What Does 3A Boys Look Like For Next Year?

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William Ledden and his Peak to Peak teammates make up one of the 3A Boys teams you want to be thinking about for next year.

Today's stop: 3A Boys.

Two different virtual meets are included on the pages that follow. At the bottom of this page is a virtual meet of returning runners (top 300) from the entire season just completed. On page 2 is a team scoring of that virtual meet. Page 3 is a virtual meet of all returning runners from State. And, page 4 is a team scoring of that virtual meet that scores only four so that teams with up to three seniors at this year's state meet still have a team score.

5000 Meter Run (Top 300 Returning Runners)

1David Fine2019Elizabeth High School15:54.80 1
2Mason Norman2020Classical Academy, The15:56.70 2
3Elijah DeLaCerda2019Alamosa High School16:10.81 3
4Tyler Scholl2019SkyView Academy16:25.00 4
5Jaden Davis2020Frontier Academy16:26.00 5
6Colton Stice2019Gunnison High School16:31.10 6
7Bean Minor2020Salida High School16:39.47 7
8William Ledden2020Peak to Peak Charter School16:45.00 8
9Brady Blinzinger2019Alamosa High School16:48.94 9
10Macklin Brockmeyer2019Faith Christian Academy16:49.10 10
11Ahmed Sado2019KIPP Denver Collegiate16:50.00 11
12John Ames2019Delta High School16:50.41 12
13Reilly Stack2020Salida High School16:53.17 13
14Carter Severson2019Moffat County High School16:55.40 14
15Chris Carrouth2019Moffat County High School16:58.70 15
16Sam Kearley2019Salida High School17:00.67 16
17Antonio Blaine2019Faith Christian Academy17:04.20 17
18Antonio Marquez2020Fort Lupton High School17:05.00 18
19Nathan Zurfluh2019Estes Park High School17:06.00 19
20Josh Lopez2020Alamosa High School17:06.89 20
21James Jessep2021Stargate High School17:07.00 21
22Wyatt Mortenson2021Moffat County High School17:07.50 22
23Hudson Majeski2020Liberty Common High School17:08.00 23
24Walt Jones2020Colorado Academy17:13.00 24
25Ethan Monarski2019Peak to Peak Charter School17:17.00 25
26Nathan Bone2019Classical Academy, The17:18.70 26
27Ben Miller2020Liberty Common High School17:20.00 27
28Kade Leonard2019Berthoud High School17:22.00 28
29Elco Garcia2020Bayfield High School17:22.45 29
30Justin Hager2019Peak to Peak Charter School17:23.50 30
31Alex Baca2021Gunnison High School17:23.60 31
32Brendan Johnston2019Classical Academy, The17:24.00 33
32Jesse Hayward2019Frontier Academy17:24.00 33
32Josiah Cole2021Classical Academy, The17:24.00 33
35Frank DeCew2020Salida High School17:24.17 35
36Shad Lewis2020Delta High School17:24.57 36
37Yasin Sado2020KIPP Denver Collegiate17:25.00 37
38Burke Ewing2020University High School17:26.00 38
39Carter Heekin2019Faith Christian Academy17:27.00 39
40Ryan Kuykendall2021Peak to Peak Charter School17:27.20 40
41William Alexander2019Peak to Peak Charter School17:28.00 41
42Cole Beasley2019Peak to Peak Charter School17:31.00 42
43Garrett Butts2019Gunnison High School17:31.20 43
44Avery Lin2020Colorado Academy17:36.00 44
45Brennan Stice2021Gunnison High School17:36.90 45
46Evan Gesick2021Eaton High School17:37.00 46
47Preston Fagerlin2021Resurrection Christian High School17:38.00 47
48Brevik Petersen2019Middle Park High School17:38.66 48
49Kaleb Buffington2019Pagosa Springs High School17:39.00 49
50Jonny Hernandez2021Rifle High School17:40.73 50
51Benjamin Cunningham2019Peak to Peak Charter School17:41.00 51
