Scudamore Colorado's Lone Foot Locker Finalist For 2017

Harrison Scudamore camped out outside the top ten early but found himself within the desired company by the end.

Harrison Scudamore bided his time and set his race up for the desired result.

Going through the midway point in 12th place and just outside of an individual qualifying position, Scudamore left himself enough in reserve to climb into seventh with a strong push through the second half of the race. 

And, that seventh-place finish gave him ample margin as a FLN qualifier. His time of 15:08.6 made the cut by nearly four full seconds. 

Curiously, the seventh-place finish mirrors exactly his order of finish last week in Arizona, but seventh last week was outside the cut, while it was well inside the cut this week.

In something of a surprise, Scudamore's high finish also helped lead Colorado to a fifth-place finish in the state teams, and that despite a thin count of Colorado runners making the trip to Wisconsin. Joining Scudarmore in scoring for Colorado were James Lee, Brock Dykema, Will Dixon, and Sadio Fenner. Though registered, