Brian Burris: Tapping Into His Inner Bear

Brian Burris loves the long runs of cross country, but has found a niche at 800 meters in track. Photo by Alan Versaw.


Brian Burris's best marks:

800 Meters - 1:58.39

1600 Meters - 4:41.01

5K Cross Country - 16:31


Tell us about what made the decision for the University of Northern Colorado.

The atmosphere of the university is what really brought me in. The people on the campus were inviting and respectful. Also the coach is what really sealed the deal. He was excited about making me apart of a program that he's trying to build. His training methods and respect towards his athletes made it all that much better.

What do you plan to study at UNC?

I plan to study business management at UNC.

You've been busy with both track and cross country in high school, but tending more toward middle distance races in track. Does that indicate you really prefer the shorter, faster stuff or is that more of a reflection of where you've fit in better with track?

I love cross country; there's nothing I love more than going out for a 10 mile run. But the 800 has turned into a passion for me over the past 4 years. It has really grown to be something that I want to continue in college. UNC is giving that opportunity to me.

You have experience with a whole lot of cross country courses around the state. Which one has been your favorite?

My favorite cross country course would have to be Norris Penrose. The course is difficult but the crowd up there is so much more into the race than anywhere else that I have raced. Finishing into the stadium too is also just another really cool treat.

Pick a favorite moment for us from your high school track and cross country career.

My favorite moment from high school running would have to be breaking two minutes in the 800. I just remember seeing the time posted and sprinting over to my coach going crazy. It'll definitely be a moment to remember.

What goals do you still hope to achieve in the remaining month of your high school career?

Some goals that I still hope to achieve are state as a team. Our team all around has great guys that can surely get to state easily. That's the big goal. Some more personal goals include going 8:10 for our 4x800. We have a solid team this year that can do some amazing things. I also hope to break 1:58 in the 800. To qualify to state in a low position and get a new PR would be everything I need to complete my high school career.