52Matthew Vance2020Alamosa High School17:42.00 52.5
52Will Seest2019Liberty Common High School17:42.00 52.5
54Alecxis Hernandez2019Olathe High School17:42.33 54
55Baylor Lewis2021Frontier Academy17:43.00 55.5
55Wyatt Orstead2019Faith Christian Academy17:43.00 55.5
57Cale Schafer2020Valley High School17:44.00 57
58Layton McLaughlin2020Olathe High School17:44.99 58
59Coltyn Terry2021Moffat County High School17:45.10 59
60Cole Schweizer2020Alamosa High School17:45.50 60
61Jeremiah Francis2019Denver West High School17:46.00 61
62Kason Smith2019Alamosa High School17:47.00 62
63Cameron Howard2019Woodland Park High School17:48.60 63
64Jason Joslin2020Salida High School17:48.90 64
65Eli Greenslit2021Berthoud High School17:50.00 65.5
65Nick Kemp2019Stargate High School17:50.00 65.5
67Justin Harrell2019Woodland Park High School17:50.10 67.5
67Maximo Salazar2019Alamosa High School17:50.10 67.5
69Humberto Guerrero2019Fort Lupton High School17:54.00 69
70Billy Ramsay2020Lamar High School17:55.29 --
71Joshua Judson2021Faith Christian Academy17:55.70 70
72Corbin Marcus2019Faith Christian Academy17:56.00 71
73Jacahri Lawson2020DSST: Stapleton17:58.00 72
74Siler Stein2019Berthoud High School18:00.10 73
75Jonas Nanaeto2020Bayfield High School18:00.24 74
76Jack Foster2021Pagosa Springs High School18:02.34 75
77Cole Reisdorf2021Jefferson Academy18:02.80 76
78Gabe King2020Platte Valley High School18:03.00 77
78Isaac Wagner2019Weld Central High School18:03.00 --
80Jonathan Wyrwas2019Berthoud High School18:06.00 78
81Sylas Chambers2021Frontier Academy18:07.00 79
82Scott Enriquez2021Stargate High School18:08.00 80
83Josh Medina2021Alamosa High School18:09.00 --
84Aaron Lenox2021Sterling High School18:10.00 81.5
84Cade Bothwell2021Resurrection Christian High School18:10.00 81.5
84Thomas Miller2019Peak to Peak Charter School18:10.00 --
87Kyle Conlon2020Berthoud High School18:11.00 83
88Everett Olson2019Aspen High School18:11.51 84
89Carlos Gutierrez2020Berthoud High School18:12.00 85
89Luke Doescher2019Peak to Peak Charter School18:12.00 --
91John Whyte2021Montezuma-Cortez High School18:12.70 86
92Trenton Bagge2021Montezuma-Cortez High School18:13.13 87
93Jake Vold2020Salida High School18:13.30 88
94Grant Stevens2019Colorado Springs Christian School18:14.00 89
95Joshua Higgins2019Woodland Park High School18:15.10 90
96Wulf Stark2019Gunnison High School18:17.10 91
97Michael Leoni2020Jefferson Academy18:18.00 92
98Brandon Benedict2021Jefferson Academy18:18.50 93
99Cole Cayard2019Pagosa Springs High School18:19.01 94
100Nick Thomas2020University High School18:22.90 95
101Trenton Buffington2020Pagosa Springs High School18:23.66 96
102Lucas Russell2020Estes Park High School18:24.00 97.5
102William Erzen2019Elizabeth High School18:24.00 97.5
104Brayden Garrott2020University High School18:24.70 99
105Finley Petit2020Salida High School18:25.00 100
106Ibrohim Nosirov2020SkyView Academy18:26.80 101
107Keaton Knez2021Moffat County High School18:28.40 102
108Gabriel Rueda2020Prospect Ridge Academy18:29.00 103.5
108Philip Joseph2020Machebeuf (Bishop) High School18:29.00 103.5
110Leighton Albright2019Basalt High School18:30.50 105
111Will Brown2020Montezuma-Cortez High School18:31.10 106
112Jadon Scarpella2021Liberty Common High School18:32.39 107
113Carter Ferren2020Resurrection Christian High School18:33.00 108
