Great Southwest in search of a boys selection chair for Colorado

Great Southwest has a need, and you may be the person to fill that need.

This year's Great Southwest Classic runs on June 5 - 7. As usual, the meet takes place at the University of New Mexico track and field stadium in Albuquerque. The map at the top of this article indicates the main states that are invited to Great Southwest. And, of course, Colorado is one of those states.

The problem right now is that Colorado is currently short a boys selection chair. That person would be in charge of identifying and inviting prospective athletes for the meet, and responding to inquiries about participation that come to the selection committee. 

In addition the Great Southwest meet management would like to have two or three more assistant state selection chairs in place for Colorado.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact meet director John Haaland at or 505-280-4931.