Week In Review: Major Rewrites Of The State Rankings

If there was a theme this past week, it was rewriting the state rankings... 

As always there was no shortage of opportunities to compete, and Colorado athletes took full advantage - there were 12 new Colorado No.1s that came out of the week.

In Utah Sydney Holiday trounced the 60 field at the UHSTCA Indoor Championships. The Broomfield senior dropped a 7.59, which is just off her personal best. Holiday also claimed the 200 to sweep the sprints, running 25.11. 

On the other side of the country Cruz Culpepper blitzed the field over the final 400 of the mile at the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix in Boston. The Niwot senior cruised through much of the race before throwing down the hammer with a 56-second final 400 to finish in 4:11.44 - a US No. 2. Of additional note, his final 800 was a stellar 1:59. 

There were plenty of fireworks in Colorado Thursday night at the Mines HS Indoor Series #4. 

Teagan Zwaanstra and Holiday put on a quick, but great show in the 60. Zwaanstra handed Holiday a rare loss, as the two were separated by just one-hundredth of a second with Zwaanstra claiming the W in 7.64, just ahead of Holiday's 7.65. 

Another highlight of the meet came from eighth-grader Reese Tucker, who ran an impressive 10:42 in the 3,000 - that's the fastest by any Colorado athlete, high school or middle school, so far this season. 

In the boy's 3000 Luke Tichi dropped a state-leading 9:12, which was just ahead of Zack Gacnik, who finished six seconds back in 9:18. 

In the pole vault Mia Manson continues to raise the bar, as the senior took the event with a 12-8 mark. Likewise, Hunter Potrykus reached new heights, going 15-8 FTW. 

The shot put had a first for 2020, as Luke Hard surpassed the 50-foot mark. The Mountain View senior went 50-2 for a new state-leading mark. 

And there were plenty, plenty, of big performances that came out of the Colorado USATF-Colorado State Indoor Championships Sunday.

Among the highlights... 

Amarachi Onuoha ran a state-leading 25.12 in the 200, and CO No. 3 in the 400 - a 58.91. 

Tucker doubled back from her Thursday victory in the 3,000 to run a 5:24 victory in the mile, while Bethany Michalak ran 5:10 in the 13-14 division.

Agur Dwol took two big wins in the vertical jumps, claiming the long jump in 18-9.25, and the triple jump in a state-leading 38-5. 

And on the topic of Colorado No.1s - Katie Dack-Howell went 44-2.75 in the shot. 

Like Tucker, Manson doubled-back from Thursday night to raise the bar - literally - to a season best of 12-10 to claim the pole vault. 

Gavin Schurr had an incredible day of his own. 

The Fairview junior claimed the 60 title in 6.84 with Korey Hairston a stride back in 6.89, and he was the first to dip under 22 in the 2020 this season, as he ran 21.75 - a PR - to claim the event in a meet record.

WATCH: Schurr wins USATF Colorado Indoor 200 In a Meet Record Of 21.75

Speaking of (more) firsts - Langston Williams was the first to crack 50 in the 400 this year, running 49.87 to win the event. 

Caden Smith and Bran Williams Jr shuffled the 800 rankings up quite a bit with Smith taking the W in 2:01.19, which was just ahead of Williams' 2:01.26. 

Keeping with the trend of new state-leading marks... PJ Robinson took the victory in the 60H with a Colorado No. 1 of 8.23. 

Featured Meets

UHSTCA Indoor Championships

Olympic Ice Oval Kearns, UT
Jan 24, 2020 Jan 25, 2020
1,796 Total Performances (6 CO)

Photo Albums (1)

Videos (135)

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Elite Performances

Girls (2)
60mF 1 1st7.59Sydney HolidayFK Elite
200mF 1 1st25.11Sydney HolidayFK Elite

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USATF-Colorado State Indoor Championships

