sheykhet2021Grandview High School17:15.50 169
206Kenny Lang2018Niwot High School17:16.10 170
207Peter Kennedy2018Fairview High School17:16.50 171
208Avery Conaghan2020Monarch High School17:16.80 172
209Will Locascio2020Mullen High School17:16.90 173
210Jordon Wilson2018SkyView Academy17:17.00 174
211Grant Norman2018D'Evelyn High School17:17.40 175
212Dustin Mullaney2018George Washington High School17:17.50 --
213William Bush2020Fort Collins High School17:17.80 176
214Nathan Bone2019Classical Academy, The17:18.70 177
215Samsom Tewelde2018Boulder High School17:18.90 178
216Max Olson2018Boulder High School17:19.90 179
217Calbert Guest2020Fort Collins High School17:20.20 180
218Anders Cote2020Fairview High School17:20.50 181
219Jacob Morton2018Vista Ridge High School17:21.00 --
220Asher Hoyt2020Denver East High School17:21.40 182.5
220Bean Minor2020Salida High School17:21.40 182.5
222Keaton Case2019Heritage Christian Academy17:21.50 184.5
222Simeon Ehm2020Heritage High School17:21.50 184.5
224Nathan Zurfluh2019Estes Park High School17:21.70 --
225Marcus Flint2019Durango High School17:21.90 186
226Josh Torres2018Northridge High School17:22.00 --
226Thomas Alley2021Chaparral High School17:22.00 187
228Reilly Stack2020Salida High School17:22.10 188
229Chris Montross2019Cheyenne Mountain High School17:23.00 189
230Tyler Wangen2019Fossil Ridge High School17:23.20 190
231John Ames2019Delta High School17:23.40 --
232Justin Hager2019Peak to Peak Charter School17:23.50 191
233Alex Murphy2020Palmer Ridge High School17:23.70 192
234Brendan Johnston2019Classical Academy, The17:24.00 193
235Isaiah Bowsher2018Heritage Christian Academy17:24.20 194
236Christian Castellino2021Fairview High School17:24.40 195
237Jacob White2021Dakota Ridge High School17:24.70 196
238Josh Gallier2019Fossil Ridge High School17:24.90 197
239Ethan Monarski2019Peak to Peak Charter School17:25.10 198
240Colton Jonjak-Plahn2019Lyons High School17:25.70 199
241Miles Mena2019Widefield High School17:25.80 200
242Reed Henderson2019Monarch High School17:26.10 201
243Josiah Cole2021Classical Academy, The17:26.20 202
244Brendan Leonard2019Rampart High School17:26.50 203.5
244Johnathan Murphy2018Lamar High School17:26.50 203.5
246Ben Miller2020Liberty Common High School17:26.60 205.5
246Clay Cutter2020Cherry Creek High School17:26.60 205.5
248Ryan Kuykendall2021Peak to Peak Charter School17:27.20 207
249Wentzel Van der Berg2018Evergreen High School17:27.40 208
250William Alexander2019Peak to Peak Charter School17:28.00 209
251Ben Kirk2020Cherry Creek High School17:28.40 210.5
251Derek Ashby2018Pine Creek High School17:28.40 210.5
253John Papadopoulos2019Eagle Valley High School17:29.10 212
254Jon Wilkinson2018Gunnison High School17:29.20 213
255Carter Severson2019Moffat County High School17:30.10 214.5
255James Runge2019Rocky Mountain High School17:30.10 214.5
257Cole Trautman2020Arapahoe High School17:30.20 216
258Tyman Smart2019Central (Grand Junction) High School17:30.30 --
259Anthony Luongo2018Rocky Mountain High School17:31.00 217
259David Reilly2019Battle Mountain High School17:31.00 --
261Wesley Davies2019Clear Creek High School17:31.10 218
262Garrett Butts2019Gunnison High School17:31.20 219
263Cody Larsen2020Fort Collins High School17:32.00 220
264Alex Baca2021Gunnison High School17:32.10 221
265Isaac Dukes2018Mead High School17:32.20 222
266Tristan Barnes2019Cheyenne Mountain High School17:32.30 223
267Noah Hendrix2019Standley Lake High School17:33.00 224
