Dave Sanders Invitational Preview

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Cherry Creek's Parker Wolfe tops the list of athletes.

We've got two big meets on tap this weekend, and one of them is the Dave Sanders Invitational. On paper this one is already shaping up to be a real burner.

Both sides of the competition, boys and girls, looks to be one of the most competitive meets of the weekend. In other words: Mountain Vista will be racing. Anytime Vista Nation shows up, you know you'll be entertained. 

On the boy's side of the competition Cherry Creek sophomore Parker Wolfe tops the list in terms of personal bests. He's been putting together a stellar season so far, though he'll have his hands full with Dakota Ridge's Austin Vancil

Vancil did not race at Liberty Bell, so in terms of PRs, he may be the favorite, even if the black and white numerals of season bests don't say so. The senior has raced three times this season, winning two. He'll likely challenge for the win here, and he won't be alone. 

Mountain Vista's Brody Dempsey, and Rangeview's Luke Sundberg were both in the hunt for a win at Liberty Bell before that wild kick, and this race looks eerily similar, minus Niwot. 

And then there's the Heritage duo of Ian Kelly and Cory Kennedy. As a squad Heritage has quietly been moving up the ranks in recent weeks, and Kelly and Kennedy have been a big part of that. 

Eight enter the meet with sub 16 season bests to their name, making this race already exciting. 

And we're just talking about individuals. 

The team competition includes the top-three teams in 5A, led by Mountain Vista. The question will be if Dakota Ridge or Heritage can make any gains on Vista Nation. 

We'll know Friday night.

