Leap Of The Year: Girls Pole Vault

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Lauren Jarossy was one of 14 pole vaulters to improve by over a foot this season. 

The pole vault is not an easy event. When scanning the top 100 list of 2017, and comparing it to 2018, it was clear that improvements were hard to come by. But for those that did see gains, inches were common, feet somewhat rare, and anything beyond that was nearly unheard of. Nearly.  

Of the list, 14 pole vaulters improved by over a foot from the 2017 season to the 2018 season, and of those 14, only one made gains of over two feet. One

This year's Leap Of The Year was clear.

Cherry Creek's Ana George improved by a staggering two-feet, and eight-inches. 2-8.

Let that sink in for a moment. 

George capped her 2017 with a 8-7 personal best. This year? 11-3. That's entering a whole new league of competition. 

Of the many reasons that this is simply jaw-dropping, is that the nearest competitor in reference to improvement was nearly a foot behind, or below. 

This year's runner-up is actually a tie - Lizzie Waters and Paige Graham both made leaps of 1-9 this year. Waters capped her 2017 season at 9-6, and went 11-3 this year, while Graham went 8-6 last year, and 10-3 this year. 

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