Week In Review: Raising The Bar

Rhyan Moore won the Western Colorado HS Open high jump in 5-4. 

It was quite a busy weekend for indoor in Colorado, and across the country. Most athletes split between Friday night's Let's Get REAL Invitational in Colorado Springs, Saturday's UW High School Invitational in Washington, and Sunday's Western Colorado University High School Indoor Open in Gunnison. 

There were some major highlights of the weekend that came out of the UW High School Invite, particularly with that incredible girl's mile. 

Taylor James kicked hard and late to overtake Riley Stewart in the final strides to get the W in 4:49. Stewart was just a second back in 4:50 in her first mile of the year.

Madeleine Burns joined the two under 5 minutes in 4:52 with a fourth-place finish to give Colorado three of the top-four finishers in the event.

Burns also doubled back to run the 3,000, where Lanie Szuch led the Centennial State with a 10:02 clocking to finish fifth. Burns added a ninth-place, 10:08 finish to her busy weekend.

Another eye-opening result came from eight-grader Lauren Larson, who finished fifth in the 800 in 2:17.

Highlights for the boys came from Erik Le RouxGus McIntyreMatthew Storer, and Mason Norman

Le Roux led Colorado in the mile with a 4:21, fourth-place finish, and he doubled back to seventh in the 3,000, which was Colorado-heavy. 

McIntyre led the Centennial state with a 8:39 clocking, which was just one second ahead of Store and Le Roux, and two ahead of Norman's 8:41.

Editor's Note: We've got a recap of the UW High School Invite coming.

Back in Colorado Cole Sprout made waves Friday night with an impressive 8:37 3,000 at the Let's Get REAL Invite in Colorado Springs. The hot pace brought Edward Rush along with him, as Rush had a big run of his own, running 8:51.

Given the 6,291 feet of elevation, altitude conversions are up for debate - as in how much time to take off, but Sprout would be anywhere under 8:17, and Rush would be under 8:31. 

Of additional note, Sprout's 8:37 is the fastest 3,000 run in Colorado over the past decade, and Rush is No. 2.

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Off the track Braeden Holcombe and Sadie McMullen made sand waves in the long jump. Holcombe won the event in 23-0 - a Colorado No. 1. He also won the 60 Hurdles and the shot put. Likewise, McMullen went 19-5. 

There were some exciting battles in the high country at the Western Colorado HS Open Sunday.

The girl's side of the meet saw some incredible performances out of Kristin CookAyana Brown, and Jordan Burnett

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Cook took the W in the 60 in 7.78, Brown took the W in the 200 in 25.91 over Cook, and Burnett took the W in the 400 in 58.81. 

Likewise, Keirryse Simpson was the king of the sprints. The Denver East senior dominated the 60 and 200. 

Off the track Rhyan Moore went 5-4 to win the high jump in a season best. 

Featured Meets

UW High School Invitational

Dempsey Indoor Stadium Seattle, WA
Feb 22, 2020
1,118 Total Performances (113 CO)

Elite Performances

Girls (22)
800mF 1 5th2:17.26Lauren LarsonNorth Star Academy Middle School
800mF 1 8th2:21.44Jocelyn MillicanExceler8 Track Club
800mF 1 13th2:23.92Julia BrownFAST
800mF 1 16th2:25.90Tristian SpenceCentral (Grand Junction) High School
MileF 1 1st4:49.75Taylor JamesReal Training
MileF 1 2nd4:50.29Riley StewartKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 1 4th4:52.40Madeleine BurnsKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 1 13th5:11.26Lanie SzuchValor Christian High School
MileF 1 16th5:15.30Tristian SpenceCentral (Grand Junction) High School
MileF 1 19th5:16.38Jocelyn MillicanExceler8 Track Club
MileF 1 22nd5:17.75Sarah O'SullivanMountain Vista High School
MileF 1 23rd5:19.02Maren BusathExceler8 Track Club
MileF 1 25th5:20.19Mollie RodenKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 1 27th5:22.71Anna BusathExceler8 Track Club
MileF 1 28th5:23.07Aubrey SurageKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 1 35th5:27.74Leah ChristiansKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 1 43rd5:32.37Grace AbernethyKokopelli Racing Team
3000mF 1 5th10:02.54Lanie SzuchValor Christian High School
3000mF 1 9th10:08.51Madeleine BurnsKokopelli Racing Team
3000mF 1 16th10:37.77Emma BaronKokopelli Racing Team
3000mF 1 18th10:43.07Loren LinnenburgerKokopelli Racing Team
LJF 1 4th16-11.25Madissyn MooreColorado Springs Track Club
Boys (25)
60mF 1 7th7.05Ben BakerMullen High School
60mp 1 7th7.12Ben BakerMullen High School
200mF 1 7th23.12Ben BakerMullen High School
800mF 1 13th2:01.32Thomas FryExceler8 Track Club
MileF 1 4th4:21.82Erik Le RouxKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 1 10th4:26.87Lukas HaugBoulder High School
MileF 1 17th4:31.44Colin SzuchPeak Performance
MileF 1 22nd4:33.64Jack O'SullivanKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 1 27th4:35.14Drew BradenKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 1 35th4:38.81Justin BantaKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 1 37th4:39.07Nicholas HugerKokopelli Racing Team
3000mF 1 4th8:39.46Gus McIntyreKokopelli Racing Team
3000mF 1 6th8:40.05Matthew StorerKokopelli Racing Team
3000mF 1 7th8:40.07Erik Le RouxKokopelli Racing Team
3000mF 1 8th8:41.17Mason NormanKokopelli Racing Team
3000mF 1 21st8:55.95Ethan AbbsKokopelli Racing Team
3000mF 1 26th9:02.38Sean McCauleyKokopelli Racing Team
3000mF 1 30th9:07.52Jaden DavisFAST
3000mF 1 31st9:07.54Colby SchultzExceler8 Track Club
3000mF 1 32nd9:09.02Colin SzuchPeak Performance
3000mF 1 41st9:14.19Abuzaid FanningFAST
3000mF 1 44th9:16.15Sebastian GroomFAST
3000mF 1 53rd9:22.25Sylas ChambersFAST
3000mF 1 57th9:28.33Justin QuammenFAST
PVF 1 12th13-3.5Ian RainsbergerKokopelli Racing Team

