Colorado State XC 2017: Girls Full Merge

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4A Girls show well in the full meet merge.

Having just done the boys full meet merge and power merge, we do the same for the girls. As with the boys, this is probably a fairer merge than most full meet merges as the weather conditions stayed relatively constant today. 

The first page shows individual results. The second page shows team results. Click on Next to get there.

Full Merge Individual Results

1Elizabeth Constien2018Battle Mountain High School18:03.90 1
2Jenna Fitzsimmons2020Mountain Vista High School18:10.30 2
3Caroline Eck2019Mountain Vista High School18:16.40 3
4Claudia Burgess2018Boulder High School18:16.60 4
5Isabella Prosceno2021Palmer Ridge High School18:17.80 5
6Ivy Gonzales2018Broomfield High School18:20.30 6
7Stephanie Carrasco2018Thornton High School18:21.50 --
8Sarah O'Sullivan2020Mountain Vista High School18:26.10 7
9Isalina Colsman2020Regis Jesuit18:27.50 --
10Addi Iken2018Littleton High School18:29.30 --
11Quinn McConnell2019Peak to Peak Charter School18:31.60 8
12Kyla Ramsey2018Rampart High School18:33.90 9
13Paige Embaugh2019Air Academy High School18:38.00 10
14Anna Shults2019Peak to Peak Charter School18:38.50 11
15Julia Schlepp2019Rocky Mountain High School18:39.50 12
16Kaitlyn Mercer2019Grandview High School18:40.10 13
17Caitlin McConnell2019Cherokee Trail High School18:40.90 14
18Morgan Hykes2019Windsor High School18:41.20 15
19Tatum Miller2020Air Academy High School18:45.80 16
20Lina Corrales2018Douglas County High School18:47.20 --
21Joslin Blair2020Eagle Valley High School18:47.30 --
22Tiana Bradfield2019Peak to Peak Charter School18:48.30 17
23Madi Kenyon2019Roosevelt High School18:49.80 18
24Madison Reed2020Mountain Vista High School18:51.90 19
25Helen Cross2020Nederland High School18:52.00 20
26Lizzy Harding2019Battle Mountain High School18:52.80 21
27Maggi Congdon2020Steamboat Springs High School18:54.10 22
28Elizabeth Schweiker2020Ralston Valley High School18:54.60 --
28Hannah Ellis2018Frontier Academy18:54.60 23
30Isabella Bowland2018Fairview High School18:54.90 24
31Riley Geldean2020Centaurus High School18:55.10 25
32Taylor Whitfield2021Valor Christian High School18:55.60 26
33Katie Doucette2018Arvada West High School18:55.70 27
34Carley Bennett2019Lakewood High School18:56.00 --
35Hope James2020Rock Canyon High School18:56.50 28
36Callin Naddy2018Rocky Mountain High School18:56.80 29
37Liz Hogan2018Monarch High School18:59.40 30
38Alyssa Wells2021Holy Family High School19:01.70 31
39Claire Pauley2018Arvada West High School19:01.80 32
39Tiya Chamberlin2019Wheat Ridge High School19:01.80 --
41Kasey Klocek2020Green Mountain High School19:02.40 33
42Hannah McReavy2018St. Mary`s High School19:02.50 34
43Sydney Swanker2020Broomfield High School19:03.50 35
44Shannon Osoba2019Rock Canyon High School19:04.80 36
45Rachel Ingram2019Colorado Springs Christian School19:06.30 --
46Alex Raichart2018Battle Mountain High School19:06.90 37
47Kiara Hamlin2020Durango High School19:07.90 38
48Michelle Renner2018Dakota Ridge High School19:08.50 39
49Kyndel Anderson2020Windsor High School19:08.60 40
50Soleil Gaylord2018Telluride High School19:09.00 --
51Lynzie Kutsner2019Rampart High School19:10.50 41
52Erin Smith2020Cherry Creek High School19:11.00 42
53Laura Thompson2018Broomfield High School19:11.10 43
54Winter Boese2019Steamboat Springs High School19:11.50 44
55Luna Slater2018Poudre High School19:11.70 --
56Liberty Ricca2019Discovery Canyon High School19:12.50 45
57Katie Hooten2020Centaurus High School19:12.60 46
58Madison Mooney2018Broomfield High School19:13.20 47
59Renata Orsi2020Rocky Mountain High School19:13.30 48
60Kaylee Thompson2019Classical Academy, The19:14.20 49
61Naomi Harding2019Battle Mountain High School19:14.80 50
62Madeleine Burns2020Durango High School19:14.90 51
63Maren Busath2021Palmer Ridge High School19:15.00 52
64Karmen Rieger2021Rocky Mountain High School19:16.80 53
