2017 Arvada West Invitational: Siles Dominates Again

Brynn Siles put yet another dominating victory in the bank at last night's Arvada West Invitational.

There will likely always be a level of natural animosity between cross country and soccer. There are no two CHSAA sanctioned sports that share more potential athletes than distance running and soccer. Many distance running coaches may be led to believe over the years that they are receiving the short end of the stick. So, it is with a hint of satisfaction that, for one afternoon each fall, there is not a single soccer ball in sight as distance running takes over the beautiful Stenger Sports complex in southwest Arvada.

Some people believe that the Arvada West course classifies as a screamer. Some will call it a course that makes you earn your keep since it has no undulation. Whatever you happen to believe, a three dimensional topographical map of the course could easily be created on the surface of a pancake for this one. In 2013 Cerake Geberkidane laid down his legendary #2 all time 14:46, so there is no getting around it, its a generally fast course. Not Liberty Bell fast, but fast. All things put together with some exceptional meet management by Todd and Della Moore and you have a recipe for a meet with a good amount of traffic.