What Does 4A Girls Look Like For Next Year? (Updated)

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Early indications point to a crowded field at the top of 4A Girls next year.

Note: since Valor Christian will be moving up to 5A next year, Valor has been removed from the virtual meet scoring for next year and the scoring redone in this update of the article.

The last couple of years, 4A Girls has been the exclusive property of Battle Mountain. That could be a little different next fall as graduation begins to chip away at the Husky dynasty. So, you'll want to pay closer attention to these virtual meets than you might have been for a while now.

On this page and the pages that follow, you will find:

1 - A ranking of the top 400 individuals, by season best time from the season just completed, for returning 4A Girls.

2 - A team scoring of the virtual meet of returning 4A Girls.

3 - A ranking, by time, of all returning 4A Girls from the state meet.

4 - A team scoring of the ranking of returning 4A Girls from the state meet. Note that this virtual meet scores only four deep since it's not at all uncommon for a state team to have as many as three senior girls.

All in all, that will give you a decent early window into 4A Girls cross country for 2018, though changes are bound to occur. 

5000 Meter Run (Top 300 Returning Runners)

1Tatum Miller2020Air Academy High School17:44.80 1
2Madeleine Burns2020Durango High School17:52.30 2
3Joslin Blair2020Eagle Valley High School17:53.78 3
4Lizzy Harding2019Battle Mountain High School17:54.00 4
5Liberty Ricca2019Discovery Canyon High School17:57.10 5
6Naomi Harding2019Battle Mountain High School17:57.37 6
7Paige Embaugh2019Air Academy High School18:00.30 7
8Morgan Hykes2019Windsor High School18:04.00 8
9Taylor James2021Niwot High School18:07.40 9
10Kenadi Krueger2020Thompson Valley High School18:10.00 10
11Riley Geldean2020Centaurus High School18:11.00 11
12Isabella Prosceno2021Palmer Ridge High School18:15.00 12
13Mary Fox2019Golden High School18:21.10 13
14Katie Hooten2020Centaurus High School18:22.00 14
15Madi Kenyon2019Roosevelt High School18:23.00 15
16Tiya Chamberlin2019Wheat Ridge High School18:29.00 16
17Jadyn Goodrich2021Golden High School18:29.80 17
18Grace Johnson2020Battle Mountain High School18:31.00 18
19Kasey Klocek2020Green Mountain High School18:33.30 19
20Maggi Congdon2020Steamboat Springs High School18:36.60 20
21Maren Busath2021Palmer Ridge High School18:37.00 21
22Cami Fischmann2020Silver Creek High School18:40.10 22
23Winter Boese2019Steamboat Springs High School18:43.00 23
24Maggie Smith2019Niwot High School18:43.40 24
25Emma Baron2020Discovery Canyon High School18:44.50 25.5
25Laura Romero2021Denver North High School18:44.50 25.5
27Loren Linnenburger2021Discovery Canyon High School18:50.80 27
28Rachel Goodrich2020Golden High School18:52.00 28
29Avery Doan2019Eagle Valley High School18:53.11 29
30Mackenzie Moss2019Air Academy High School18:53.80 30
31Joelle McDonald2020Niwot High School18:55.00 31
32Ruth Holcomb2021Durango High School18:55.10 32
33Kiara Hamlin2020Durango High School18:58.10 33
34Sofia Forney2021Green Mountain High School18:58.80 34
35Anna Warmack2019Cheyenne Mountain High School19:00.10 35
36Emily Billow2020Longmont High School19:01.00 36
37Annabelle Huddle2021Niwot High School19:07.40 37
38Kyndel Anderson2020Windsor High School19:08.60 38
39Lexi Emerson2021George Washington High School19:09.00 39
40Brogan Murray2019Battle Mountain High School19:11.00 40
41Jensen Enterman2020Cheyenne Mountain High School19:12.70 41
