Great Southwest Indoor 2017: Colorado Gets Greedy with First Places

Brock Helvey takes the lead on the very first step of the mile.

In New Mexico, evidently they like their starts loud and unmistakable. For those of us assembled in the Albuquerque Convention Center on Saturday evening, ears were ringing for a long time. Probably a .22 caliber starting pistol would have been more than adequate for the job a .32 caliber starting pistol was called to do.

Aside from that, though, it proved to be a pretty nice evening for a somewhat-smaller-than-usual Colorado delegation.

The one who got everything started on the right foot for Colorado wasn't even a high schooler. Niwot coach Kelly Christensen showed some of the speed that has been absent from the last couple Fastest Coach in the State races and hammered the field in the Coaches Mile, winning in 4:38. Yes, for a full mile, at altitude.

I heard that sent the Western State staff scurrying to check and see if Christensen had any remaining eligibility. It would appear not.

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