114Ethan Settles2020Lamar High School18:33.01 --
115Eric Berry2019Middle Park High School18:33.07 109
116Jonathan Bennett2021Kent Denver School18:33.10 110
117Caleb Feagans2019D'Evelyn High School18:34.00 111
118Trevor Fama2019Englewood High School18:38.00 112
119Justin Kassin2020Sterling High School18:39.00 113.5
119Peter Van Cleave2020Jefferson Academy18:39.00 113.5
121James Thomas2019Pagosa Springs High School18:40.93 115
122John Altenhofen2020Englewood High School18:42.00 116
123Adam Hernandez2019Sterling High School18:44.00 117
124Blake Robinson2020Jefferson Academy18:46.80 118
125Caden Frasl2019Elizabeth High School18:48.00 119.5
125Chaz Stem2019La Junta High School18:48.00 119.5
127Eli Masket2020Denver West High School18:49.00 121.5
127Tucker Bruce2020Basalt High School18:49.00 121.5
129Reese VanPutten2019Elizabeth High School18:49.70 123
130Landon Sheveland2020Classical Academy, The18:51.56 124
131John Flipse2020Elizabeth High School18:52.00 125.5
131Tyler Langer2020Resurrection Christian High School18:52.00 125.5
133Asher Schultz2020Classical Academy, The18:52.88 127
134Dustin Trevino2020Englewood High School18:54.00 128.5
134Max Cannarella2020Manitou Springs High School18:54.00 128.5
136Max Brown2020Jefferson Academy18:55.00 130
137Jonathan Fossel2020Colorado Academy18:57.00 131
138Skye Ciccarelli2019Woodland Park High School18:58.00 132
139Noah Smith2020University High School18:59.00 133
140Nicholas Heil2020Rifle High School18:59.14 134
141Dalton Duncan2019Eaton High School19:00.00 136
141Dylan Shutt2019Valley High School19:00.00 136
141Matthew Bonfiglio Oswald2020Stargate High School19:00.00 136
144Carlos Barrientos2020Salida High School19:00.33 --
145Sam Schoenberger2019Woodland Park High School19:00.80 138
146Hector Lopez2019Fort Lupton High School19:01.00 139.5
146Trenton Sorensen2021Lutheran High School19:01.00 139.5
148Nicholas Warren2020Woodland Park High School19:01.30 141
149Daniel Orthel2020DSST: Stapleton19:02.00 142.5
149Nathaniel Brim2021Classical Academy, The19:02.00 142.5
151Bryce Mitts2020Berthoud High School19:02.90 144
152Aidan Johnston2019Classical Academy, The19:03.00 --
152Angelo Garcia2019Ridge View Academy19:03.00 145
154Ben Williams2021Eaton High School19:04.00 146
155Tien Vu2021KIPP Denver Collegiate19:05.00 147
156William Luckett2019Basalt High School19:05.43 148
157grant webster2021Englewood High School19:06.00 149.5
157Luke Hill2020DSST: Stapleton19:06.00 149.5
159Alex Reyes2021Rifle High School19:06.30 151
160Aiden Clark2021Liberty Common High School19:08.75 152
161Jordyn Garcia2021Brush High School19:10.00 --
162Miguel Almanza2021Olathe High School19:10.62 153
163Jesus Yee2019Olathe High School19:10.99 154
164Ben Castillo-Calvillo2019Montezuma-Cortez High School19:11.49 155
165Kurt Wienke2019University High School19:12.00 156
166Satanael Orosco2021La Junta High School19:14.00 157
167Cody Wilson2020Strasburg High School19:16.00 --
167Johan Barstad2019Colorado Springs Christian School19:16.00 158
169Ezra Weir2020Jefferson Academy19:17.00 159.5
169Ty Schauer2020Lutheran High School19:17.00 159.5
171Nicholas Galambos2019Aspen High School19:17.49 161
172Ethan Bailey2021Stargate High School19:18.00 162.5
172Max Lewis2019Kent Denver School19:18.00 162.5
174Daniel Chao2019Kent Denver School19:18.60 164
175Joshua Bujarski2020Lutheran High School19:19.00 165
175Wiley Smith2019Salida High School19:19.00 --
