Images from State, Part I

Coach Gregg Smith passes on some last-minute instructions to the Gunnison girls. Photo by Jeff McCoy.


A little bit of pre-race festive. I believe this is the Broomfield team. Photo by Jeff McCoy.


This one is a sentimental favorite for obvious reasons. Photo by Jeff McCoy.


The quality of this photo is nothing exceptional but it tells the story of the early part of the 2A girls race--Telluride, Nederland and Birdie Hutton, all hammering hard on one another. Photo by Alan Versaw.


Gus Waneka is far from the first person to have felt the sinking feeling of watching Alfredo Lebron hit the jets late in a race. Photo by Alan Versaw.


The risks and rewards at state go off the charts, and a great coach knows when to be there. Photo by Alan Versaw.


The intensity of the 5A boys finish was unmatched in any other race on the day. Photo by Alan Versaw.


A sea of 5A humanity makes it way up the trail along the creek. Photo by Jeff McCoy.


The breakaway three early in the 2A boys race. Photo by Jeff McCoy.