65Katelyn Mitchem2018Broomfield High School19:16.90 54.5
65Mary Fox2019Golden High School19:16.90 54.5
67Cami Fischmann2020Silver Creek High School19:19.80 56
68McKenzie Elliott2018Classical Academy, The19:22.30 57
69Kenadi Krueger2020Thompson Valley High School19:23.90 58
70Maggie Smith2019Niwot High School19:24.10 59.5
70Morgan Conn2018Arapahoe High School19:24.10 59.5
72Rachel Goodrich2020Golden High School19:24.40 61
73Emily Mitchem2018Broomfield High School19:24.60 62.5
73Grace Johnson2020Battle Mountain High School19:24.60 62.5
75Taylor James2021Niwot High School19:25.70 64
76Kiran Green2019Brighton High School19:26.80 --
77Keely Jones2019Valor Christian High School19:27.30 65.5
77Victoria Hall2020Cherry Creek High School19:27.30 65.5
79Lauren Zoe Baker2018Silver Creek High School19:28.60 67
80Megan Koch2018Highlands Ranch High School19:29.00 --
81Vanessa Kort2018Broomfield High School19:29.30 68
82Chloe Smith2021Monarch High School19:29.60 69
83Sarah Davidson2018Nederland High School19:29.80 70
84Abby Jones2020Legacy High School19:30.00 71
85Ashten Loeks2019Elizabeth High School19:30.20 72
86Grace Abernethy2020Coronado High School19:30.50 73
87Lauren Lapporte2020Cherry Creek High School19:30.80 74
88Jadyn Goodrich2021Golden High School19:31.10 75
89Sophia Maeda2018Mead High School19:31.20 --
90Riley Irwin2021Valor Christian High School19:32.70 76
91Hannah Mae Gigstad2018Ralston Valley High School19:33.40 --
92Megan Starkey2020Greeley West High School19:33.80 --
93Bri Teegarden2020Evergreen High School19:35.10 77
94Baylie Koonce2020Ponderosa High School19:35.30 --
95Sophia Abernethy2021Standley Lake High School19:35.80 78
96Lilly Lavier2020Alamosa High School19:36.30 79
97Marlena Preigh2019Fairview High School19:36.50 80
98Mollie Roden2021Rampart High School19:36.80 81
99Joelle McDonald2020Niwot High School19:38.80 82
100Civianna Gallegos2018Arvada West High School19:39.00 83
101Molly Maksin2019Centaurus High School19:39.10 84
102Dasha Kuznetsova2018Steamboat Springs High School19:39.50 85
103Brogan Murray2019Battle Mountain High School19:39.60 86.5
103Taylor Haerbig2021D'Evelyn High School19:39.60 86.5
105Lucy Hart2021Pine Creek High School19:39.80 88
106Billie Fogarty2019Fossil Ridge High School19:40.30 89
107Nina St John2021Rock Canyon High School19:40.80 90
108Kinsey Hall2020Fairview High School19:41.00 91
108Lucca Fulkerson2021Dawson School19:41.00 --
110Mia Henderson2020Heritage High School19:42.10 92
111Chloe Cassens2018Coronado High School19:42.40 93
112Lauren Neugeboren2018Boulder High School19:42.80 94
113Brooke Forsythe2019Monarch High School19:43.60 95
114Emily Glynn2021Rock Canyon High School19:43.80 96.5
114Hannah Brown2018Mountain Vista High School19:43.80 96.5
116Laura Romero2021Denver North High School19:45.50 98
117Loren Linnenburger2021Discovery Canyon High School19:45.60 99
118Maria O'Neal2018Crested Butte Community School19:46.00 100
119Abby Scott2018Durango High School19:48.00 101
120Soonhee Han2020Cherokee Trail High School19:48.20 102
121Katie Flaherty2019Classical Academy, The19:48.40 103
122Mackenzie Moss2019Air Academy High School19:49.10 104
123Rebecca Walton2018Mountain Vista High School19:49.70 105
124Klara Aspelin2018Pine Creek High School19:50.60 106
124Kylie Simshauser2021Florence High School19:50.60 --
126Ivory Espinoza2018Central (Grand Junction) High School19:51.30 --
127Chloe Veilleux2019Soroco High School19:51.80 --
128Bailee Stones2018Rock Canyon High School19:52.00 107
129Tegan Bartholomew Brown2020Fairview High School19:52.90 108
130Emma Baron2020Discovery Canyon High School19:53.00 109
131Kylie Kravig2021University High School19:53.60 --
132Anna Busath2020Palmer Ridge High School19:53.70 110
133Claire Rusovick2020Mountain Range High School19:54.60 --
134Sydney Petersen2018Crested Butte Community School19:55.00 111
135Nicole Phaneuf2018Palmer Ridge High School19:56.10 112
136Payton Grove2018SkyView Academy19:56.20 113
137Julia Mainland2020Monarch High School19:56.60 114
