Clawing To Victory At The Harrison Panther Invite

Lily Meskers crouched in the blocks. 

Her blonde hair dangled in front of her as it danced with the gentle breeze. Her eyes caste downwards at the black track, waiting for the gun.

For the moment, the world stood still. 

And then --


Meskers exploded out of the blocks. 

The Erie senior tore around the top of the track, eating up ground on the competition. With 200 meters to go in the 400 she went to the arms and pumped at the air like a prizefighter - she knew how to run this race. 

Her signature event.

With 150 meters to go she had made up the stagger and had no one in front of her. It was just a vast black track with white lines leading the way to the finish. 

Her hands sliced at the air as her gaze remained in front of her. Her spikes clawed at the track with each stride. 

In the end her only competition was the clock.