2018 Pueblo Twilight: More Than A Few Great Marks

Morgan Short went to #5 on the 3A long jump list with a 16-10 winner early Friday evening.

The Pueblo Twilight's reputation for producing top distance marks is well established. But the front end of the meet, the part of the meet that falls before sunset, turned up its own stellar share of marks as well this time around.

Before we get to the large collection of high-end marks, though, a word or two about the demographics of the meet are in order.

As a general rule, the Pueblo Twilight is a small-school cousin to the Mullen Invitational. Like Mullen, Pueblo Twilight is a selective entry meet. The PT makes far fewer cuts than the Mullen Invitational, but it's still the case that not everybody gets in. That helps to keep the meet on schedule during the afternoon session.

And, whereas the Mullen Invitational draws broadly from the state's largest schools, the Pueblo Twilight draws mostly from local 4A programs and smaller schools across southern Colorado. This year, that meant teams all the way from Lamar to Montezuma Cortez.

It's worth noting here that there's a kind of north-south distinction across that state regarding when league meets are held. For Colorado Springs and points southward league meets have largely either already happened or will happen next week. North of Colorado Springs, league meets happen mostly on the same weekend as Pueblo Twilight and therefore limit participation by schools from north of Colorado Springs.

All that, plus the distance carnival after dark, gives the Pueblo Twilight a feel different from any other meet in the state.

At this point, we'll step through the highlights of the meet by gender and classification. Click on next for a discussion about the small school boys.