2016 TCA Titan Thunder: Mud in the Infield, Dust in the Outfield

Before it was all over, there would be a lot of wet feet and one of the tightest team finishes in meet history. Photos by Alan Versaw.


For the 2016 running of the TCA Titan Thunder, conditions varied between desiccated and well-nigh swampy.

Around the start/finish area, irrigation water squished out from beneath runners' feet and soaked their shoes. But, those shoes didn't stay drenched for long. Powder-dry dust on the trails that make up 4000 meters of the course attached to shoes and sucked up the moisture.

So, no, as a matter of fact the 2016 TCA Titan Thunder didn't run especially fast, but it was still a competitive meet just the same. Cross country doesn't score by time, it scores by place.

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