138Kyra Stevenson2019Cherokee Trail High School19:57.90 115.5
138Megan Bamford2018Battle Mountain High School19:57.90 115.5
140Lauren McKenna2018Fairview High School19:58.10 117
141Emma Schaefer2018Shining Mountain Waldorf High School19:58.20 118
142Tomah Whitney2018Evergreen High School19:59.80 119
143Caroline Robbins2018Grandview High School19:59.90 120
144Shyanna Holcomb2021Pueblo West High School20:00.70 --
145Sophia Mena2021Widefield High School20:01.20 121
146Isabel Anema2018Cherry Creek High School20:01.30 122
147Erin Kraus2018Castle View High School20:01.40 --
148Brooke Heinicke2021Cheyenne Mountain High School20:01.80 123
149Cassidy Hickey2021Chaparral High School20:02.30 --
150Skylar Lodice2018Dakota Ridge High School20:03.00 124
151Sarah Wagler2018Rifle High School20:03.60 --
152Madeline Morland2019Coronado High School20:03.70 125
153Breanne Raley2021Cheyenne Mountain High School20:04.10 126
154Bettina Burgess2021Boulder High School20:04.70 127
155Amber Valdez2018Arvada West High School20:04.90 128.5
155Sydney Teslow2018Fossil Ridge High School20:04.90 128.5
157Anya Tkachenko2019Fossil Ridge High School20:05.00 130
158Kelsey Rycenga2020Montrose High School20:06.20 131
159Sydney Williams2019Chatfield High School20:06.60 --
160Shae Henley2020ThunderRidge High School20:06.80 --
161Ruth Holcomb2021Durango High School20:07.10 132
162Taylor Santangelo2018Holy Family High School20:07.90 133
163Lucy Pidek2019Dakota Ridge High School20:08.50 134
164Lexi Emerson2021George Washington High School20:08.80 --
165Sarah Bassett2018Pine Creek High School20:09.10 135
166Izzy Heart2019Boulder High School20:09.70 136
167Maria Geesaman2018Greeley West High School20:09.80 --
168Ruby Brown2020Salida High School20:10.00 137
169Alaina Jones2019Elizabeth High School20:10.20 138
170Shantell Hafner2021Mountain Vista High School20:10.50 139
171Tarikwa Woldemariam2020Cherokee Trail High School20:10.60 140
172Sadie Haymond2019Arvada West High School20:10.80 141
173Anna Warmack2019Cheyenne Mountain High School20:11.00 142.5
173Faith Roth2019Coronado High School20:11.00 142.5
175Anna Lucy Buddenhagen2020Denver East High School20:11.10 144
176Taylor Dutton2018Coronado High School20:12.20 145
177Abigail Braun2020Discovery Canyon High School20:13.80 146.5
177Allison Beasley2021Peak to Peak Charter School20:13.80 146.5
179Emily Condon2019Erie High School20:14.60 --
180Layla Roebke2019Coronado High School20:15.30 148
181Denika Hallin2019Grandview High School20:15.40 149
182Anna Ponzio2018Colorado Academy20:15.90 150
183Anna Smagacz2019Durango High School20:16.10 151
184Maia Shore2018Thornton High School20:16.50 --
185Madeleine Bonneau2018Palmer Ridge High School20:16.70 152
186Jensen Enterman2020Cheyenne Mountain High School20:17.20 153
187Anna Swanson2020Grandview High School20:17.60 154
188Esther Cornish2020Denver North High School20:17.80 155
189Ivy Pelletier2021Gunnison High School20:18.30 156
190Kylie Kenny2021Aspen High School20:18.40 157
191Daisy Ortiz2020Roosevelt High School20:19.00 158
192Lauren Vilims2018Evergreen High School20:19.40 159
193Bekah Moenning2019Durango High School20:19.70 160
194Vanessa Haggans2019Fairview High School20:19.90 161
195Evelyn Moyer2019Windsor High School20:20.80 162
196Nell Salzman2018Denver East High School20:20.90 163
197Kate Zacharias2019Boulder High School20:21.00 164
198Kika Napierkowski2018Holy Family High School20:21.40 165
199Kathryn Hibbard2021Pine Creek High School20:21.70 166
200Kennedy Burch2019Loveland High School20:21.90 167
201Ana Muehlbauer2018St. Mary`s High School20:22.10 168
202Amelia Johannes2019Smoky Hill High School20:22.30 --
203Alliyah Molina2020Alamosa High School20:22.40 169
203Elizabeth Cothran2021Chatfield High School20:22.40 --
205Shannon King2020Faith Christian Academy20:22.50 170
206Fern Clark2021Salida High School20:22.70 171
207AlanaMarie Barros2021Denver East High School20:23.10 172
208Sierra Bower2021Basalt High School20:23.20 --
209Kindyll Wetta2021Valor Christian High School20:23.80 173