268Richard Sais2018Alamosa High School17:33.20 225
269Isaiah Bradley2019Overland High School17:33.30 226
270William Hibbard2019Pine Creek High School17:33.60 227
271Carter Baker2019Eagle Valley High School17:33.90 228
272Matthew Harrison2018Valor Christian High School17:34.40 229
273Jenson Zaugg2020Chaparral High School17:34.80 230
274Grant Bradley2020Overland High School17:34.90 231
275Jared Linford2018Standley Lake High School17:35.40 232
276John Moroney2019Silver Creek High School17:35.80 233
277Ethan Abbs2020Air Academy High School17:35.90 234.5
277Nate Macdonald2018D'Evelyn High School17:35.90 234.5
279Sam Rodriguez2018Hotchkiss High School17:36.20 --
280Simon Stone2020Lyons High School17:36.50 236
281Ethan Holst2019Durango High School17:36.70 237
282Kyle Sterns2018Ralston Valley High School17:36.80 238
283Derek Oxley2018Lamar High School17:36.90 239
284Luis Caballero2021Rocky Mountain High School17:37.10 240
285Jarrod Holt2018Heritage High School17:37.40 241
286Ethan Reschke2018Sargent High School17:37.70 242
287Colton Gates2018Grandview High School17:38.00 243
288Sumner Cotton2021Steamboat Springs High School17:38.10 --
289Phillip Hufman2019Dolores High School17:38.50 --
290Pablo Smagacz2019Durango High School17:38.60 244
291Wyatt Mortenson2021Moffat County High School17:39.00 245
292Saket Mereddy2018Rock Canyon High School17:39.20 246
293Burke Ewing2020University High School17:40.00 247
294Aiden White2018Arapahoe High School17:40.10 248.5
294Henry Terhaar2020Silver Creek High School17:40.10 248.5
296Bailey Beckum2019Eagle Valley High School17:40.20 250
297Hudson Majeski2020Liberty Common High School17:40.50 251
298Benjamin Brandt2019Ralston Valley High School17:40.90 252
299Frank DeCew2020Salida High School17:41.30 253.5
299Jonathan Wang2018Fairview High School17:41.30 253.5
301Kyle Piper2019Centaurus High School17:41.50 255
302Alex Giglio2019Poudre High School17:41.80 256
303Aaron Dewey2019Rampart High School17:42.10 257
304Ethan Steiner2018Niwot High School17:42.20 258
305Christian Montoya2019Holy Family High School17:43.50 259
306Kieron Brunner2018Air Academy High School17:43.90 260
307Josiah Bowsher2019Heritage Christian Academy17:44.30 261.5
307Wyatt Orstead2019Faith Christian Academy17:44.30 261.5
309Jake Mckie2018Mancos High School17:44.60 263
310Landon Sauvage2019Palisade High School17:45.00 --
311Jackson Adams2018Denver East High School17:45.40 264
312Cole Schweizer2020Alamosa High School17:45.50 265
313Hunter Byram2018D'Evelyn High School17:45.60 266.5
313Ramon Villalobos Ocampo Jr2019Greeley Central High School17:45.60 266.5
315Jack Weis2018Mead High School17:45.70 268
316Hayden Ell2018Thompson Valley High School17:46.20 269
316Walt Jones2020Colorado Academy17:46.20 --
318Emerson Betz2020Eagle Valley High School17:46.80 270
319Jaquaireus Grant2018Widefield High School17:47.00 271
320Max Straub2019Evergreen High School17:47.10 272
321Avery Lin2020Colorado Academy17:47.40 --
322Carter Heekin2019Faith Christian Academy17:47.70 273
323Richie Roberds2019Mesa Ridge High School17:47.80 --
324Seth Porter2018Arapahoe High School17:47.90 274
325Isak Redmon2019Poudre High School17:48.00 275
326Ian Richardson2018Glenwood Springs High School17:48.10 276
327Ethan Kravig2020Thompson Valley High School17:48.50 277
328Anthony Breglio2021Discovery Canyon High School17:48.90 278
329Connor Humiston2018D'Evelyn High School17:49.30 279
330David Desimone2018Lutheran High School17:50.40 --
331Nico Gomez2018Arapahoe High School17:51.70 280
