2018 Air Force High School Open Delivers The Goods

Dajaz Defrand has been quietly posting some outrageously good sprint marks this indoor season.

As it turns out, Friday night was merely the warm-up act. As good as Friday night was, Saturday was better.

All evening Friday and all day Saturday, the meet ran at or a little ahead of schedule. That's a great way to keep everyone happy, as long as you keep making announcements about how things are going. And, the USAFA staff did exactly that.

The prelims-semis-finals format probably had a few athletes just a bit on the side of worn out by the end of the meet. And particularly so if an athlete did both the 60 and the 60 hurdles or the 60 and 200. Or, for that matter, either the 60 or 60H and a couple of field events. 

On the plus side, however, several top athletes got a lot of reps Friday and Saturday.

Altogether, the Air Force High School Open did just about everything possible to cement its reputation as the top high school indoor meet in Colorado. No other meet in the state draws talent like this one.

On the pages that follow, I'll devote an entire page to each of the highest of the highlights. Then, at the end, we'll go summary style through some other results of interest.