Cadet Field House USAFA, CO
Jan 26, 2020
500 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (38)
60mF 1 1st7.85Amarachi OnuohaUnattached CO
60mF 1 2nd7.88Kaleah MITCHELL-RUFFSprint50
60mF 1 3rd7.92Casia ProvencalAngel Flight
60mF 1 4th7.99Jahzara DavisColorado Springs Striders
60mF 1 4th7.99Kristin CookUnattached CO
60mp 2 1st7.87Kaleah MITCHELL-RUFFSprint50
60mp 1 2nd7.90Amarachi OnuohaUnattached CO
60mp 4 3rd7.93Casia ProvencalAngel Flight
60mp 1 4th7.94Kristin CookUnattached CO
60mp 5 5th7.99Jahzara DavisColorado Springs Striders
60mp 5 6th8.00Fabiola BelibiUnattached CO
200mF 9 1st25.12Amarachi OnuohaUnattached CO
200mF 9 2nd25.55Ayana BrownHustle Track Club
200mF 9 3rd25.92Kiona GibbsAngel Flight
200mF 7 4th25.96Casia ProvencalAngel Flight
400mF 1 1st58.91Amarachi OnuohaUnattached CO
400mF 1 2nd1:00.02Kiona GibbsAngel Flight
400mF 1 3rd1:00.46Bailey PignatoreColorado Elite Track Cub
400mF 1 4th1:00.88Hailey GreggColorado Springs Track Club
MileF 1 1st5:24.70Reese TuckerPeak Performance
60HF 1 1st9.14Diondra WilbornAngel Flight
60HF 1 2nd9.20Casia ProvencalAngel Flight
60HF 1 3rd9.22Jahzara DavisColorado Springs Striders
HJF 1 1st5-3.75Sierra HabermanUnattached CO
HJF 1 2nd5-3.75Raina BranchNite Moves Track Club
LJF 1 6th16-4.5Jahzara DavisColorado Springs Striders
LJF 1 5th16-5.75Symone AdamsAngel Flight
LJF 1 4th16-11.5Fabiola BelibiUnattached CO
LJF 1 3rd18-2.5Caitlin SimmonsAMATA
LJF 1 2nd18-5.25Ayana BrownHustle Track Club
LJF 1 1st18-9.25Agur DwolMile High Track Club
TJF 1 1st38-5Agur DwolMile High Track Club
PVF 1 3rd10-10.25Sydney CottonAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 2nd11-4.25Megan KelleghanAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 1st12-10Mia MansonSuperior Track Club
SF 1 3rd39-0.25Giavonna MeeksUnattached CO
SF 1 2nd40-8.25Shannon VivodaUnattached CO
SF 1 1st44-2.75Katie Dack-HowellAMATA
Boys (41)
60mF 1 1st6.84Gavin SchurrRISE Athletics
60mF 1 2nd6.89Korey HairstonFK Elite
60mF 1 3rd6.98Nii YarteyUnattached CO
60mF 1 4th7.08Al Ashford IIIUnattached CO
60mF 1 5th7.15Lawrence WalkerFountain Track and Field
60mF 1 6th7.16Keirryse SimpsonHustle Track Club
60mF 1 7th7.17Jackson PriceFK Elite
60mF 1 8th7.20Sterling BrassfieldAMATA
60mp 1 1st6.94Gavin SchurrRISE Athletics
60mp 2 2nd7.05Korey HairstonFK Elite
60mp 6 3rd7.12Sterling BrassfieldAMATA
60mp 5 4th7.13Al Ashford IIIUnattached CO
60mp 4 5th7.14Nii YarteyUnattached CO
60mp 8 6th7.15Lawrence WalkerFountain Track and Field
60mp 7 7th7.16Keirryse SimpsonHustle Track Club
60mp 9 8th7.19Jackson PriceFK Elite
200mF 12 1st21.75Gavin SchurrRISE Athletics
200mF 12 2nd22.26Keirryse SimpsonHustle Track Club
200mF 12 3rd22.50Jackson PriceFK Elite
200mF 12 4th22.62Kenneth Greene IiSprint50
200mF 12 5th22.71Nii YarteyUnattached CO
200mF 11 6th22.99Al Ashford IIIUnattached CO
200mF 10 7th22.99PJ RobinsonAngel Flight
200mF 11 8th23.00Kevin FryeColorado Springs Track Club
200mF 12 9th23.08James McHenryUnattached CO
400mF 1 1st49.87Langston WilliamsUnattached CO
400mF 1 2nd51.52Kenneth Greene IiSprint50
800mF 1 1st2:01.19Caden SmithUnattached CO
800mF 1 2nd2:01.26Bran Williams JrColorado Springs Striders
MileF 1 1st4:37.20Jackson ShortenUnattached CO
60HF 1 1st8.23PJ RobinsonAngel Flight
LJF 1 3rd21-2.75Anthony HicksAMATA
LJF 1 2nd22-1Braeden HolcombeColorado Springs Track Club
LJF 1 1st22-3.75Brandon HillsColorado Springs Striders
TJF 1 1st45-3.75Cam HARRISGazelle Sprint Club
TJF 1 2nd45-3.75Brandon HillsColorado Springs Striders
PVF 1 5th13-3.75Nate BallerAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 3rd13-9.75Ian RainsbergerAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 3rd13-9.75Leo SundstromAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 1st14-9.5Mason AdamsAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 1st14-9.5Davis HumeAbove the Bar Track Club

New Balance Indoor Grand Prix

Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center Boston, MA
Jan 26, 2020
46 Total Performances (1 CO)

Articles (1)

Elite Performances

Boys (1)
MileF 1 1st4:11.44Cruz CulpepperNiwot High School

Colorado Mines HS Indoor Series #4

Steinhauer Field House, CSM Golden, CO
Jan 23, 2020
397 Total Performances (396 CO)

Elite Performances

Girls (12)
60mF 1 1st7.64Teagan ZwaanstraParker Panthers
60mF 1 2nd7.65Sydney HolidayFK Elite
60mF 1 3rd7.98Fabiola BelibiUnattached CO
3000mF 1 1st10:42.77Reese TuckerPeak Performance
LJF 1 5th17-4.75Fabiola BelibiUnattached CO
LJF 1 4th18-3.5Mia MansonSuperior Track Club
LJF 1 3rd18-4.75Teagan ZwaanstraParker Panthers
PVF 1 4th10-2Sophie VarelaDrift Motion
PVF 1 4th10-2Sophie PierceAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 3rd10-8Kourtney RathkeAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 2nd11-8Lilly NicholsDrift Motion
PVF 1 1st12-8Mia MansonSuperior Track Club
Boys (10)
60mF 1 1st7.04Nii YarteySpeed Denver
3000mF 1 1st9:12.44Luke TichiUnattached CO
3000mF 1 2nd9:18.50Zack GacnikUnattached CO
LJF 1 1st21-0.25Aidan ChristiansenReal Training
TJF 1 1st44-6.25Richard SafohUnattached CO
PVF 1 3rd13-8Will ChiangAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 3rd13-8Noah KellyAMATA
PVF 1 2nd14-8Mason AdamsAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 1st15-8Hunter PotrykusUnattached CO
SF 1 1st50-2Luke HardMountain View High School