Simplot Thursday: Franklin, Pence, Offerman, and Teslow Advance in 1600

Peter Franklin was Colorado's top qualifier for finals in the 1600. Colorado Track XC file photo by Alan Versaw.

Honestly, Colorado's Thursday at Simplot was expected to be kind of quiet. And, it was.

Pending the arrival of the results of the late-finishing girls 1600 preliminary rounds, only two Colorado athletes advanced out of today's 1600 and 3200 prelims.

Those two were Peter Frankin (4:36.10) and Ethan Pence (4:37.54). Both Franklin's and Pence's times were new 1600 PR marks. Cameron Dimas was the second man out of finals.

If any Colorado girls qualify for finals out of the 1600, I will update this brief report.

Simplot Results

And, Peter, who are the Wildcats, anyway?

Update, 02/19/2016 7 AM: Lauren Offerman and Sydney Teslow were the Colorado girls to advance to 1600 finals with a 5:11.24 and a 5:30.94, respectively. Curiously, the first two girls out of finals were Madi Kenyon and Olivia Rogers.