177Anthony Serna2019Grand Valley High School19:20.30 166
178Christian King2020Platte Valley High School19:23.00 167.5
178Derrick Hamel2019Estes Park High School19:23.00 167.5
180Cesar Perez2019Valley High School19:24.00 169.5
180Colton Moore2019Platte Valley High School19:24.00 169.5
180Jacob Crookston2021Jefferson Academy19:24.00 --
183Eddie Medina2019Rifle High School19:25.80 171
184Jack Ryckman2021D'Evelyn High School19:26.00 172
185Dylan Thomas2020University High School19:28.00 173.5
185Joseph Ritzer2019Machebeuf (Bishop) High School19:28.00 173.5
187Zebuel Alexander2020Gunnison High School19:28.14 175
188Blade Mccormick2020Grand Valley High School19:28.32 176
189Andrew Graber2021Woodland Park High School19:28.50 177
190Elan Rameriz2021Pagosa Springs High School19:28.60 178
191Everett Preston2021Eaton High School19:29.00 179
192Alex Duffy2019Jefferson Academy19:30.00 --
192Antonio Cornejo2019Valley High School19:30.00 180.5
192Erasmo Medina2019Machebeuf (Bishop) High School19:30.00 180.5
195Lane Pirkey2021Berthoud High School19:31.00 --
196Gavin Rolls2019Kent Denver School19:32.00 183
196Jacob States2020Elizabeth High School19:32.00 183
196Seth Gutierrez2021Frontier Academy19:32.00 183
199Blake Peters2021DSST: Green Valley Ranch19:33.00 186
199Bryan Torres2021KIPP Denver Collegiate19:33.00 186
199Cory Shea2020Frontier Academy19:33.00 186
199Sean Hawes2020Jefferson Academy19:33.00 --
203Charlie Wilkinson2019Kent Denver School19:33.50 188
204Tyler Noller2019Florence High School19:34.00 189
205Zach Vance2020Alamosa High School19:34.50 --
206Ryan Gee2019Prospect Ridge Academy19:35.00 190
207James MacGuire2020Prospect Ridge Academy19:36.00 191
208Wyatt Spruell2020Colorado Academy19:37.00 192
209Rylan Ross2020Bayfield High School19:37.03 193
210Colton Liddell2020Alamosa High School19:38.00 --
211Michael Valdez2021Alamosa High School19:38.60 --
212Conner Chesner2020Aspen High School19:39.50 194
213Samuel Celico2020Peak to Peak Charter School19:40.00 --
214Riley Johnson2020Aspen High School19:40.39 195
215Andrew Wolfmueller2021SkyView Academy19:41.00 196
216Andrew Jossi2021D'Evelyn High School19:42.00 197
217Edward Velarde2019KIPP Denver Collegiate19:43.00 198
217Logan Hanley2021Jefferson Academy19:43.00 --
217Samuel Hatton2019Berthoud High School19:43.00 --
220Josiah Shown2019Alamosa High School19:43.02 --
221Blake Alexander2019University High School19:45.00 199
222James Chenowith2021Bayfield High School19:45.50 200
223Tyrone Chavez2019Valley High School19:46.00 201
224Joe Malinowski2021Berthoud High School19:47.50 --
225Esteban Sierra2020Machebeuf (Bishop) High School19:49.00 202
225Kace Thoren2021Berthoud High School19:49.00 --
227Robert Marshall2019Ridge View Academy19:50.00 203
228Joey Coakley2019Sterling High School19:51.00 204
229Jayden Morgan2021Alamosa High School19:51.47 --
230Damillion Chavez2020Valley High School19:52.00 205
231Emmanuel Ledesma2019Olathe High School19:52.10 206
232Dylan Carder2020Berthoud High School19:52.70 --
233Noah Kelly2021Lutheran High School19:53.00 207
234Chase Graves2019Woodland Park High School19:54.02 --
235Sean Griffith2020Berthoud High School19:54.90 --
236Aidan Herrfeldt2020Resurrection Christian High School19:57.00 208
236Walter Tulis2019Peak to Peak Charter School19:57.00 --
238Axel Fuentes2021Arrupe Jesuit High School19:57.91 209
