Mesa Ridge, FFC Claim Team Titles

The girls race hits the first dip with Fountain-Fort Carson already firmly in the lead.

By the very nature of the schedule, it's a smaller meet. It's all on soft surface and it doesn't have a very urban feel to it, but it's on a weekend when many teams are either running league meets and gearing way down for the championship season ahead. To complicate matters, Doherty also hosts an invitational in Colorado Springs on this weekend.

So, a turnout of 10 teams isn't all that bad. You just need to know going in that you're not headed to a big meet.

There is a little bit of controversy afoot, though, about the length of the course. There's definitely an abundance of deep grass to slow things down a little, but a couple runners came through the chute today with GPS watches pointing more toward 3.2 than 3.1 miles. So, that aspect of things will have to be investigated.

Still, a little variance in distance takes nothing away from the competition of cross country. 


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