Favorite images of Great Southwest: regular events (updated)

It was hot, and the lighting was harsh, but there was plenty of great track and field action to be had.

Using all of the pole


Corrieon Mosby puts a little extra into his 200 in the waning light


Low and mean


1600 colors on the start line


Elise Machen takes the up elevator


Kyra Hunsberger plots a coup


Kord Ferguson and the stay-in-the-ring dance


The trouble here? Which one do you keep the camera on?!


So, tell me now, what's one thing great horizontal jumpers do well?


Trevon Bosley gives an upside-down smile for the camera


Looks like a fair and even start with lots of Texas orange


Ask Andrew Henn if sighting down the barrel works


At 500 meters, it was clear that Charles Jones wasn't coming back


Time to let it go


The fastest girls 4x200 relay team this nation has ever known


Austin Tilley cleanly over


Another successful landing


Christina Aragon had to go deep into the domain of pain to put this one away.


Darrielle McQueen negotiates re-entry


The exchange


Shania Hernandez finds a little extension


There's trouble brewing on your outside shoulder


Almost like an international event...


Nicole Summersett with room to spare


There wasn't much light left in the day when Paulo Benavides put away his pole


Keeping her eye on the ball


Miranda Vigil stays clean over the bar


A little demonstration of the power that has made Jazmine Chosa one of New Mexico's best


Post-race hurdle discussion


Giving the hammer a little auditory exhortation


Tarah Vijayasarathy and the art of balance


The javelin is more technique than strength, but Keiryn Swenson made the technique part look easy


Fire on the track and in her hair


A record landing


More or less the last the 400 field saw of Kendall Ellis


Joshua Clark appears to manage the stress of competition nicely


Part of going far is going high, and Ja'Mari Ward has no problem with the vertical part


Fastest guy on the track at 200 meters


You arch back before you bend forward


Lucy Biles was just one reason Utah was a runaway freight train in the 4x800


Albuquerque twilight


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