More Meets

Let's Get REAL Invitational

UCCS Indoor Track Colorado Springs, CO
Feb 21, 2020
367 Total Performances

Photo Albums (1)

Articles (3)

Elite Performances

Girls (19)
60mF 6 1st7.86Sadie McMullenValor Christian High School
60mF 6 2nd7.90Amarachi OnuohaUnattached Club
200mF 11 1st25.97Amarachi OnuohaUnattached Club
800mF 2 1st2:23.24Madison ShultsReal Training
MileF 2 1st5:17.03Taylor WhitfieldValor Track Academy
MileF 2 2nd5:21.86Brooke WilsonValor Track Academy
MileF 2 3rd5:24.71Kylah RicksUnattached Club
MileF 2 4th5:28.72Ashley JonesValor Track Academy
MileF 2 5th5:32.05Isabella ProscenoValor Track Academy
60HF 1 1st9.13Kara LucykVista Nation Track Club
4x200mF 2 1st1:47.28Valor Christian High School
HJF 1 1st5-2.25Shayla PadillaReal Training
LJF 1 4th16-5Grace LangeRoosevelt High School
LJF 1 4th16-5Kami GrammerstorfVista Nation Track Club
LJF 1 3rd16-7Makenna TurnerReal Training
LJF 1 2nd18-3Megan LonnemanValor Christian High School
LJF 1 1st19-5Sadie McMullenValor Christian High School
TJF 1 1st35-8Grace LangeRoosevelt High School
SF 1 1st42-4Katie Dack-HowellLutheran High School
Boys (15)
60mF 6 1st7.00Jackson PriceFK Elite
60mF 6 2nd7.09Nii YarteySpeed Denver
60mF 6 3rd7.17Josh ThornValor Christian High School
60mF 6 4th7.18Deven WilliamsUnattached Club
60mF 6 5th7.24Cole CaskeyAMATA
200mF 8 1st23.12Ian JacksonUnattached Club
400mF 10 1st51.46Ian JacksonUnattached Club
MileF 4 1st4:28.56Luke TichiUnattached Club
MileF 4 2nd4:35.38Edward RushUnattached Club
3000mF 1 1st8:37.23Cole SproutValor Track Academy
3000mF 1 2nd8:51.24Edward RushUnattached Club
3000mF 1 3rd9:16.31Yonas MogosGreat Strides Track Club
LJF 1 3rd21-2Kaden KeefeValor Christian High School
LJF 1 2nd21-3Elijah InamaColorado Springs Track Club
LJF 1 1st23-0Braeden HolcombeColorado Springs Track Club

Western Colorado University High School Indoor Open

Mountaineer Field House Gunnison, CO
Feb 23, 2020
209 Total Performances (206 CO)

Photo Albums (1)

Videos (7)

Articles (3)

Elite Performances

Girls (10)
60mF 1 1st7.78Kristin CookUnattached CO
60mp 2 1st7.79Kristin CookUnattached CO
60mp 2 2nd7.93Jordan BurnettReal Training
200mF 1 1st25.91Ayana BrownHustle Track Club
200mF 1 2nd25.95Kristin CookUnattached CO
400mF 1 1st58.81Jordan BurnettReal Training
HJF 1 1st5-4Rhyan MooreUnattached CO
LJF 1 1st16-11.5Ayana BrownHustle Track Club
PVF 1 1st10-0Sophie VarelaUnattached CO
WTF 1 1st43-7.75Krystal WorthamHustle Track Club
Boys (3)
60mF 1 1st7.10Keirryse SimpsonHustle Track Club
60mp 2 1st7.11Keirryse SimpsonHustle Track Club
200mF 1 1st22.49Keirryse SimpsonHustle Track Club

Colorado Masters Indoor State Championships

UCCS Indoor Track Colorado Springs, CO
Feb 22, 2020
31 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (6)
PVF 1 2nd10-1.25Mikayla DaltonDrift Motion
PVF 1 1st10-7.25Sophie PierceAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 1st11-1Kristina WillisAbove the Bar Track Club
WTF 1 2nd41-10.75Giavonna MeeksUnattached CO
WTF 1 1st47-6.75Amanda OppUnattached CO
SF 1 1st41-3.75Giavonna MeeksUnattached CO
Boys (2)
PVF 1 2nd14-0.5Mason AdamsAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 1st15-0.25Hunter PotrykusAbove the Bar Track Club

Trine Thunder Open

Trine University - Keith E. Busse/Steel Dynamics Athletic & Rec Angola, IN
Feb 22, 2020
459 Total Performances (11 CO)

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
SF 1 1st38-5Gabriella BormetLet it Fly Track Club
Boys (1)
SF 1 2nd48-3Vishal TurnaLet it Fly Track Club