331Will Swenson2018Colorado Rocky Mountain School17:51.70 --
333Clark Landry2020Cherry Creek High School17:52.10 281
334Zach Hupfer2018Rocky Mountain High School17:53.10 282
335Rifat Emam2020Overland High School17:54.00 283
336Jesse Hayward2019Frontier Academy17:54.20 284
337Luke Rohlwing2019Legend High School17:54.50 285.5
337Sean Sands2019Conifer High School17:54.50 285.5
339Landon Milbrath2018Lyons High School17:54.60 288
339Nicholas Shipe2018Standley Lake High School17:54.60 288
339Will Toppin2019Conifer High School17:54.60 288
342Andre stablein2020Front Range Christian17:56.00 --
342Ethan Grolnic2021Ralston Valley High School17:56.00 290
344Cole Lucero2018Montrose High School17:56.80 291
345Tucker Hotz2019Cherry Creek High School17:57.20 292
346Kason Smith2019Alamosa High School17:57.30 293
347Ahmed Sado2019KIPP Denver Collegiate17:58.10 --
348Ethan Bartlett2019Paonia High School17:58.20 294
349Riley Kenison2021Sargent High School17:58.80 295
350Tristan Lee2018SkyView Academy17:58.90 296
351David Jensen2018Colorado Springs Christian School17:59.00 --
352Isaiah Crawford2018Mesa Ridge High School17:59.20 --
353Lucas DeBiase2019Cheyenne Mountain High School17:59.50 297
354Chris Carrouth2019Moffat County High School17:59.60 298
354Dillon Burke2019Northridge High School17:59.60 --
356Isaac Bahr2018Classical Academy, The17:59.90 299
357Alex Grosshans2019Standley Lake High School18:00.10 300
358Mike McKee2018Valor Christian High School18:00.30 301
359Joaquin Munoz2018Rocky Ford High School18:00.50 302
360Noel Lopez2020Rocky Ford High School18:00.90 303
361Eli McFadden2020Pine Creek High School18:01.40 304
362Kade Leonard2019Berthoud High School18:01.60 305
363Sean Graff2020Montrose High School18:01.70 306
364Ryan Roberts2018Conifer High School18:01.90 307
365Jason Joslin2020Salida High School18:02.20 308
366Zack Oldroyd2021Montrose High School18:02.50 309
367Alecxis Hernandez2019Olathe High School18:02.60 310
368Cole Reisdorf2021Jefferson Academy18:02.80 311
369Andrew Hunt2019Fossil Ridge High School18:03.00 312
370Antonio Marquez2020Fort Lupton High School18:03.40 --
371Adam Crowl2018Lyons High School18:03.70 313.5
371Riley Nickols2020Denver East High School18:03.70 313.5
373Griffin Ferguson2018Salida High School18:04.10 315
374Matthew Reynolds2020Holy Family High School18:04.40 316
375Nigel Cortright2020Sargent High School18:04.60 317
376Jacob Robirds2018Sargent High School18:04.70 318
377Ismael Ochoa2018Greeley Central High School18:04.80 319.5
377Owen Lockwood2018Poudre High School18:04.80 319.5
379Connor Ellerton2018Denver North High School18:04.90 --
380James Finken2018Elizabeth High School18:05.10 321
381Jayden Howell2018Frontier Academy18:05.40 322.5
381Kobe Jara2019Overland High School18:05.40 322.5
383Grant O'Shea2018Ralston Valley High School18:05.70 324
384William Berkheimer2021Glenwood Springs High School18:06.00 325
385Konrad Hendley2018Heritage High School18:06.20 326
386Drake Hampton2019Arapahoe High School18:07.40 327
387Tyler Stoudt2018Golden View Classical Academy18:07.90 328
388Paul McDonald2019Golden View Classical Academy18:08.00 329
389Andrew Williams2018Mead High School18:08.10 330
389Jonny Hernandez2021Rifle High School18:08.10 --
391Logan Cooper2019Air Academy High School18:09.20 331
392Mathew Thrun2018Glenwood Springs High School18:09.90 332
393Sam Kearley2019Salida High School18:10.10 333
394Brennan Stice2021Gunnison High School18:10.30 334.5
394Oliver Bromwell2021Evergreen High School18:10.30 334.5