42Brooke Heinicke2021Cheyenne Mountain High School19:13.00 42
43Bri Teegarden2020Evergreen High School19:17.00 43
44Isla Anderson2020Denver North High School19:19.60 44
45Molly Maksin2019Centaurus High School19:21.00 45
46Anna Smagacz2019Durango High School19:21.86 46
47Anna Busath2020Palmer Ridge High School19:22.00 47.5
47Emma Reeder2021Battle Mountain High School19:22.00 47.5
49Grace Abernethy2020Coronado High School19:27.55 49
50Brooke Moss2021Air Academy High School19:27.80 50
51Josephine Trueblood2020Battle Mountain High School19:31.00 51
52Sophia Abernethy2021Standley Lake High School19:34.00 52
53Baylie Koonce2020Ponderosa High School19:35.30 53
54Abby Fostveit2020Silver Creek High School19:37.40 54
55Noelle Resignolo2019Summit High School19:39.60 55
56Esther Cornish2020Denver North High School19:41.20 56
57Kylie Morgan2020Silver Creek High School19:42.00 57
58Annalese Edwards2020Palmer Ridge High School19:42.60 58
59Hayley Diemar2020Battle Mountain High School19:42.91 59
60Kelsey Rycenga2020Montrose High School19:44.43 60
61Emily Chaston2019Cheyenne Mountain High School19:45.00 61
62Abigail Braun2020Discovery Canyon High School19:45.60 62
63Faith Roth2019Coronado High School19:45.91 63
64Delaney Gilfillan2021George Washington High School19:46.00 64
65Brenna Wolf2021Durango High School19:46.30 65
66Daisy Ortiz2020Roosevelt High School19:47.00 67
66Harmony McMullin2021Golden High School19:47.00 67
66Morgan Willard2021Discovery Canyon High School19:47.00 67
69Alyssa Morgan2020Silver Creek High School19:48.00 69
70Taylor Petty2019Mountain View High School19:50.00 70
71Grace Armstrong2019Centaurus High School19:52.00 71
72Emma Fitzgerald2020Durango High School19:53.10 72
73Madeline Morland2019Coronado High School19:53.64 73
74Emily Condon2019Erie High School19:56.00 74
75Sophia Vigil2021Glenwood Springs High School19:57.30 75
76Amelia Gardner2019Denver North High School19:57.40 76
77Maddy Persing2021Durango High School19:57.90 77
78Celia Badger2019Battle Mountain High School19:59.00 --
79Sophia Mena2021Widefield High School20:01.20 78
80Helen Gover2019Centaurus High School20:02.00 79.5
80Riley Colby2020Palmer Ridge High School20:02.00 79.5
82Breanne Raley2021Cheyenne Mountain High School20:02.50 81
83Hanna Burns2019Silver Creek High School20:02.80 82
84Madeleine Boyles2020Thompson Valley High School20:03.30 83
85Kelsey Lagunas2019Roosevelt High School20:05.00 84
86Megan Motley2021Montrose High School20:06.00 85
87Eva Lennert2021Niwot High School20:06.90 86
88Camryn Nichols2020Mountain View High School20:07.00 87
89Bekah Moenning2019Durango High School20:09.00 --
90Anneliese Markus2019Cheyenne Mountain High School20:10.00 88
91Lindsay Beckwith2020Silver Creek High School20:14.20 89
92Summer Olson2019Green Mountain High School20:15.10 90
93Layla Roebke2019Coronado High School20:15.30 91
94Amber Calanni2021Green Mountain High School20:16.40 92
95Kaitlynn Salazar2019Mead High School20:17.00 93
96Madelyn Rodrigues2020Widefield High School20:17.30 94
97Maggie O'Connell2021Golden High School20:18.00 95
98Briar Bell2021Silver Creek High School20:19.00 96
99Riley Buese2021Northfield High School20:19.90 97
100Madisyn Macklin2020Standley Lake High School20:20.00 98
101Evelyn Moyer2019Windsor High School20:20.80 99
102Kate Eggen2019Silver Creek High School20:23.00 --
102Samrawit Dishon2020Niwot High School20:23.00 100
104Emily Gentry2019Palmer Ridge High School20:23.58 101
105Maddie Jo Robbins2019Durango High School20:24.00 --
105Morgan Wickersham2020Cheyenne Mountain High School20:24.00 102
107Caitlyn Anderson2019Widefield High School20:26.00 103