210Maggie Goeglein2021Cherry Creek High School20:24.30 174
211Corin Zapico2019D'Evelyn High School20:24.50 175.5
211Jordan Peak2019Rampart High School20:24.50 175.5
213Samrawit Dishon2020Niwot High School20:25.30 177
214Jeri Wilcox2018Niwot High School20:25.40 178
215Emily Chaston2019Cheyenne Mountain High School20:25.50 179
216Riley Colby2020Palmer Ridge High School20:25.90 180
217Kendall Clark2021Aspen High School20:26.00 181
218Emily Burg2020Arvada West High School20:26.20 182.5
218Emma Perschke2021Rampart High School20:26.20 182.5
220Julianna Dickman2021Heritage High School20:26.30 184
221Brenna Wolf2021Durango High School20:26.70 185
222Abby Fostveit2020Silver Creek High School20:27.50 186.5
222Lillian Baxter2018Dakota Ridge High School20:27.50 186.5
224Tara Sowards2018Alamosa High School20:27.60 188
225Madison Castro2019Heritage High School20:27.70 189
226Sarah Burroughs2019Classical Academy, The20:28.20 190
227Lauren Fossel2018Colorado Academy20:29.20 191
228Isabelle Hren2018Holy Family High School20:29.60 192
229Kira MacGill2020Arapahoe High School20:29.70 193
230Ellie Black2020Fossil Ridge High School20:29.80 194
231Isabelle Boniface2019Steamboat Springs High School20:30.00 195
232Anna Wexler2020Monarch High School20:30.70 196
233Annabelle Huddle2021Niwot High School20:31.40 197
234Sophia Braza2018Air Academy High School20:31.60 198
235Clara Krause2018Rock Canyon High School20:32.00 199
236Annelise Pelletier2019Gunnison High School20:32.20 200
237Ella Jane Urschel2020Air Academy High School20:32.40 201
238Lilly Cory2019Denver East High School20:32.80 202.5
238Sadie Cotton2018Steamboat Springs High School20:32.80 202.5
240Sofia Forney2021Green Mountain High School20:33.10 204
241Brooke Coleman2020Pine Creek High School20:33.20 205
242Katie Fankhouser2020Lyons High School20:33.50 206
243Kaitlynn Salazar2019Mead High School20:33.70 --
244Elizabeth Lapporte2020Cherry Creek High School20:35.20 207
245Lindsey Parungo2019Arapahoe High School20:35.40 208
246Brooke Moss2021Air Academy High School20:35.70 209
247Allison Edwards2019Fossil Ridge High School20:35.90 210
248Campbell Faust2021Cherokee Trail High School20:36.00 211.5
248Harmony McMullin2021Golden High School20:36.00 211.5
250Ellie Fantauzzo2020Resurrection Christian High School20:36.10 --
251Laurel Kruger2018Denver East High School20:36.40 213
252Abby Hein2018Monarch High School20:36.90 214
253Maci Ames2018Loveland High School20:37.60 215
254Hadley Jason2019Valor Christian High School20:38.10 216
255Aulea Rollins2021Gunnison High School20:39.60 217
256Vanessa Addison2019Rampart High School20:40.70 218
257My-Yen Nguyen2018Green Mountain High School20:41.30 219
258Crystal Vasquez2020Greeley Central High School20:41.60 --
259Cheney Singer2018Legacy High School20:41.70 220
260Lucy Schroeder2018Arvada West High School20:42.70 221
261Emily Gentry2019Palmer Ridge High School20:43.30 222
262Edythmae Frodl2021Rocky Mountain High School20:43.80 223.5
262Megan Motley2021Montrose High School20:43.80 223.5
264Isla Anderson2020Denver North High School20:44.00 225.5
264Olivia Fink2018Dakota Ridge High School20:44.00 225.5
266Madelynn Gerritsen2019Golden High School20:44.10 227
267Katie Keating2020Standley Lake High School20:44.30 228
268Elizabeth Moore2018Monarch High School20:44.50 229
269Aleigha Street2019Frontier Academy20:45.40 230
270Abby Howard2021Denver East High School20:45.50 231
271Katelyn Haerbig2021D'Evelyn High School20:46.40 232
272Cecilia Kastner2019Salida High School20:47.40 233
273Callie Ketner2019Loveland High School20:47.70 234
274Josephine Howery2020St. Mary`s High School20:47.90 235
275Emily Billow2020Longmont High School20:48.40 --
276Katie Kinch2019Legacy High School20:48.60 236
277Brenna Jones2019Elizabeth High School20:49.00 237
278Hanna Burns2019Silver Creek High School20:49.10 238
279Laura Broderick2019Legacy High School20:49.80 239
280Brittany Lopez2018Alamosa High School20:50.10 240
281Samantha Spindler2018Rock Canyon High School20:50.40 241
