2017 Highlands Ranch Memorial: She's Baaaaack!

If the face and form look familiar, they should.

The Highlands Ranch Memorial isn't in line to compete with Liberty Bell, St. Vrain, or the Stutler Twilight for prestige. But, it is a nice meet in so many other ways.

It completes on a reasonable timetable. For teams that just had a meet the night before, that's a blessing.

It is a small meet, allowing teams to pile in a lot of entries.

The facilities are very nice.

And, the coaches' lunch is among the best in the state.

All that makes for a rather pleasant experience. And, that might also help to explain why so many of the same teams keep coming back year after year.

At bottom, though, it's still a rankings track meet and people come to rankings meets to get things accomplished. So, let's take a closer look at what got accomplished on Saturday.


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