Did you know?

What else was special about Cerake Geberkidane's year? Find out here. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

Just a few thoughts to consider from the CHSAA outdoor season just completed...

1. Did you know that Pomona High School had the #1 ranked freshman thrower in the state in both shot put and discus, but they weren't the same person? A shout out to Jake Moretti (shot put) and Brandon Micale (discus), and another shout out to the Pomona throws program. These things don't happen by accident.

2. Did you know that the 56.01 400 run by Mia Coats this spring was Colorado's top freshman time by near a full second (and close to three seconds better than third)?

3. While on the subject of freshman 400s, did you know that Brock Miller's 49.60 was the #14 freshman boys time in the nation for the 400 this spring?

4. But Isaac Green has them both beat, owning the #3 freshman time in the nation for the 800 at 1:54.50 and the #4 freshman time in the nation for the 1600 at 4:19.96. 

5. Did you know that Elise Cranny's 10:17.48 3200 from the state meet this spring (in the wind) ranks #18 on the national 3200 list for this spring? That gives you some sort of idea of the difference that altitude makes in these events. And, Cranny was not the only girl from altitude with a big 3200 time this spring. Sarah Feeny of Utah ran 10:13.86 at the Utah state meet for the #11 spot in the national rankings. If you're wondering, the Utah state meet is about 800 feet lower than the Colorado state meet.

6. Did you know that Idalia scored 27 points in the 1A boys state meet and 43 points in the 1A girls state meet with a reported October enrollment of 29 students? That includes winning three girls relays and owning the best t-shirt seen at the state meet--a maroon affair imprinted with "I relay" on the front. Just when you thought you were getting the most out of the kids who come out for track and field at your school...

7. Did you realize that Cerake Geberkidane swept all four 5A boys distance titles (to include cross country) and Elise Cranny swept all four 4A girls distance titles this school year? So, when was the last time a boy in any classification pulled off winning all four titles? And, no, that's not a rhetorical question.

8. Did you know that Clay Russell became the second 1A individual to win all titles from 100 to 800 meters this spring? His 400 time, incidentally, would have won 2A and 3A and placed seventh in 4A.

9. Did you know that Taylor Alexander's 11-8 pole vault would have won every classification except 5A? Tell me again that story about how 1A lacks great athletes...

10. Did you know Kevin McClanahan had the fastest wind-legal time at state, regardless of classification, at 100, 200, and 400 meters? Once again--not a rhetorical question--when was the last time that happened?

11. Did you know Eva-Lou Edwards finished her high school career unbeaten at 3200 meters?

Perhaps you have a few "did you knows" of your own. You're invited to add those to the comments of this article.