Jerald Taylor: Aspiring to Be a (Real) Cowboy

Jerald Taylor's state race was a piece of personal redemption after disappointment at last year's state race. Photo by Jeff McCoy.


Jerald Taylor's Best Marks

800 Meters - 1:57.60

1600 Meters - 4:27.54 (at altitude)

3200 Metes - 9:49.16 (at altitude)

5K Cross Country - 15:41 (at altitude)


Tell us a little about the decision to attend the University of Wyoming. What made it your first choice?

The University of Wyoming is very unique. It has a small town feel, and I think of it as a place to focus on my studies and also be refreshed for starting a career. The student to teacher ratio is very small which I prefer so that I can understand everything I'll be learning. Also Wyoming was my top choice because of the coaching staff, they were very personable and proactive. The team is young and they seem like they want to take the program to the next level.

What do you plan to study at Wyo?

I'm planning on studying Agricultural Business, the beef industry is quite fascinating to me and my family has a deep history in the ag world. So I would like to someday be a business owner in the Agricultural industry.

You came on the Colorado scene a ways into your high school career. What had happened with your running before you came to Colorado?

In 7th grade I ran in New Mexico for the Los Alamos Middle School cross country and track teams. Then my family moved to California for my Dad's work. My freshman year, I was homeschooled and CIF rules in California prohibit homeschoolers, so I competed in a couple of USATF races for fun. Sophomore year my parents decided I should attend Ambassador High in Torrance. At that time the school didn't have a running program. But the summer before, my dad talked to the principle about starting a program, so my dad coached me my sophomore year for XC and Track. It was an awesome experience to run in Southern California a lot of fast courses and no hills (except Mt. SAC and Palos Verdes).

Track or cross country, and why?

Cross country has become my favorite because of my team. Having a small team is really awesome because we all can encourage each other. Also our parent support is amazing, I think almost every parent hosted a team dinner this season, making it a great experience.

Do you run mostly on your own or is there someone you can train with on the harder workouts?

In the summer I try and find college guys to run with, either someone working at a summer camp or Cory Lewenkamp. During the season it's slim pickings but with some of the shorter fast workouts the freshmen can keep up. But the longer endurance runs are a little lonely, but those workouts help clear my mind of the stresses of the day.

What's been your favorite moment of your high school career so far?

State this fall was probably one of my favorite, I didn't know how the competition would play out. So I came into the race confident of a good taper week, and mentally I was going to run hard and relaxed. The first mile, I let some others guys lead like my good friend Cody Danley, and then I took it from there. The bottom of the hill before the two mile I remembered the 2015 state meet this spot is where I died and honestly gave up, so I told myself I'm not going to settle for less. When coming into the arena hearing the crowd, I was reminded a year of hard work had paid off.