Until then, here's a virtual look at what the meet looks like on paper

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Individual Race

1Parker Wolfe10Cherry Creek High School15:31.401
2Austin Vancil12Dakota Ridge High School15:43.702
3Brody Dempsey12Mountain Vista High School15:44.703
4Luke Sundberg11Rangeview High School15:46.104
5Ian Kelly12Heritage High School15:47.105
6Cory Kennedy11Heritage High School15:51.906
7Stephen Haysley11Arapahoe High School15:56.607
8Seth Rouse11Mountain Vista High School15:57.608
9Connor Ohlson11Dakota Ridge High School16:00.009
10Max Tenbraak12Heritage High School16:00.4010
11Davis Helmerich11Mountain Vista High School16:01.2011
12Jared Wright11Castle View High School16:05.5012
13Jack O'Sullivan11Mountain Vista High School16:07.4013
14Owen Buehler11Regis Jesuit16:13.6014
15Cole Trautman11Arapahoe High School16:13.7015
16Will Locascio11Mullen High School16:15.7016
17Thomas Beatty11Regis Jesuit16:17.5017
18Santiago Montano12Mountain Vista High School16:18.4018
19Aidan Scott11Castle View High School16:20.5019
20Edward Rush11Castle View High School16:21.8020
21Tyler Watkins12Heritage High School16:23.7021
22Ethan Rouse12Mountain Vista High School16:23.8022
23Cole Nash11Chatfield High School16:24.0023
24Christian Montoya12Holy Family High School16:30.1024
25Michael Beck10Heritage High School16:31.4025
26Isaiah Bradley12Overland High School16:34.6026
27Benjamin Piegat11Dakota Ridge High School16:35.0027
28Wolde Tesamicheal12Rangeview High School16:36.5028
29Jake Sheykhet10Grandview High School16:38.4029
30Colin Szuch11Evergreen High School16:42.0030
31Tesamichael Wolde12Rangeview High School16:42.1031
32Connor Baty10Castle View High School16:43.6032
33Rory Seidel12Wheat Ridge High School16:43.7033
34Davis Wuthrich12Arapahoe High School16:45.0034
35Grahm Tuohy-Gaydos10Green Mountain High School16:45.0035
36Riley Abrashoff12Dakota Ridge High School16:46.0036
37Aaron Hart12Mountain Vista High School16:47.6037
38Matthew Collins10Regis Jesuit16:48.6038
39Jacob White10Dakota Ridge High School16:54.0039
40Jeffrey Powell12Arapahoe High School16:54.3040
41Cade Thomas11Cherokee Trail High School16:54.6041
42Adam Parish10Cherry Creek High School16:55.3042
43Kyle Boe10Mountain Vista High School16:55.40--
44Matthew Lobojko10Highlands Ranch High School16:55.5043
45Chris Allen12Heritage High School16:57.2044
46Ben Kirk11Cherry Creek High School16:57.3045
47Harrison Witt10Mountain Vista High School16:59.00--
48Josh Honig-Frand11Cherry Creek High School17:00.3046
49Henry Weisman12Regis Jesuit17:00.4047
50Grant Bradley11Overland High School17:00.9048
51Keeton Lentz12Castle View High School17:01.5049
52Jensen Baade12Mountain Vista High School17:03.00--
53Nico Piliero11Battle Mountain High School17:04.0050
54Samuel Hilsden10Highlands Ranch High School17:04.7051
55Troy Bowen12Ralston Valley High School17:04.8052
56Carter Baker12Eagle Valley High School17:05.4053
57Simeon Ehm11Heritage High School17:05.6054
58Ryan Slocum11Rangeview High School17:05.9055
59Benjamin Brandt12Ralston Valley High School17:06.3056
60Tucker Hotz12Cherry Creek High School17:07.1057
61Christian Sapakoff12Littleton High School17:08.8058
62Nick Beckman11Grandview High School17:10.0059
63Kobe Jara12Overland High School17:10.1060
64Brian Ma12Mountain Vista High School17:10.20--
65Charlie Welch10George Washington High School17:11.0061
66Caden Smith10Cherokee Trail High School17:11.4062
67Gabe Harris12Cherokee Trail High School17:11.9063
68Abdi Abade11Overland High School17:12.0064
69JJ Ramey10Ralston Valley High School17:13.6065
70Luke Morrissey12Eagle Valley High School17:15.7066
71Cortez Cabral Trevino11Cherokee Trail High School17:16.2067
72Nicholas Faestel11Regis Jesuit17:17.0068
73Ethan Grolnic10Ralston Valley High School17:17.4069
74Oscar Goll10Liberty High School17:18.0070
75Nyath Wood10Horizon High School17:18.4071
76Austin Plunkert11Heritage High School17:20.40--
77Sean Sands12Conifer High School17:20.8072
78Rifat Emam11Overland High School17:21.4073
79William Scott11Cherry Creek High School17:21.9074
80Jack Donze10Ralston Valley High School17:22.8075
81Samuel O'Shea11Ralston Valley High School17:23.3076
82James Thomure10Grandview High School17:23.4077
83Drake Hampton12Arapahoe High School17:23.5078
84Paul McDonald12Golden View Classical Academy17:23.5079
85Hal Fotinos10Castle View High School17:25.4080
86Gage Nielsen10Eagle Valley High School17:25.6081
87Dominic Danborn10Arvada West High School17:26.0082
88Andrew Wisniewski12Highlands Ranch High School17:26.0083
89Grant Bauer12Highlands Ranch High School17:26.0084
90Jonael Cid Gonzalez10Overland High School17:26.3085
91Kevin Hock12Heritage High School17:27.00--
92Richard Sternesky12Bear Creek High School17:27.5086
93Bailey Beckum12Eagle Valley High School17:27.6087
94Bryce Reeburgh9Golden High School17:29.0088
95Jeff Zelkin12Liberty High School17:29.0089
96Jack Culp10Holy Family High School17:29.1090
97Sullivan Middaugh9Battle Mountain High School17:29.3091
98Charlie Wells11Highlands Ranch High School17:30.0092
99Noah Brown12Golden High School17:30.1093
100Jason Macaluso12Battle Mountain High School17:30.3094
101Alexander Woldetatyos11Rangeview High School17:30.9095
102Andrew Connell12Arvada West High School17:31.5096
103Zach Mullen11Heritage High School17:32.80--
104Max Link11Arvada West High School17:32.9097
105Peter Fox11Grandview High School17:33.1098
106Christian Olsen12Littleton High School17:33.2099
107Peter Lengwin11Regis Jesuit17:33.70100
108Deagen Fahrney11Battle Mountain High School17:34.50101
109Andrew Rogers11Battle Mountain High School17:37.00102
110Jonathan Hernandez10Rifle High School17:37.30103
111Tyler Captain10Highlands Ranch High School17:37.70104
112Andrew Descalzo9Holy Family High School17:38.00105
113Bryson Sutterby11Cherokee Trail High School17:39.40106
114Ben Phillips10Regis Jesuit17:39.50107
115Ian Harper11Cherry Creek High School17:40.60108
116Jake Allen11Battle Mountain High School17:41.00109
117Charlie Gordon11Lakewood High School17:41.00110
118Wyatt Oglesby11Dakota Ridge High School17:41.60111
119Ethan Hensley11Golden High School17:42.20112
120Will Phillips11Liberty High School17:43.00113
121John Papadopolous12Eagle Valley High School17:43.80114
122Zeke Adler9Grandview High School17:43.80115
123Matthew Reynolds11Holy Family High School17:44.00116
124Christopher Long12Regis Jesuit17:44.00--
125Will Toppin12Conifer High School17:46.80117
126Tanner Meeks12Cherokee Trail High School17:47.00118
127Ezri Perdue11Battle Mountain High School17:47.50119
128Braxton Parks11Fort Morgan High School17:48.20120
129Colin Bervig10Liberty High School17:49.00121
130Noah Rojo12Fort Morgan High School17:49.10122
131Hunter Twitty12Golden High School17:49.30123
132Cameron Perdew10Arapahoe High School17:49.40124
133Cade Forbes11Castle View High School17:50.00125
134Alex Martinez12Holy Family High School17:50.30126
135Scott Mortimer11Highlands Ranch High School17:51.40127
136Zach Schmitt9Arapahoe High School17:51.50128
137Tyler Imhof11Northfield High School17:52.00129
138Trenton Stoner12Arvada West High School17:53.00130
139Maxx Seminario12Liberty High School17:55131
140Caleb Mann10Liberty High School17:55.00132
141Nicholas Most11Cherry Creek High School17:55.50--
142Jaime Gutierrez10Overland High School17:55.60133
143Cody Elder12Arvada West High School17:56.00134
144Aidan Mobley11Lakewood High School17:56.00135
145Matthew Grewe12Eagle Valley High School17:58.00136
146Oliver Barwell10Evergreen High School17:58.00137
147Gabe Schultz10Arvada West High School17:58.00138
148David Reilly12Battle Mountain High School17:58.30--
149Jeremiah Francis12Denver West High School17:59.40139
X150Kade Bullion10Horizon High School18:00.80140