108Jaden Phillips2019Evergreen High School20:28.00 104
109Isabelle Boniface2019Steamboat Springs High School20:30.00 105
110Allison Macdonald2019Centaurus High School20:32.00 106
111Ella Jane Urschel2020Air Academy High School20:32.40 107
112Amanda Stein2019Conifer High School20:32.80 108
113Brooke Calvo2019Centaurus High School20:33.00 109
114Alexis Bishop2019Discovery Canyon High School20:33.50 110
115Madelynn Gerritsen2019Golden High School20:36.00 111
116Elise Gillett2020Niwot High School20:36.10 112
117Katie Andersen2019Mountain View High School20:37.00 113
118Victoria Kavvadas2020Thompson Valley High School20:39.00 114
119Saylor Stottlemeyer2020Durango High School20:40.22 --
120Katie Keating2020Standley Lake High School20:41.00 115
121Crystal Vasquez2020Greeley Central High School20:41.60 116
122Julia Lundgren2020Thompson Valley High School20:43.00 117
123Mallory Finley2019Niwot High School20:44.00 --
123Olivia Hinklin2021Silver Creek High School20:44.00 --
125Aubrey Surage2021Lewis-Palmer High School20:46.00 118
125Kiera Flanagan2021Niwot High School20:46.00 --
127Gabrielle Regalado2020Sand Creek High School20:47.00 119.5
127Grace Searls2020Golden High School20:47.00 119.5
129Alexis Chelle2021Palisade High School20:49.44 121
130Eva Maeda2020Mead High School20:50.00 122
131Gracy Roitsch2019Thompson Valley High School20:51.00 123
132Madison Wainscoat2020Mullen High School20:52.50 124
133Emily Severin2019Roosevelt High School20:53.00 125
134Brooke Shrader2020Windsor High School20:54.00 126
135Kandice Kittinger2019Longmont High School20:54.60 127
136Amalia Manning2020Battle Mountain High School20:55.32 --
137Brianna Hunt2019Discovery Canyon High School20:55.50 128
138Riza Pykkonen2021Evergreen High School20:57.00 129
139Zoe Motley2019Montrose High School20:58.00 130
140Audrey O'Malley2021Centaurus High School20:59.00 --
140Neela Ropp2020Pueblo Centennial High School20:59.00 131
142Samantha Gibson2019Evergreen High School21:00.00 132
143Delaney Bishop2019Mountain View High School21:01.00 133.5
143Rebecca Hittle2021Palisade High School21:01.00 133.5
145Morrison Donovan2019Summit High School21:02.00 135
146Emma Osborn2021Erie High School21:03.00 136
147Emily Worline2019Glenwood Springs High School21:04.00 137
148Alice Wescott2021Summit High School21:07.00 138
148Erika Slatten2019Centaurus High School21:07.00 --
150Laine Ford2021George Washington High School21:08.00 139
151Hailey Lockhart2020Littleton High School21:13.00 140
151Kira Biener2019Centaurus High School21:13.00 --
153Hope Busath2020Palmer Ridge High School21:13.80 141
154Bailey Snyder2021Centaurus High School21:14.00 --
155Ella Vollmer2021Northfield High School21:14.10 142
156Samantha Lindall2020Battle Mountain High School21:14.12 --
157Maddie Phillips2020Green Mountain High School21:14.80 143
158Hailey Langner2021Palisade High School21:16.00 144
159Stevi Cameron2020Durango High School21:16.90 --
160Isabel Sease2021Erie High School21:17.00 145
161Olivia Cech2021Thomas Jefferson High School21:18.00 146
162Sierra Richter2020Battle Mountain High School21:18.37 --
163Hailey Engen2019Green Mountain High School21:18.80 147
164Emma Sheaffer2021Northridge High School21:19.00 148
165Hailey Gregg2021Air Academy High School21:19.25 149
166Audrey Gulig2020Palmer Ridge High School21:19.70 --
167Mackie Tate Tygart2020Air Academy High School21:19.88 150
168Onika Benson2019Conifer High School21:20.20 151
169Shelbie Jones2019Windsor High School21:21.00 152
170Emily Craig2020Steamboat Springs High School21:21.10 153
170Sydney Day2020Palmer Ridge High School21:21.10 --
