Last Second Leans: The Best Of State

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The 2018 Colorado State Track and Field Championships may be over for this time around, but if there was any certainty, it's that there were a laundry list of races that elevated the heart beat in anxiousness. You know, the races that make your blood flush to your skin in red, the ones that make you sweat even when it's cold, the ones that make you lose all concept of time and space because the only thing that matters is the insanely close race you're watching. Yeah, there were a lot of those kinds of races at the state meet this year.

On that note...

Leaning at the line can be the difference between winning and losing. And when a state title is on that line, nearly everyone is going to lean. 

So, here's a photo gallery of our favorite finish-line leans

For more photos, click on this gently shaded, and very welcoming blue link: State Meet Photos