Colorado Track XC Athletes of the Week: September 15 - 21

<h2 style="text-align: center;"> Honoring outstanding efforts of the 2013 season...</h2>

Connor Weaver and Jordyn Colter ran to two of the biggest wins of the season this past weekend. Photo by Tim Hilt/contributed photo.

Jordyn Colter is a name you’ve probably heard before.  
On Friday, the junior from Cherry Creek won Fort Collins High School’s John Martin Invitational in an impressive time of 17:56. It makes her one of only six girls to have ever run under 18 minutes on that course and also Colorado Track XC’s female athlete of the week.  
“I really enjoyed getting to try a new race,” Colter said. “I definitely had competition and it was really cool to run with Lauren Gregory. She gave me a really good push and it’s always a cool experience to run with her.” 
That push was something Colter had been searching for to test her early season fitness.  “This summer I built a really good base,” said Colter. “To run a time like this right now is great even though I think I have a lot more room to improve. It’s made me confident.”  
But this race isn’t the only thing giving Colter confidence for the season ahead. Colter has two very successful years of high school running behind her. With numerous state championships, and a fourth-place finish at Footlocker Nationals last year, Colter has become a bit of a seasoned veteran. 
“It’s nice to have those years under my belt,” said Colter.  “I feel a lot more prepared.  I’ve run all these courses before and now I get to be a leader to the younger girls on my team.”  
Being a leader is one of Colter’s favorite things about this new season so far. “I know when I was a freshman and sophomore, I really looked up to the juniors and seniors,” she said.  “I love being there to help them out because I know what they’re going through.  It’s really nice to have a role reversal.”  
No doubt those girls are very lucky to have Colter as their mentor this year. She is a fantastic athlete who looks as if she’s about to have another fantastic season. “So far I’m feeling really good,” continued Colter, “and I’m excited to see where I can stretch my limits to this year.” 
Connor Weaver of Mountain Vista High School also had a sensational run on Thursday at the Coronado Cougar Classic. The senior won with a time of 15:29.6, establishing a new meet record along with earning the nod as Colorado Track XC’s male athlete of the week. 
“I’ve raced that course multiple times since my freshman year,” Weaver explained.  “I’m used to it and knew where I wanted to make my move.  The race went out really fast in the first mile and then I continued to grind it out for the last two miles. I’m super thrilled.”
Getting that meet record had an extra special meaning for Weaver. “I remember watching Spencer Wank set the course record of 15:23 when I was a freshman.  I have so much respect for Spencer and even though I didn’t get the course record, to be up there with him close to that time is great.” 
Weaver has been a strong athlete ever since he began running as a freshman but every year he has had some sort of injury holding him back from his full potential.  “I’ve always been up there time wise,” said Weaver, “I’ve just never seen the benefits of the work I’ve put in because of my injuries. I haven’t been able to get the training right where I would run hard and stay healthy.”
But this year, things are going to be different. “This was definitely a breakthrough race for me,” said Weaver.  “Everything seems to be going right this season. I feel like I’ve finally found that right balance of training hard and staying injury free. This senior year is going to be a breakthrough year.” 
And what a year to have timed a breakthrough.  There are a handful of extremely strong male runners in the 5A division right now and they are all having very impressive early season performances.  And now, add Weaver to that pack. “I know Cerake Geberkidane is running insane right now,” continued Weaver, “but now I think I can be in the mix come state meet and challenge him.”
No doubt, it’s going to be a very fast, very interesting season for all of them and Weaver is ready for it.  “I’m way excited. I have a lot of positive momentum going into the rest of the season.”
Congratulations to Jordyn Colter and Connor Weaver on their blistering-fast races this weekend.  Colorado Track XC extends best wishes to them and the rest of Colorado’s harriers as they continue on into what’s shaping up to be a very fast cross country season.