2016 Nike Cross Southwest: A Few Shockers to Stir the Pot of the Expected

On a day when heat, wind, and dust took their toll on a lot of runners, Casey Clinger stood tall. All photos by Alan Versaw.


All across the Southwest region, it's a well-known fact that when you travel to Arizona things have the potential to turn hot. And, we are not just talking about the racing. 

It was plenty warm in Casa Grande on Saturday. The temperatures soared into the 80s. But that was hardly the worst of it. More troublesome still was a parching wind out of the east that picked up desert dust and distributed it freely over the course, the runners, and the spectators.

Whether it was the the heat, the wind, the length of the season, or some combination thereof, a few of the favored teams struggled, though the top individuals seemed to mostly find their way through.

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