Shooting for the Moon, and Reaching It

If anyone felt the Freddie Houston Meet of Champions was a bit presumptively named, they aren't thinking that any longer.

It is simply unbelievable.

If you weren't there, try to imagine a girls 100 heat with a +1.8 wind that has six finishers under 12-flat. Starting with Marybeth Sant at 11.25, and going through Alleandra Watt at 11.41, Zainab Sanni at 11.52, Jerayah Davis (out of Wyoming, I believe) at 11.63, Chyna Ries at 11.65, and ending with Shayna Yon at 11.67. I'm still trying to imagine that.

Alleandra Watt would come back and run a 23.67 200 with another +1.8 wind. The adrenaline was still flowing.

Chyna Ries and Shayna Yon, without benefit of a wind reading, went 20-3.5 and 19-6.25, respectively, at the long jump pit.

And there was some pretty spectacular hurdling going on as well. Dior Hall took first at 13.60 (+1.3), but was followed closely by Ashley Miller at 13.86. Pity the other four girls who ran sub-15 but had front row views of Hall and Miller disappearing in front of them. Those four would include Carly Lester, Talia Marquez, Kiana Gomez, and Carly Paul. Paul actually ran in the second heat, but still clocked a 14.97 (+1.5). 

For good measure, Haley Showalter chucked the discus 147-6, validating--if not quite reaching--her big state meet mark of two weeks ago. Maybe we'll be forgetting about Valarie Allman a lot sooner than we anticipated?

Alex Mead ran 10.73 (+1.5) and 21.61 (+1.7) to win the boys 100 and 200. John Reynolds, missing for almost the entire CHSAA-sanctioned season, went 6-8.25 to win the high jump.

The rest of the marks were slightly less mind-bending in nature.

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