396Ryland Hunt2018Discovery Canyon High School18:10.50 336
397Cooper Rondinelli2019Ouray High School18:10.60 337.5
397Ethan Knapp2018University High School18:10.60 337.5
399Jonael Cid Gonzalez2021Overland High School18:10.70 339
400Matthew Vance2020Alamosa High School18:10.80 340
401Angelo Abundis2018Greeley Central High School18:11.20 341
402Bryce Risner2019Glenwood Springs High School18:12.00 342
402Carlos Parra2018Del Norte High School18:12.00 --
404Jake Vold2020Salida High School18:13.30 343
405Adam Lang2018University High School18:13.70 344
406Luke Hitchens2018Thompson Valley High School18:13.80 345
407Braydon Campbell2018Elizabeth High School18:14.10 346
408Jeremiah Francis2019Denver West High School18:14.80 --
409Blake Dice2018University High School18:15.00 347
410Will Seest2019Liberty Common High School18:15.90 348
411Wulf Stark2019Gunnison High School18:17.10 349
412Billy Ramsay2020Lamar High School18:17.20 350
413Keegan Wiles2018Frontier Academy18:17.30 351
414Noah Burtis2018Berthoud High School18:17.60 352
415Ian Trautwein2021Denver East High School18:18.20 353
416Eli Student2018Standley Lake High School18:18.30 354
417Brandon Benedict2021Jefferson Academy18:18.50 355
418Nels Motley2021Montrose High School18:18.70 356
419Layton McLaughlin2020Olathe High School18:19.10 357
420Aaron Rhoderick2018Montrose High School18:19.60 358
421Joshua Simpson2021Montrose High School18:19.70 359.5
421Nathan Dowdy2018Liberty Common High School18:19.70 359.5
423Elias Born2018Conifer High School18:19.80 361
424JJ Ramey2021Ralston Valley High School18:20.20 362
425Logan Johnson2018Widefield High School18:20.50 363
426Jaime Gutierrez2021Overland High School18:22.10 364
427Braden Bartlett2019Holy Family High School18:22.50 365
428Sebastian Campos2018Mullen High School18:22.70 366
429Nick Thomas2020University High School18:22.90 367
430Caden Meilner2018Paonia High School18:23.10 368.5
430Kelvin Chen2018Standley Lake High School18:23.10 368.5
432Nick Beckman2020Grandview High School18:23.40 370
433Jacob Regalado2019Thompson Valley High School18:23.60 371
434Cole Beasley2019Peak to Peak Charter School18:23.90 372.5
434Jacob Brouwer2019Thompson Valley High School18:23.90 372.5
436Evan Morgan2018Vanguard School, The18:24.40 374
437Brayden Garrott2020University High School18:24.70 375
438Eli Greenslit2021Berthoud High School18:25.20 376
439Matthew Beck2018Meeker High School18:25.40 --
440Gabriel Elson2018Conifer High School18:25.70 377
441Will Maher2020Mead High School18:25.90 378
442Alvaro Espinoza2018Greeley Central High School18:26.00 379.5
442Kaleb Buffington2019Pagosa Springs High School18:26.00 379.5
444Jonathan Munger2018Olathe High School18:26.10 381
445Jeremiah Sheets2021Thompson Valley High School18:26.60 382
446Luke Morrissey2019Eagle Valley High School18:26.70 383
447Ibrohim Nosirov2020SkyView Academy18:26.80 384
448Vincent Michel2018Crested Butte Community School18:27.00 --
449Caleb Yoder2018Mancos High School18:27.20 385
450Jack Andriola2021Evergreen High School18:27.50 386
451Joseph Carwin2018Broomfield High School18:27.90 --
452Jonathan Cabrera2020Widefield High School18:29.10 387
453Coltyn Terry2021Moffat County High School18:29.20 388
454Jack Staib2018Machebeuf (Bishop) High School18:29.40 --
455Alex Martinez2019Holy Family High School18:30.10 389
456Adam Giniewski2019Cherry Creek High School18:31.40 390
457Brandon Williams2021Widefield High School18:32.10 391
458Jonathan Wyrwas2019Berthoud High School18:32.40 392
