The Final Day Of State In Photos

The definition of leaving it all out on the track - what an incredible finish!

The final day of the 2019 Colorado State Track & Field Championships was wild to say the least...

There were tears of victory, and tears of loss, but within all the joy and woe of competition, it was one incredible finale to the 2019 season. 

We've got thousands - thousands - of photos already loaded from the first two days, and we've got a few thousand already loaded now from the final day - and we've got another massive photo gallery from Blake Mourer still coming, so bare with us as we load all this content - brain power and computer power have its limitations, and I've only got two hands.

Editor's Note: You're definitely going to want to check out every photo all the way through the end...

Day 3 Photos by Bobby Reyes

Day 1 Photos by Bobby Reyes