Colorado State Cross Country Championships 2011

Aurora, CO


Images from State, Part I Oct 31, 2011

Coach Gregg Smith passes on some last-minute instructions to the Gunnison girls. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

A Wretched Turn of Events Oct 30, 2011

The intensity of the 5A boys race was evident on the faces of the Fort Collins runners before the race even began. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

Scott Takes it to the Top Oct 30, 2011

With only a quarter mile to go, Sydney Scott keeps her race out in front of her pursuers. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

The Old Guard and the New Oct 30, 2011

Tabor Scholl led almost the entire 3A girls race but was never able to fully shake the pursuit of Shelby Stableford and Regan Mullen. Photo by Alan Versaw.

The Rise of the Titans Oct 30, 2011

Ty Williams and Ian Boucher were going at it hammer and tongs midway through the 2A boys race. Photo by Alan Versaw.

A Disturbance in the 4A Order Oct 29, 2011

Scoring was still proceeding according to form when Chandler Reid turned onto the finish straight. It was what the guys in mohawks behind him were doing that would rock the 4A world. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Two Challenges Answered, One Title Won Oct 29, 2011

Faith Christian's Evan Fortney held off the late charges of TCA's Joshua George and Conner Wilburn to claim the 3A individual title. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

Two Final Hurrahs for Kelley Oct 29, 2011

Birdie Hutton and Rachel Hampton went out with Kelley Robinson in the early going, but even then it was apparent Robinson's pace was going to break things open. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

The New State Course Layout Aug 29, 2011

Here is what the new state course layout will look like. Click on the article title for more information. Free content.