239Harold Dietrich2021Platte Valley High School19:58.00 211
239Isaac Clark2021Liberty Common High School19:58.00 211
239Tyler Haluza2019Faith Christian Academy19:58.00 211
242Ayden Altman2019Colorado Springs Christian School19:59.00 213
242Eric Godfrey2020Berthoud High School19:59.00 --
244Jayden Hudson2021Fort Lupton High School20:00.00 214
245Bert Daniel2021Frontier Academy20:00.33 215
246Connor Lowe2021Faith Christian Academy20:00.60 --
247Jayce Parrish2019Eaton High School20:01.00 216
248Aaron Sanders2019Middle Park High School20:02.00 218
248Carlos Ramos2019DSST: College View20:02.00 218
248Josh Virene2019D'Evelyn High School20:02.00 218
248Matthew Willetto2019Peak to Peak Charter School20:02.00 --
252Nate Lewis2019Pagosa Springs High School20:02.10 220
253Jacob Hofer2021Stargate High School20:03.00 221.5
253Tristen Jeffery2019Valley High School20:03.00 221.5
255Jamie Brooks2020Alamosa High School20:03.88 --
256Logan Rangel2021Peak to Peak Charter School20:04.00 --
257Tyler Messinger2020Brush High School20:05.00 --
258Cameron White2019Faith Christian Academy20:05.60 --
259Aidan Boyd2020Coal Ridge High School20:06.50 223
260Kyle Schoonover2021Vanguard School, The20:06.70 --
261Forrester Rumbold2020Elizabeth High School20:07.00 224
261Jonathan Snyder2019Lamar High School20:07.00 --
263Corte Peterson2021Peak to Peak Charter School20:09.00 --
264Kellen Jansen2019Grand Valley High School20:12.00 225
265Ethan Cotter2020Grand Valley High School20:12.90 226
266Dylan Cormican2020Middle Park High School20:12.95 227
267Ian Donaghy2019Estes Park High School20:13.58 228
268Toni Carrillo2019Denver West High School20:14.00 229
269Adian Frey2020Frontier Academy20:15.00 --
269Chance Coupe2020Englewood High School20:15.00 230.5
269Logan Skulley2020The Academy of Charter Schools20:15.00 230.5
269Nathan Vignali2020Strasburg High School20:15.00 --
273Tallen Christensen2020Faith Christian Academy20:16.00 --
274Dante Marinucci2020Salida High School20:16.40 --
275Kendall Hiraki2021DSST: Stapleton20:17.00 232
276Ashton Bott2019Elizabeth High School20:18.00 --
277Ian Dutt2020La Junta High School20:19.00 233.5
277Isaac Lopez2021D'Evelyn High School20:19.00 233.5
277Shade Brokaw2021Weld Central High School20:19.00 --
277Trey Wilson2020Pagosa Springs High School20:19.00 --
281Andrew Versaw2019Classical Academy, The20:20.00 --
281Ashton Gonzales2020Berthoud High School20:20.00 --
281Cole Murray2021Estes Park High School20:20.00 235
284Chase Murray2021Estes Park High School20:21.00 236.5
284Jacob Billingsly2020Gunnison High School20:21.00 236.5
284Joe Castillo2020Valley High School20:21.00 --
287Mason Blakemore2020Pagosa Springs High School20:23.04 --
288Noah Carothers2019Salida High School20:24.00 --
288Will Scavuzzo2020SkyView Academy20:24.00 238
290Nathan Malyszek2021Colorado Springs Christian School20:25.00 239.5
290Tyler Bishop2020James Irwin Charter High School20:25.00 239.5
292Lane Pirkey2021Berthoud High School20:26.50 --
293Andrew Toole2019Delta High School20:26.94 241
294Isiah Pena2019Montezuma-Cortez High School20:27.00 242.5
294Noah Mulvaney2019Prospect Ridge Academy20:27.00 242.5
296Brady Sanchez2021Brush High School20:29.00 --
297Mark Vosseteig2020Liberty Common High School20:30.00 244.5
297Matt Yoho2021Prospect Ridge Academy20:30.00 244.5
299Harrison Chabin2021Coal Ridge High School20:30.82 246
300Bailey Walker2020Colorado Academy20:31.00 247