Team Scores

1Mountain Vista High School5849121419--
2Heritage High School7267112226--
3Dakota Ridge High School118310283740--
4Castle View High School1371320213350--
5Arapahoe High School181816364180--
6Regis Jesuit1891518394869--
7Cherry Creek High School195143464758--
8Rangeview High School218529325696--
9Overland High School2762749616574--
10Ralston Valley High School3225357667076--
11Cherokee Trail High School34442636468107--
12Highlands Ranch High School3564452838493--
13Grandview High School38230607899115--
14Eagle Valley High School40754678288116--
15Battle Mountain High School443519295102103--
16Holy Family High School4662591106117127--
17Liberty High School5297190114122132--
18Arvada West High School546859798131135--
19Golden High School5638994113124143--
20Evergreen High School67031139145169186--
21Littleton High School69259100163183187--
22Valor Christian High School7292161162201203--
23Fort Morgan High School735121123150166175--
24Conifer High School74073118156165228--
25Mullen High School82217176190200239--
26Horizon High School85172141189206243--
27Green Mountain High School85935151220221232--
28Bear Creek High School87687174182195238--
29Chatfield High School89324167207246249--
30Wheat Ridge High School91034194205229248--
31Lakewood High School929111136172253257--
32D'Evelyn High School971148159193199272--
33Northfield High School980130146231233240--
34Columbine High School995144202211213225--
35Elizabeth High School1022173204208218219--
36Kent Denver School1061171179185245281--
37George Washington High School109862214224298300--
38Denver West High School1116140184230261301--
39Rifle High School1142104177250305306--
40Golden View Classical Academy116579234282284286--
41Hinkley High School1168188196255263266--
42Machebeuf (Bishop) High School1181158192270273288--
43STEM High School1198168212237290291--
44Englewood High School1229222227235269276--
45Mountain Range High School1261209254262265271--
--Aurora West College Prep AcademyNTS
--Denver Christian High SchoolNTS
--Addenbrooke Classical AcademyNTS
--Westminster High SchoolNTS
--Vista Peak High SchoolNTS
--Aurora Central High SchoolNTS