282Samantha Schmidt2020Dakota Ridge High School20:50.50 242
283Ava Schneider2021Fossil Ridge High School20:50.70 243
284Carly Robinson2018Basalt High School20:51.40 --
285Kylee Udovich2019Lyons High School20:51.70 244
286Caela Benkendorf2021Elizabeth High School20:51.90 245
286Nicole Killeen2019Columbine High School20:51.90 --
288Abby Snogren2021Cherokee Trail High School20:52.30 246
289Mirielle Griffin2021Arapahoe High School20:52.60 247
290Sonja Morin2021D'Evelyn High School20:52.90 248
291Samantha Angus2020Frontier Academy20:53.30 249
292Erin Percy2018Classical Academy, The20:53.90 250
293Sydney Wasson2020Pine Creek High School20:54.20 251
294Kandice Kittinger2019Longmont High School20:54.60 --
295Kati Livingood2021D'Evelyn High School20:54.80 252
296Mikayla Curl2020Classical Academy, The20:55.20 253
297Madelyn Rodrigues2020Widefield High School20:55.90 254
298Abigail Skurdal2020SkyView Academy20:56.10 255
299Hannah Burkett2018Pine Creek High School20:56.70 256
300Summer Olson2019Green Mountain High School20:57.40 257
301Madeleine Boyles2020Thompson Valley High School20:57.60 258
302Elle Degrood2019Heritage High School20:57.90 259
303Elle Triem2019Peak to Peak Charter School20:58.00 260
304Chloe Inhelder2020Grandview High School20:58.30 261
305Liberty Hippely2020Moffat County High School20:58.60 262
306Katya Schwieterman2020Paonia High School20:59.00 263
307Maricel Mequi2018Golden High School20:59.10 264
308Grace Armstrong2019Centaurus High School20:59.20 265
309Linnea Sherman2020Colorado Rocky Mountain School21:00.10 --
310Kelsey Lagunas2019Roosevelt High School21:00.30 266
311Kristina Schreiber2018Evergreen High School21:02.10 267
312Elsa Russell2018Fairview High School21:02.30 268
313Brooke Shrader2020Windsor High School21:02.40 269
314Anneliese Markus2019Cheyenne Mountain High School21:02.50 270
315Bria Rickert2020Gunnison High School21:03.40 271
316Ava Eberly2021Arapahoe High School21:04.40 272
317Samantha Gibson2019Evergreen High School21:05.70 273
318Madisyn Macklin2020Standley Lake High School21:06.00 274
319Chloe Cortes2018Grandview High School21:06.70 275
320Addie Horton2021Denver School of the Arts21:06.90 --
321Isabella Tebrugge2019Elizabeth High School21:07.10 276
322Tawnee Roberts2021Paonia High School21:07.20 277
323Bridget Turner2021The Academy of Charter Schools21:07.50 --
324Elyse Bartelmey2018Cherokee Trail High School21:07.80 278.5
324Emily Lavier2021Alamosa High School21:07.80 278.5
326Emaleigh Papierski2021Moffat County High School21:07.90 280
327Kate Eggen2019Silver Creek High School21:08.30 281
328Brooke Hillman2018Paonia High School21:09.10 282
329Emma Sees2019Valor Christian High School21:09.90 283
330Grace Searls2020Golden High School21:10.10 284
331Sophie Thomas2020Valor Christian High School21:10.70 285
332Amelia Gardner2019Denver North High School21:11.20 286
333Emma Dikken2021Platte Canyon High School21:11.60 --
334Natalie Pollock2019James Irwin Charter High School21:11.80 --
335Victoria Kavvadas2020Thompson Valley High School21:11.90 287
336Arianna McCue2019Boulder High School21:12.30 288
337Riley Buese2021Northfield High School21:12.90 --
338Edie Sherlock2021Aspen High School21:13.80 289
339Madison Milbourn2020Legacy High School21:14.40 290
340Samantha O'Brien2018Clear Creek High School21:14.90 291
341Cecilia Davies2021Clear Creek High School21:15.40 292.5
341Rylee Aksamit2020Arapahoe High School21:15.40 292.5
343Ashley Hinojos2019Brush High School21:16.00 294
344Kendra Eickleberry2018Roosevelt High School21:16.10 295
345Maddie Phillips2020Green Mountain High School21:16.80 296
346Natalie Keller2020Cherry Creek High School21:17.00 297
347Amelia Tonnesen2020Salida High School21:18.50 298
347Grace Manning2021Mancos High School21:18.50 --
349Megan Greenly2021Pagosa Springs High School21:18.80 --
350Alix Huhta2020Loveland High School21:18.90 299
351Cecilia Velarde2021Loveland High School21:19.40 300
352Sedona Ray2018Cheyenne Mountain High School21:20.40 301
