Week 3 Report Card: 3A Girls

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Chloe Peterson has been part of an Elizabeth troupe of girls tearing up runways and straightaways this spring.

You might want to wait until you're hungry to read through this article, because I'm going to put a lot on your plate.

On the pages that follow, you'll see a set of top-10 marks for all events for 3A Girls. You'll find a team scoring for those rankings. And, then you'll find a discussion of the five teams I picked as top-five selections going into the season, plus any teams that appear to be making incursions into top-five status. 

We're still a long way from the end of the season, so all if this has time to change, but this will be our first checkpoint on the way through the season.

What if you don't have a rooting interest in 3A Girls? Hold on, your classification and gender is coming, though I won't be doing 1A in this round, since so few 1A teams have hit the track in any meaningful sort of way yet this spring.

And, the usual disclaimers apply here. One, I won't remove TCA from any rankings or team scoring of rankings, but I will not discuss TCA as part of the top five teams section. The usual offer stands if someone wants to do a TCA piece, but it won't be something that I'll ever be comfortable doing in this setting. Two, I don't have much control over which marks get recorded out of meets in New Mexico, so there could be some NWI marks included here for teams out of the San Juan Basin. Specifically, that includes Bayfield, Pagosa Springs, and Montezuma-Cortez.

If you're all ready to proceed, click on Next at the top or bottom of the page. If you need to grab a bowl of popcorn and a tall glass of lemonade first, the article will still be here when you get back.