Spring Improvements: Boys 3200

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Michael Mooney, Easton Allred, and Harrison Scudamore all dropped considerable time from March to May.

The boy's 3,200 was perhaps even more explosive than the 1,600 this year - and that says a lot. 

Led by Cole Sprout's Colorado state record of 9:01.53, 13 boys dipped under 9:30 this year. While Sprout stole the headlines for his record, Michael Mooney's massive drop to 8:50 (which started at 9:50) was just as impressive.

There were quite a few leaps this year. So many in fact, it's hard to note them all. But among the fronts of the packs, which saw nearly an average of about 15-seconds from March to May, Ryan Moen's 9:49 to 9:21 from April to May is a fairly massive jump - 28 seconds in fact. Likewise, Connor McCabe went from 9:48 in March to 9:26 in May.

Of the top 50 times, the biggest improvement came from Cody Danley. Danley ran 10:33 in March, 10:14 in April, and 9:42 in May. That's 51 seconds...

Of additional note, the lone runner within the top-50 that only ran two 3,200s this year - both in May, Charlie Perry's 9:25 may in fact be the biggest improvement, because he rallied from injury that held him out all season until St. Vrain.

While I am shining a light on improvement, I've got to do the same for consistency, because that says nearly as much. So, sharing the "consistency" award here is Isaac Roberts and Ryan Lehmuth. Roberts ran 9:48 in March, 9:50 in April, and 9:48 in May, likewise, Lehmuth ran 9:48 in March, 9:51 in April, and 9:49 in May.

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