Lily Tomasula-Martin: A Pleasant Drive Down US-34

Lily Tomasula-Martin will be taking her talents just a short stretch down the road to CSU this fall. Photo by Alan Versaw.


Lily Tomasula-Martin's best marks:

800 Meters - 2:21.92

1600 Meters - 5:12.73 (at altitude)

3200 Meters - 11:13.43 (at altitude)

5K Cross Country - 18:04 (at altitude)


CSU is pretty close to home for you. Was that a big factor? What other factors figured into your decision?

I would've been happy anywhere, but throughout the college search I started to realize just how much I loved Colorado. Stepping onto the campus I felt like I could actually see myself there. I also really liked the program, coaches, and the team. 

What will you be studying at CSU?

I plan on studying Environmental and Sustainable Sciences and minoring in Spanish.

Perhaps as much as any school in the state--large or small--Estes Park has a strong tradition in girls distance. When you came into high school is that a tradition you hoped you'd be able to extend, or was that more something that happened along the way? Obviously, you knew Kelsi Lasota, but are there others in that long line you've rubbed shoulders with along the way, too?

I started cross country on a whim in middle school, but after freshman year I really started to enjoy becoming part of that legacy. Estes has a great history of amazing runners and it's really a honor to be apart of that. I had so many girls like Kelsi, Courtney, Emily, and Dawn to look up to and they were a huge inspiration for my successes. I hope I've fueled desire, like they did, in my younger teammates and I can't wait to see what they'll accomplish.  

If you had to pick one favorite moment from your high school career, what would it be?

There's so many great moments and I have the joy of being with so many great teammates. Two of my particularly favorite moments would have to be state cross country my freshman and sophomore years. My freshman year my town was hit by a flood and it changed my whole season. Nobody anticipated Estes Park to be in the running for state placing. But the girls team triumphed over that and were state runners-up. My sophomore year I won my first state title and that's just an incomparable feeling. 

Do you have any particular goals in place for your final high school season?

Yes, so many. I was a little disappointed by my cross country season so I'm really just looking to hammer it during track. I hope to get the school records in 800, 1600, and 3200. As well as PR's in all those events and to win the 3200 for the third year in a row. 

It's got to be a little tougher to run in the Estes Park area during winter than most places in the state. What do you do to keep in shape over the winters?

Mostly wear a lot of layers and try not to fall on the ice. All of my training is still done outside despite the weather. Since I can't get in as many quality workouts I cross train and am in the weight room more than I would be during regular season. I have great coaches and teammates who are willing to shovel the track or run in the brutal wind, so that makes it much easier.