172Maria Toro-Luna2020Greeley Central High School21:22.00 154
173Lizzie Blaschke2020Mullen High School21:22.10 155
174Laurene Powell2021Mountain View High School21:23.00 156
175Rebecca Gearhart2020Palmer Ridge High School21:23.10 --
176Abigail Johnston2019Pueblo County High School21:24.00 157.5
176Tasha Reichhardt2019Mountain View High School21:24.00 157.5
178Autumn Zhou2021Thompson Valley High School21:25.00 159
179Isabella Fife2021Discovery Canyon High School21:26.00 --
179Taylor Lee2019Canon City High School21:26.00 160
181Abbey Putz2021Conifer High School21:28.00 161
182Megan George2020Thomas Jefferson High School21:29.00 162
183Aubrie Powell2021Air Academy High School21:29.30 --
184Ansley Kary2019Windsor High School21:30.00 164
184Audrey Joseph2019Erie High School21:30.00 164
184Sloan Phillips2021Evergreen High School21:30.00 164
187Katherine Nelson2019Silver Creek High School21:31.00 --
188Angelica Santos2021Northridge High School21:32.00 167
188Jasmine Harris2020Evergreen High School21:32.00 167
188Leah Clayton2020Evergreen High School21:32.00 167
191Ashlynn Weaver2020Silver Creek High School21:33.00 --
192Kaylan Wait2020Durango High School21:34.00 --
193Sydney Gasper2021Falcon High School21:34.50 169
194Grace Drobek2020Steamboat Springs High School21:34.60 170.5
194Ryley Darnell2020Standley Lake High School21:34.60 170.5
196Emily Lucero2019Pueblo South High School21:35.00 172
196Taegan Steinfort2020Cheyenne Mountain High School21:35.00 --
198Delaney Huetson2020Standley Lake High School21:36.00 173
199Jayden Noel2021Green Mountain High School21:37.90 174
200Emelie Hartrampf2020Silver Creek High School21:38.00 --
200Julianne Pelletier2020Standley Lake High School21:38.00 175
202Gwendolyn Walker2021Conifer High School21:38.20 176
203Sedona Dionne2021Windsor High School21:39.00 177
204Ellie Hislop2020Conifer High School21:40.00 178
205Rachel Tobler2019Littleton High School21:41.00 179
206Emily Black2019Thompson Valley High School21:43.00 180
206Megan Neufeld2021Silver Creek High School21:43.00 --
208Shauna Mackay2019Coronado High School21:43.17 181
209Sofie Boggs2019Eagle Valley High School21:43.38 182
210Alexis Dubberly2019Mountain View High School21:44.00 183
211Bailey Freeman2021Durango High School21:46.00 --
211Karen Dyer-McGowan2021Air Academy High School21:46.00 --
211Sara Olsen2021Summit High School21:46.00 184
214Callie Borg2021Battle Mountain High School21:46.60 --
215Kristina Marsh2020Fort Morgan High School21:47.00 --
216Emily Salerno2021Standley Lake High School21:47.20 185
217Matilda Barth2021Glenwood Springs High School21:48.10 186
218Sidney Barbier2021Steamboat Springs High School21:50.00 187.5
218Siera Harrison2020Steamboat Springs High School21:50.00 187.5
220Morgan George2020Thomas Jefferson High School21:51.00 189
221Haley Wood2020Lewis-Palmer High School21:51.87 190
222Chloe Kusser2020Evergreen High School21:53.00 --
223Emma Borel2021Battle Mountain High School21:54.33 --
224Alanna Jackson2019Pueblo Centennial High School21:55.00 191.5
224Brennah Guerrero2020Pueblo County High School21:55.00 191.5
226Kiana Brausch2021Battle Mountain High School21:57.25 --
227Aspen Tolman2020Standley Lake High School21:58.00 --
227Morgan Atwell2019Mullen High School21:58.00 193
229Madison Warner2021Golden High School21:59.00 --
229Phoebe Briney2020Thomas Jefferson High School21:59.00 194
231Elliot Pribramsky2021Battle Mountain High School21:59.80 --
232Addie Morris2021George Washington High School22:02.00 195.5
232Hayley Brewster2021Battle Mountain High School22:02.00 --
232Riane Yost2019Roosevelt High School22:02.00 195.5
