2017 Pomona Invitational Saturday: Taking Care Of Business

Donovan Williams was solidly ahead of the pack in the 100 and 200, helping Fountain-Fort Carson to an outstanding team showing.

The second day of a meet that draws 47 teams should deliver the goods in terms of a few stunning performances, a few surprises, and hopefully, most importantly of all, superior meet management. Day two of the Pomona Invitational delivered on all its promise, paying off well for all of the teams who made the journey.

The author Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book called Outliers about people who achieve great things. In his book, he asserts that one must spend 10,000 hours on a single task in order to hone their craft and achieve greatness. It so happens that the state track meet takes place in the same venue as the Pomona Invitational. Perhaps some of the teams that showed up for the two day affair were looking to hone their craft and take a dry run at a three day affair happening on the same site in about a month. Does 10,000 hours at Jeffco stadium equate to success? For 2017, time shall tell, but it so happens that last season's 5A Boys state champion team spent a great deal of time there.