Smaller Field for This Year's State Pentathlon Meet

Calvin Munson will be attempting to keep a state pentathlon meet title resident at Fairview High School. Photo by Alan Versaw.

The list of entries for this year's Colorado State Pentathlon meet in Brighton is probably about as short as you can ever remember it being.

That's likely to mean some folks are going to need to watch their pacing. This is a meet that has already tended to run quickly, even with much larger groups of participants. With a group as small as this year's, it's going to be very easy to rush from event to event.

So, who is competing in this year's meet? We answer that question with the list of entries provided below:

Allred, Colt, Rangely High School

Allred, Ethan, Rangely High School

Allred, Troy, Rangely High School

Bejarano, Jacob, Roosevelt High School

Bergford, Noah, Legend High School

Burkhardt, Kai, Broomfield High School

Campos, Will, The Classical Academy

Fernandez, Brandon, Brighton High School

Grasmick, Chance, Lamar High School

Heredia, Angel, Hinkley High School

Holloway, Payton, Broomfield High School

Hurtado, Cameron, Roosevelt High School

Johnson, Cooper, Legend High School

Joosten, Keith, Ignacio High School

Kembel, Nolan, Mountain View High School

Mangili, Marco, Lamar High School

Munson, Calvin, Fairview High School

Myers, Tyler, ?

Rex, Kyle, Palmer Ridge High School

Riepel, Tyler, Ignacio High School

Sarabia, Oscar, Hinkley High School

Schmitt, Collin, Greeley Central High School

Scoggins, Patrick, Rangely High School

Sherman, Skylar, Fairview High School

Smith, Jacob, Lamar High School

Sneller, Hunter, Lamar High School

Sullivan, Elijah, Longmont High School

Timmons, Andrew, Legend High School

Vomacka, Ryan, Mountain View High School

Baeza, Jerica, Roosevelt High School

Betz, Heather, Fairview High School

Clawson, Jamie, Highland High School

Croell, Abby, Broomfield High School

Eickleberry, Kendra, Roosevelt High School

Frink, Jenna, Highland High School

Himmel, Isabelle, Highland High School

Readus, Kayla, Hinkley High School

Ries, Rylee, Palmer Ridge High School

Schmidt, Samantha, Broomfield High School

Schulte, Becca, Fort Collins High School

Sobolik, Tatiana, Fairview High School

Tolle, Maison, Highland High School

Wetterstrom, Sydney, Longmont High School

White, Erika, Brighton High School

Williams, Andrea, Greeley Central High School

Wind, Joscelyn, Mountain View High School

On the list, you will find several of Colorado's top athletes in any of several events, but the idea of the pentathlon is to find who does multiple events best, not just a single event.

We are guaranteed new champions from last year. Heather Harrower, the two-time girls champion has graduated and now competes for the University of North Dakota. Parker Strahler would still be eligible for the competition, but is not listed among this year's entries.

Colorado Track XC will not be on-hand for coverage this year, but we will try to get results up as soon as they become available.