459John McDonough2018Faith Christian Academy18:34.20 393
460Robbie Manta2018Mullen High School18:34.60 394
461Antonio Blaine2019Faith Christian Academy18:35.40 395
462Sloan Mazur2018Bayfield High School18:36.40 --
463Ryan Lang2018University High School18:36.70 396
464Rosston Sherlock2021Buena Vista High School18:36.90 397
465Kelsey Montague2020Peyton High School18:37.20 398
466Benjamin Cunningham2019Peak to Peak Charter School18:38.00 399
467Brevik Petersen2019Middle Park High School18:39.50 --
468Jack Foster2021Pagosa Springs High School18:39.60 400
469Shad Lewis2020Delta High School18:39.80 --
470Noah Gorman2018Pagosa Springs High School18:40.10 401
471Zach Briggs2019Ouray High School18:40.50 402
472Cole Cayard2019Pagosa Springs High School18:41.50 403
472Gabe Murphy2020Lake City Community School18:41.50 --
474Joshua Judson2021Faith Christian Academy18:42.40 404
475Joshua Rivera2019Lake County High School18:43.50 --
476Xander Pacini2021Denver East High School18:44.00 405
477Caleb Feagans2019D'Evelyn High School18:45.60 406
478William Erzen2019Elizabeth High School18:46.50 407
479Blake Robinson2020Jefferson Academy18:46.80 408
480Baylor Lewis2021Frontier Academy18:47.20 409
481Anthony Earl2020Front Range Christian18:47.40 --
482Owen Berry2020Buena Vista High School18:49.00 410
483Reese VanPutten2019Elizabeth High School18:49.70 411
484Ethan Settles2020Lamar High School18:50.10 412
485Adam Maal2019St. Mary`s High School18:51.40 --
485Niall Kaines2021Rocky Mountain High School18:51.40 413
487Logan Green2020Paonia High School18:52.00 414
488Ben O'Rourke2018Paonia High School18:52.20 415
489Ryan Carrigan2018Mullen High School18:52.30 416
490Tanner Hughes2021Peyton High School18:52.80 417
491Siler Stein2019Berthoud High School18:53.60 418
492Trenton Buffington2020Pagosa Springs High School18:54.80 419
493Kyle Hutsell2020Limon High School18:55.80 --
494Stuart Hoskins2018Liberty Common High School18:56.60 420
495Gary DeLeon2018Rocky Ford High School18:57.10 421
496William Kaufman2018Glenwood Springs High School18:57.30 422
497Adrian Scheibler2018Telluride High School18:57.80 --
498Caden Frasl2019Elizabeth High School18:57.90 423.5
498Hunter Hermsen2019Heritage Christian Academy18:57.90 423.5
500Kyle Conlon2020Berthoud High School18:59.20 425
501Sean Crosby2018Conifer High School19:00.00 426
502Harley Ewert2019Paonia High School19:01.50 427
503Spencer Keating2019Telluride High School19:01.60 --
504John Flipse2020Elizabeth High School19:02.60 428
505Grant Wade2018Moffat County High School19:02.70 429
506Cameron Archer0Denver Waldorf High School19:03.60 --
507Andrew Rutherford2020Heritage Christian Academy19:06.70 430
508Erik Mendez2019Greeley Central High School19:09.30 431.5
508Jonah Munoz2019Holy Family High School19:09.30 431.5
510Adam Smith2019Denver Christian High School19:09.80 --
510Ben Andriola2021Evergreen High School19:09.80 433
512Kevin Sethre2018Berthoud High School19:10.60 434
513Keanan Anderson2018Pagosa Springs High School19:12.50 435
514Joseph Wilcox2018Evangelical Christian Academy19:13.00 --
514Matthew Vermeyen2018Mullen High School19:13.00 436
516Joel Schluessler2021Peyton High School19:14.10 437
517Adam Westfall2019Conifer High School19:14.20 438
518Zane Wilson2018Mancos High School19:14.30 439
519Issac Hutchings2021Buena Vista High School19:15.00 440
520Sawyer Kitting2019Clear Creek High School19:15.20 441
521Ashton Galyean2019Buena Vista High School19:15.80 442
522Elias Zeller2019Custer County High School19:16.30 --