235Jadyn Lara2020Thompson Valley High School22:03.00 --
236Violet Urffer2021Niwot High School22:03.60 --
237Ryleigh Stephen2019Mead High School22:05.10 197
238Kesler Stutzman2021Air Academy High School22:05.85 --
239Emma Berg2021Green Mountain High School22:06.00 --
239Louisa Wilson2021Denver North High School22:06.00 198
241Lacy Powell2021Golden High School22:07.00 --
242Elise Bialecki2021Mullen High School22:07.10 199
243Hannah Besse2019Coronado High School22:07.20 200
244Megan Sandy2020Mullen High School22:07.60 201
245Olivia Novy2021Air Academy High School22:07.90 --
246Haley Maddocks2021Centaurus High School22:08.00 --
247Aspen Wyatt2020Durango High School22:09.00 --
248Hannah Sommer2021Centaurus High School22:10.00 --
249Ayauna Smith2021Harrison High School22:11.00 202
250Lois Sheaffer2019Northridge High School22:12.00 203
251Kate Dekanich2021Battle Mountain High School22:13.10 --
252Alia Gomez2020Mountain View High School22:14.00 --
253Olivia Roberts2020Mead High School22:15.00 204
254Anna Seaman2021Mullen High School22:16.00 205
254Kayla Nowlin2019Niwot High School22:16.00 --
256Emmalee Fischer2019Erie High School22:17.00 206
257Aspen Phillips2019Lewis-Palmer High School22:17.03 207
258Lexi Timm2020Battle Mountain High School22:17.42 --
259Rebekah Weigand2019Erie High School22:19.00 208
260Dafni Martinez2021Denver North High School22:19.20 209
261Lauren Strizich2020Coronado High School22:19.30 210
262Shelby Wood2020Palmer Ridge High School22:19.50 --
263Emily Deline2020Mullen High School22:20.00 211
264Kate Danis2019Air Academy High School22:20.30 --
265Magnifique Niyonyishu2019Harrison High School22:21.80 212
266Morgan Parslow2021Conifer High School22:21.90 213
267Ava Baker2021Mullen High School22:22.00 --
267Grace Greenly2020Littleton High School22:22.00 214.5
267Jessica Garner2020Mountain View High School22:22.00 --
267Natalie Hansel2020Ponderosa High School22:22.00 214.5
271Gabrielle Camp-Lagueux2019George Washington High School22:23.00 216
272Alice Money2020Longmont High School22:24.00 217
272Kaythy Liao2021Standley Lake High School22:24.00 --
272Maia Clayton2019Evergreen High School22:24.00 --
275Alyssa Nowicki2020Conifer High School22:25.00 218.5
275Debbie Chou2020Longmont High School22:25.00 218.5
275Mae Thorp2020Steamboat Springs High School22:25.00 --
278Lindsey Fancher-Owen2020Thompson Valley High School22:26.00 --
278Mackenzie Kilk2020Northfield High School22:26.00 220
280Maddlyne Schenck2019Eagle Valley High School22:27.00 221
281Carley Beckum2021Eagle Valley High School22:27.89 222
282Gaby Fuentes2021Eagle Valley High School22:28.73 223
283Andrea Doyle2020Golden High School22:30.00 --
283Emily Holzman2021Littleton High School22:30.00 224
285Abbie McAdams2020Wheat Ridge High School22:31.00 225
285Elena Kopp2019Evergreen High School22:31.00 --
287Hannah Miller2019Discovery Canyon High School22:32.00 --
287Kayla Fairweather2020Ponderosa High School22:32.00 227
287Lexi Copher2020Wheat Ridge High School22:32.00 227
287Savana Baker2020Sand Creek High School22:32.00 227
291Laney Dugan2020Mullen High School22:33.00 --
291Mary McLean2020Niwot High School22:33.00 --
293Laiken O'Rourke2020Canon City High School22:34.00 229
294Mica Etsitty2019Mesa Ridge High School22:35.06 230
295Celia Frazier2021Green Mountain High School22:35.70 --
296Haley Egan2020Green Mountain High School22:36.00 --
297Gracie Leal2021Roosevelt High School22:37.00 231
297Lillian Cunningham2019Palmer Ridge High School22:37.00 --
299Addie Russell2020Roosevelt High School22:38.00 232
300Tave Lira2021Greeley Central High School22:39.00 233