Hustling At The Cheyenne Mountain Stampede

Teams from across the state descended on Colorado Springs for the 2021 Cheyenne Mountain Stampede (Pre-State) to catch a glimpse of the course that'll play host to the 2021 Colorado State Cross Country Championships

And per the usual, spectators were treated with hints of what we're likely to see in two months.

While almost half of the races turned into runaway affairs, the other half went down to the most-anticipated of finishes - the Norris-Penrose Stadium Kick. 

And on this day, there was no dust drifting into the air. It was pure cross country mud - remnants of the torrential downpour the previous night. 

Mud played a role in just about finish Friday, as athletes battled not just each other and the clock, but the sinking and sliding of the final 150 meters. As if three miles of hills weren't enough of a challenge. Fortunately by the late-afternoon races, the Norris-Penrose Stadium Mud-Pit of had mostly dried over. 

Let's dive into the recaps... 

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