523Keaton Knez2021Moffat County High School19:16.80 443
524Andrew Moore2020Pikes Peak Christian19:17.40 --
525Dylan McIntosh2021Holy Family High School19:18.20 444
526Ezra Weir2020Jefferson Academy19:21.60 445
527Peter Van Cleave2020Jefferson Academy19:22.20 446.5
527Teagan Quintana2018Twin Peaks Charter Academy High School19:22.20 446.5
529Elijah Evans2020Paonia High School19:23.20 448
530Beau Thomason2021Valor Christian High School19:25.70 449
531Sammy Schuemann2019Peyton High School19:26.00 450
532Cadin Hebberd2018Springfield High School19:27.50 --
533Thomas Biasi2018Evergreen High School19:27.70 451
534Nick Scohy2020Mead High School19:27.80 452
535Elan Rameriz2021Pagosa Springs High School19:28.60 453
536Josh Worster2018Moffat County High School19:29.60 454
537Zach Zimmer2018SkyView Academy19:30.60 455
538Luke Cunning2019Rocky Mountain High School19:31.10 456
539Jeremiah Taylor2021Custer County High School19:32.30 --
540Isaac Neivert2018Denver Academy19:35.40 457
541Sam Meiser2018D'Evelyn High School19:36.30 458
542Brian Rutter2018Jefferson Academy19:37.10 459
543Jesus Yee2019Olathe High School19:37.60 460
544Vincent Nowak2018Golden View Classical Academy19:38.60 461
545Harold Rayos2021Ouray High School19:38.90 462
546Braedon Whaley2019Peyton High School19:39.30 463
547Jadon Scarpella2021Liberty Common High School19:40.30 464
548Andy Hernandez2021Twin Peaks Charter Academy High School19:41.70 465
549River Schreckengost2019Valor Christian High School19:44.10 466
550David Jarvis2018Twin Peaks Charter Academy High School19:44.40 467
551Jack Golden2019Golden View Classical Academy19:45.80 468
552Jason Vader2018Gunnison High School19:48.30 469
553Meshach Baca-Gomberg2019Telluride High School19:50.20 --
554Jayden DeLeon2021Rocky Ford High School19:50.80 470
555Miguel Almanza2021Olathe High School19:52.20 471
556Michael Peterson2020Sargent High School19:53.70 472
557Alex Fleitz2018Mancos High School19:56.50 473
558John Lund2020Mancos High School19:59.10 474
559Parker Harris2019Denver Academy20:00.60 475
560Fredrick Rikhof2021Rocky Ford High School20:01.10 476
561Kyle Schoonover2021Vanguard School, The20:06.70 477
562Jordan Sierra2019Sargent High School20:07.60 478
563Gavin Field2020Golden View Classical Academy20:07.80 479
564Noah Kieser2019Twin Peaks Charter Academy High School20:08.40 480
565Alex Pedersen2019Clear Creek High School20:10.90 481
566Jackson Meyer2018Denver Academy20:14.80 482
567Cayden Wrublik2021Ouray High School20:19.80 483
568Grayson Harris2021Denver Academy20:19.90 484
569Cade Norwood2020Ouray High School20:22.30 485
570Jordyn Teeuwe2018Twin Peaks Charter Academy High School20:25.70 486
571Cole Merchant2021Mullen High School20:29.10 487
572Campbell Houston2021Clear Creek High School20:31.40 488
573Jack Ball2018Clear Creek High School20:37.00 489
574Jonas Van Zweden2021Golden View Classical Academy20:44.00 490
575Duke Levenberg2021Denver Academy20:50.70 491
576John Morkunas2021Twin Peaks Charter Academy High School20:54.50 492
577Emmanuel Ledesma2019Olathe High School21:13.90 493
578Teiler Yohn2018Clear Creek High School21:21.90 494
579Jack Rigdon2021Vanguard School, The21:41.70 495
580Kohay Shimakage2019Buena Vista High School22:18.00 496
581Liam Miller2020Ouray High School22:18.40 497
582Angel Sanchez2019Olathe High School22:28.20 498
583Reilly Wood2021Buena Vista High School22:28.60 499
584Sam Tessler2019Denver Academy23:48.40 500
585Sam Hillman2020Lamar High School23:54.70 501
586Tyler Nelson2021Vanguard School, The27:15.90 502