Monday Morning Recap: Back On Track

Based on Andrew Simmons' photos from the Colorado Elite Winter Series #1 meet, it's obvious that everyone was excited to be back on the track. 

Even if it was cold.

And windy.

Despite the wintery weather, Heritage played host to a slew of top-tier performances. 

In the girl's 400 Kel McDavid and Kimora Northrup dipped under 60-seconds - no small task in the cold and wind and in February. McDavid took the win in 59.40, just ahead of Northrup's 59.86. 

Madison Shults has risen to new heights in recent months. And in the girl's 600 it looked like she may have found her event - in the 800. Shults ran 1:38.29 to win the event ahead of Niwot teammate Mia Prok, who ran 1:38.60.

If you're doing the math - that's 33-ish per 200, and 1:06-ish per 400. Shults and Prok were running just under 2:12 pace.

In February. 

It's also of note that a staggering 11 girls cracked 1:45 in that 600. (2:20 pace.)

In the throws Giavonna Meeks proved that she'll be a threat outdoors. Meeks won the weight throw with a toss of 57-5.5. While the event did take place outdoors, the mark would be ranked No. 3 in the country had it taken place indoors. Meeks also took second in the shot put with a toss of 38-9. Amanda Opp won the event with a 39-6. 

For the boys Gavin Schurr hit the (outdoor) track for the first time in a while. The Fairview senior dominated the 60 with a 6.83 clocking. Schurr also torched the field in the 200, running 21.72. 

William Merrick proved great winter fitness with a blistering 1:22.18 600 victory. That's just over 27-seconds per 200, or 54+ per 400. That's 1:50 800 pace. Add that Charlie Welch was only two seconds back in 1:24.

I rewrite that line - In February. 

(We've got a lot to be excited for once the official outdoor season beings...)

Moving up in distance, Jackson Shorten took the mile by running away with a 4:23 victory.

Meanwhile, it's clear that Brandon Hills is ready for some high school competition. Hills leapt into the new year with a 22-5 victory in the long jump.

At the ATB 550 Pole Vault Gym Session #6 Lilly Nichols went well over 12 feet for the fifth-consecutive time. The freshman tied her personal best with a 12-6.5 mark. 

And speaking of PRs, Davis Hume added a few inches to his. The Chaparral senior won the event with a 15-5.75 clearance. Becker Ell was just a few inches down with a 15-0 to finish second.


Colorado Elite Winter Series #1

Heritage HS Track Littleton, CO
Feb 6, 2021
427 Total Performances

Photo Albums (1)

Elite Performances

Girls (25)
400mF 6 1st59.40Kel McDavidSteadfast Track Academy
400mF 5 2nd59.86Kimora NorthrupUnattached Club
600mF 2 1st1:38.29Madison ShultsUnattached Club
600mF 2 2nd1:38.60Mia ProkUnattached Club
600mF 1 3rd1:41.10Brooke WilsonUnattached Club
600mF 2 4th1:41.47Allison BeasleyUnattached Club
600mF 1 5th1:41.58Wendy CheruiyotUnattached Club
600mF 2 6th1:41.74Lucca FulkersonUnattached Club
600mF 1 7th1:42.48Kayla RennerUnattached Club
600mF 2 8th1:42.68Julia RudolphUnattached Club
600mF 1 9th1:43.09Brooklyn EwertUnattached Club
600mF 1 10th1:43.84Jordan BlankenshipUnattached Club
600mF 1 11th1:44.22Ava MitchellUnattached Club
1600mF 2 1st5:27.46Leah FuteyUnattached Club
3200mF 1 1st11:29.11Lily WhelanUnattached Club
3200mF 1 2nd11:29.37Maggie McCleskeyUnattached Club
3200mF 1 3rd11:34.13Elliot PribramskyUnattached Club
3200mF 1 4th11:50.79Lanie SzuchUnattached Club
3200mF 1 5th11:52.25Jaycee WilliamsUnattached Club
60HF 2 1st8.94Zeaniah WedgeworthGazelle Sprint Club
LJF 1 1st16-6Madissyn MooreUnattached Club
WTF 1 2nd48-0Amanda OppUnattached Club
WTF 1 1st57-5.5Giavonna MeeksHustle Track Club
SF 1 2nd38-9Giavonna MeeksHustle Track Club
SF 1 1st39-6Amanda OppUnattached Club
Boys (19)
60mF 7 1st6.83Gavin SchurrUnattached Club
60mF 7 2nd7.14Keirryse SimpsonHustle Track Club
60mF 6 3rd7.23Dante CapolungoReal Training
60mF 6 4th7.25Brandon HillsUnattached Club
200mF 7 1st21.72Gavin SchurrUnattached Club
400mF 6 1st50.25Matthew BaskinUnattached Club
400mF 6 2nd50.68William MerrickHustle Track Club
400mF 6 3rd50.69Alex HermanUnattached Club
600mF 2 1st1:22.18William MerrickHustle Track Club
600mF 1 2nd1:24.36Charlie WelchUnattached Club
1600mF 2 1st4:23.54Jackson ShortenUnattached Club
1600mF 2 2nd4:27.24Joshua MedinaUnattached Club
1600mF 2 3rd4:37.00Eric SankeyUnattached Club
3200mF 2 1st10:06.39Michael BeckUnattached Club
3200mF 2 2nd10:08.34Kailer SmithUnattached Club
3200mF 2 3rd10:13.60Shane PrannoUnattached - CO
3200mF 2 4th10:14.99Adugna MoritzUnattached Club
LJF 2 2nd21-1Anthony BreglioUnattached Club
LJF 2 1st22-5Brandon HillsUnattached Club

ATB 550 Pole Vault Gym Session #6

550 Gym Louisville, CO
Feb 6, 2021
21 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (7)
PVF 1 6th10-0.75Sophie PierceAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 7th10-0.75Mikayla DaltonDrift Motion
PVF 1 4th11-0.75Kourtney RathkeAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 4th11-0.75Olivia KosanovichAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 2nd11-6.5Anna WillisAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 2nd11-6.5Megan KelleghanAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 1st12-6.5Lilly NicholsUnattached Club
Boys (7)
PVF 1 6th13-0.25Will ChiangAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 7th13-0.25Andrew WilliamsAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 4th14-0Leo SundstromAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 4th14-0Jackson WrayAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 3rd14-6Garrett SearlsAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 2nd15-0Becker EllAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 1st15-5.75Davis HumeAbove the Bar Track Club