State through the lens of Jeff McCoy - girls events

Lindsey Kroboth has one of the best game faces in all of Colorado high school track and field.

If you're going to roll with this crew, you'd better have your lucky spikes on.

Kirby Vanderpool steals the 1A show.

An instant after the moment of realization...

... and the conclusion of the matter.

The thrill of victory X 2. Fast wears blue.

The future meets the present.

Lauren Gregory bids a hasty farewell.

Shifting focus to the next hurdle.

If you go to track meets in Colorado Springs, you've seen this showdown a few times before.

No event puts the emotions on display quite like the high jump.

Carly Paul knows it's easier if you use your tongue.

There's a message on the socks that I hope I just don't understand.

The smile of a state champion three years running (she missed by one place as a freshman).

The hair is part of the show when Nina Thomas steps into the ring.


When you win consecutive state events, you can collect a hug from your sibling at the finish line.