353Payton Corah2018Holy Family High School21:20.50 302
354Makenna Knez2019Moffat County High School21:20.60 303
355Chloe Stensland2018D'Evelyn High School21:20.90 304
356Juliana Lopez2021Heritage High School21:21.10 305
357Kelsey McDiffett2021Moffat County High School21:21.40 306
358Madison Weber2019Moffat County High School21:21.80 307
359Makenna Hobson2019Boulder High School21:22.00 308
360Annelise Kalmbach2019Rocky Mountain High School21:23.00 309
361Amber Calanni2021Green Mountain High School21:23.20 310
362Alexis Bishop2019Discovery Canyon High School21:24.20 311
363Charlotte Raymond2021Estes Park High School21:26.00 312
364Claire Shepherd2019Salida High School21:26.60 313
365Bria Johnson2020Vanguard School, The21:26.70 314
366Hailey Gregg2021Air Academy High School21:28.10 315
367Morgan Willard2021Discovery Canyon High School21:28.50 316
368Emily Martenson2020Grandview High School21:28.90 317
369Kate Griffin2020Colorado Springs School21:29.10 318
370Zoe Motley2019Montrose High School21:29.60 319
371Brianna Hunt2019Discovery Canyon High School21:30.10 320.5
371Lauren Cook2021D'Evelyn High School21:30.10 320.5
373Isabelle Row2018Legacy High School21:30.80 322
374Alyssa Morgan2020Silver Creek High School21:30.90 323.5
374Gabby Thomas2020Holy Family High School21:30.90 323.5
376Brooke Richards2020Elizabeth High School21:32.10 325
377Caitlyn Anderson2019Widefield High School21:32.40 326
378Murielle Hecomovich2020Arapahoe High School21:32.50 327
379Lindsey Weyant2020Denver East High School21:32.60 328
380Brooke Calvo2019Centaurus High School21:33.60 329
381Abby Leuchten2019Shining Mountain Waldorf High School21:34.10 330.5
381Jane Marolt2018Aspen High School21:34.10 330.5
383Ryley Darnell2020Standley Lake High School21:34.60 332
384Cailey Archer2019Berthoud High School21:35.40 333
385Madeline Watts2018Lyons High School21:35.50 334
386Gracy Roitsch2019Thompson Valley High School21:37.20 335
386Kaitlyn Becker2019Weld Central High School21:37.20 --
388McKenna Cyphers2018Eaton High School21:37.30 --
389Allison Macdonald2019Centaurus High School21:37.40 336
390Annalise Basch2019Estes Park High School21:37.70 337
391Delaney Huetson2020Standley Lake High School21:39.40 338
392Grace Drobek2020Steamboat Springs High School21:41.50 339
393Riza Pykkonen2021Evergreen High School21:41.60 340
394Kaylynn Shaffer2021Salida High School21:41.90 341
395Kelsie Bragg2018Woodland Park High School21:42.00 --
396Julia Lundgren2020Thompson Valley High School21:42.80 342
397Kylie Morgan2020Silver Creek High School21:43.00 343
398Rebekah Earhart2018Salida High School21:44.80 344
399Sally Napierkowski2020Holy Family High School21:45.60 345
400Ella Benkendorf2019Elizabeth High School21:45.70 346.5
400Leah Clayton2020Evergreen High School21:45.70 346.5
402Emilee Haefeli2018Del Norte High School21:46.20 --
403Emily Salerno2021Standley Lake High School21:47.20 348
404Emily Craig2020Steamboat Springs High School21:48.20 349
405Ashlyn Alvey2021Rocky Ford High School21:49.90 350
406Caitlyn Anderson2020Highland High School21:50.30 --
407Sarah Roberts2018Lyons High School21:51.30 351
408Julia Bendorf2018Dakota Ridge High School21:51.60 352
409Ashley Dibonas2020Stargate High School21:52.60 --
410Peyton Meyer2019Frontier Academy21:53.30 353
411Sarah Johnson2021Loveland High School21:53.40 354
412Joslyn Hays2020Gunnison High School21:53.60 355
413Emma Smith2018Standley Lake High School21:54.80 356
414McKenzie Lindgren2021Loveland High School21:56.10 357
415Elysia Nitsch2021Nederland High School21:58.80 358.5
415Emma Saint2021Fossil Ridge High School21:58.80 358.5
417Alexandra Eaton2019Paonia High School21:58.90 360
418Emily Deegan2021Rocky Mountain High School21:59.70 361
419Camille Ruggles2018Center High School22:00.20 --
420Autumn Zhou2021Thompson Valley High School22:00.30 362
421Jane Doherty2019Colorado Academy22:01.00 363
422Tabitha Frandsen2018Widefield High School22:01.60 364
423Julia Brown2020Frontier Academy22:05.00 365
424Macy Hopkinson2021Aspen High School22:05.40 366
