Ryan Montera And Legacy Storm Away At The Broomfield Battle

Ryan Montera wasted no time running away from the competition.

By the time the smoke from the starter's gun had drifted up into the sky Ryan Montera already had a lead on the field. 

The Legacy senior exploded off the starting line, taking intention-filled strides that no one dared to match this early on. 

By the time he exited the red track some three hundred meters later, he held a substantial lead, one that he would not relinquish throughout his reign over the 3.1 mile course of grass, hills, and sidewalk around Broomfield High. 

"I wanted to set the tone for the race," he said. 

Montera cruised through the opening mile without a negotiable shadow in 5:02. Behind him Jefferson Academy's Jacob Crookston chased, while his teammate Evan Mills cruised in third. 

Montera stormed over the challenging course and off to the second consecutive win of his season. He cruised back onto the track for the final 300 meters and enjoyed having the entire stadium to himself - he was clear of the field.

Montera finished with a stellar 16:02 clocking.

"I'm just trying to race whoever I can," he explained after the race. "If that ends up being the clock, then it's the clock. And at the end of the day, I'm just trying to push myself."

While Montera created a sea of space between him and his chaser - Crookston - the Jefferson Academy senior did just that with Mills. 

Crookston took the runner-up spot, running 16:45, while his teammate, Mills finished third.

Legacy took the boy's team title, just ahead of Jefferson Academy. Prospect Ridge took third.


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