Colorado Mines High School Indoor Season Begins... Tomorrow!

Kara Lucyk gave us an advance preview of what was to come in outdoor season in last year's Mines indoor meets. Who will be the big reveal this year?

You can already almost smell the smoke of the starter's pistol. Or at least you would be able to except that they use one of those newfangled electronic starter's pistols for the indoor meets at Colorado School of Mines.

Oh well, we tried.

But, it's still track and field--something we haven't seen anything of for a few months now (save for a stray pole vaulter or ten up in Boulder). 

Thursday night begins a series of six high school indoor meets at the Colorado School of Mines. The fact that we're up two from last year's total of four would be one solid indicator that last year's series was a rousing success. 

Michael Gusbeth, Matt Sparks, and their legion of mad engineers are back at it again for this year. And, they still have yet to take more than two-and-a-half hours to complete a meet!

Sneaking a peak at the meet registration page, we can see that the following clubs have made entries: Peak Performance, Angel Flight, Real Training, Elevate, FK Elite, Dakota Ridge, Macktrack Elite, Vista Nation, Colorado Jets, RISE, Liberty Common, and D'Evelyn. Say... this could be good!

I have no idea what additional individuals may have already entered. You'll just have to show up and be surprised on that front.

Online registration continues until 3 PM tomorrow (Thursday). Or you can do walk-up registration up until 6:30 PM if you can't make up your mind by 3 PM. Either way, it's $10 per event. Meet action starts at 7 PM. Though it's billed as a high school level meet, they were more than happy to take registrations from a few middle school athletes last year as well. Since most events are non-contact affairs, it's no big deal.

All action takes place at Steinhauer Field House. The slopes inside are much gentler than the slopes outside.

Events for Thursday's first meet of the season include shot put, long jump, high jump, pole vault, 60, 60H, 200, 400, 800, and Mile. It's possible to do, but you're advised (by me) against entering four events. There may not be much recovery time between events. All field events except long jump will be boys and girls combined events. 

The Colorado Track XC camera will be on hand to capture as much of the action as possible. Then, I'll hurry home as fast as I can, at least within the boundaries of the law, and get results posted to Colorado Track XC as quickly as that can be completed as well. 

Be there. It will be fun. And, it just might possibly be the first high school indoor meet of the season anywhere in the nation.