425Paige Butler2020SkyView Academy22:06.10 367
426Elsie Wilkens2020Caprock Academy High School22:08.30 --
427Annalie Janus2018Green Mountain High School22:11.90 368
428Emily Severin2019Roosevelt High School22:12.40 369
429Louisa Wilson2021Denver North High School22:12.50 370
430Nina Florek2020Rampart High School22:13.00 371
431Maycee White2018Berthoud High School22:13.40 372
432Allison Villard2020Moffat County High School22:13.50 373
433Tess Leuchten2021Shining Mountain Waldorf High School22:14.00 374
434Ashleigh Gardner2021Caprock Academy High School22:14.80 --
435Kaylee Kearse2018Peyton High School22:15.00 375
436Rebecca Payne2020Heritage High School22:17.40 376.5
436Sedona Dionne2021Windsor High School22:17.40 376.5
438Raechel Lopez2021Rye High School22:18.40 378
439Jenny Dekker2020Peyton High School22:18.50 379
440Mallory Finley2019Niwot High School22:18.60 380
441Charlee Veilleux2018Soroco High School22:18.80 --
442Dafni Martinez2021Denver North High School22:19.20 381
443Elizabeth White2019Classical Academy, The22:19.80 382
444Georgia Barone2018Lyons High School22:21.00 383
445Ansley Kary2019Windsor High School22:22.70 384
446Jordan Kendrick2019Brush High School22:24.00 385
447Emma Murphy2021Frontier Academy22:26.30 386
448Kari Reuter2019Heritage High School22:28.30 387
449Olivia Martinez2020Colorado Academy22:28.70 388.5
449Shelbie Jones2019Windsor High School22:28.70 388.5
451Maria Curtis2019Faith Christian Academy22:30.20 390
452Zoe Stein2019Estes Park High School22:30.40 391
453Leah Weak2019Gunnison High School22:30.50 392
454Hannah Hatheway2018Hotchkiss High School22:32.10 --
455Mae Tice2019Estes Park High School22:32.90 393
456Jacklynn Snyder2018Rocky Ford High School22:33.20 394
457Sariaha Lopez2021Alamosa High School22:35.40 395
458Esperenza Antonarez2019Gunnison High School22:38.50 396
459Audrey Orstead2021Faith Christian Academy22:39.10 397
460Elise Caucutt2021Golden View Classical Academy22:39.50 398
461Isabella Grizales2020Vanguard School, The22:40.90 399
462Madelyn Sawyer2019Brush High School22:43.10 400
463Addie Russell2020Roosevelt High School22:45.30 401
464Helen Gover2019Centaurus High School22:45.40 402
465Molly Lenhard2018Lake County High School22:46.10 403
466Miranda Hall2018Lake City Community School22:47.50 --
467Maddie Soehner2018Yuma High School22:47.70 --
468Riane Yost2019Roosevelt High School22:48.50 404
469Claire Anderson2019Colorado Academy22:49.50 405
470Isabelle Ruble2020Peak to Peak Charter School22:50.00 406
471Kaysa Kurtz2021Rocky Ford High School22:50.70 407
472Emma Fisher2020Golden View Classical Academy22:51.10 408
473Emma Stone2021Brush High School22:52.20 409
474Alora Cross2020Lyons High School22:52.30 410
475Kendra Sears2020Sargent High School22:53.20 --
476Kayleigh Mannering2020Peyton High School22:56.30 411
477Jade Rasmussen2019SkyView Academy22:57.30 412
478Korey Winter2019Vanguard School, The22:58.80 413
479Mikaela Taylor2019Limon High School22:59.50 --
480Mikhala Lucky2019Peyton High School22:59.60 414
481Alexis Santopietro2021Buena Vista High School22:59.70 415
482Alyssa Mclean2021Widefield High School23:00.00 416
483Kaleigh Kinney2019SkyView Academy23:00.50 417
484Briar Meszaros2019Meeker High School23:01.20 --
485Emily Black2019Thompson Valley High School23:01.80 418
486Anna Bearss2019Buena Vista High School23:04.50 419
487Hakayla Snow2020Mancos High School23:06.40 --
488Alex Schultz2020Berthoud High School23:08.90 420
489Maggie Woodrow2021Aspen High School23:10.30 421
490Kourtney Bruner2020Soroco High School23:13.30 --
491Lola Estrada2017Center High School23:13.40 --
492Sarah Ellis2020Frontier Academy23:13.90 422
493Julianne Zimmer2020SkyView Academy23:15.00 423
494Mackensey McFee2019Buena Vista High School23:15.40 424
495Jade Ellenberger2019Paonia High School23:15.50 425
496Adiya Robbins2019Faith Christian Academy23:16.90 426
497Meg Feeley2019Nederland High School23:17.30 427
498Emily Gauna2018Rocky Ford High School23:22.60 428
499Abigail Snyder2021Rocky Ford High School23:24.00 429
500Rachel Sucharski2019Alamosa High School23:24.80 430
501Hannah Besse2019Coronado High School23:26.30 431
502Mattie Rossi2018Soroco High School23:27.80 --
503Jacquelin Alvey2019Rocky Ford High School23:28.30 432
504Alyssa Radloff2018Berthoud High School23:37.80 433
505Brooke Ashbridge2021Colorado Springs School23:38.10 434
506Kylie Guiles2021Mancos High School23:38.20 --
507Liz Bosnich2018Berthoud High School23:40.80 435
508Faith Paquette2021Rye High School23:41.70 436
509Mykal Adams2019Buena Vista High School23:44.90 437
510Elizabeth Baade2020SkyView Academy23:46.30 438
511Alex Sorokach2020Nederland High School23:48.50 439
512Ellie Sundheim2021Berthoud High School23:50.10 440
513Eva Stein2021Estes Park High School23:50.20 441
514Brynna Coover2018Peyton High School23:50.80 442
515Miranda Kortenhoeven2018Denver Christian High School23:51.80 --
516Milla Gary2020Pikes Peak Christian23:54.70 --
517Kate Altman2018Colorado Academy23:55.00 443
518Julianne Evans Dennison2020Berthoud High School23:57.60 444
519Sofia Harrelson2021Shining Mountain Waldorf High School23:58.60 445
520Elizabeth Gallick2019Golden View Classical Academy24:07.40 446
521Natalie Knowles2021Golden View Classical Academy24:10.80 447
522Taeya Andrews2021Widefield High School24:10.90 448
523Nora Drewno2018Denver North High School24:11.80 449
524Ariel Benney2019Lake County High School24:12.20 450
525Jayden Hagarty2021Faith Christian Academy24:18.60 451
526Angelis Medina2020Brush High School24:18.80 452
527Natalie Hlatki2020Peyton High School24:19.70 453
528Myles Cress2021Crested Butte Community School24:20.00 454
529Adly Nadeau2019Clear Creek High School24:21.20 455
530Lynzi Doke2018Buena Vista High School24:24.80 456
531Stephanie Perfors2019Montrose High School24:25.10 457
532Katherine Regardie2019Faith Christian Academy24:26.90 458
533Bryanna Alvarado2018Montrose High School24:28.30 459
534Kristin McKnight2018Kiowa High School24:28.40 --
535Jordan Evans2018Paonia High School24:31.80 460
536Morgan Barfuss2018Brush High School24:39.20 461
537Jadyn Gorham2021Montrose High School24:39.50 462
538Sarah Froelich2018Widefield High School24:47.50 463
539Lindsey Muniz2019Rye High School24:50.10 464
540Elysia Dory2020Brush High School24:50.50 465
541Hannah Duez2021Vanguard School, The24:53.30 466
542Abigail Nagel2021Buena Vista High School25:01.40 467
543Andra McDougall2018Estes Park High School25:01.80 468
544Bailey Reid2021Colorado Springs School25:03.10 469
545Samantha Daley2020Estes Park High School25:06.30 470
546Mira Saliman2021Shining Mountain Waldorf High School25:07.00 471
547Mikaela Watkins2020Vanguard School, The25:09.80 472
548Samantha Smith2020Clear Creek High School25:10.60 473
549Blayse Starling2021Colorado Springs School25:12.10 474
550Angela Li2020Peak to Peak Charter School25:14.90 475
551Delanie Giffin2019Vanguard School, The25:18.70 476
552Alexis Beller2020Montrose High School25:24.50 477
553Greta Hansen2021Aspen High School25:26.70 478
554Gracie Werlin2018Clear Creek High School25:34.40 479
555Emma Creech2019St. Mary`s High School25:35.80 480
556Heather Hatch2021Colorado Springs School25:49.60 481
557Dominika Piech2020Lake County High School25:53.00 482
558Lauren Maroney2020Rye High School26:03.00 483
559Nancy Reichert2019Golden View Classical Academy26:09.90 484
560Sierra D'Aquila2018Crested Butte Community School26:27.90 485
561Hina Suzuki2020Colorado Springs School26:38.40 486
562Sydney Zabel2018Clear Creek High School26:39.50 487
563Lola Skye Conaway2020Shining Mountain Waldorf High School26:41.30 488
564Zoe Johnson2021Golden View Classical Academy26:58.80 489
565Alicia Domingo2021St. Mary`s High School27:09.90 490
566Emelie Elkins2019Crested Butte Community School27:10.20 491
567Emily Peterson2020Rye High School27:21.50 492
568Abby Holm2020Lake County High School28:00.30 493
569Rebecca Lopez2021Rye High School28:27.20 494
570Marie Resman2019St. Mary`s High School28:55.80 495
571Hannah Holm2020Lake County High School29:23.70 496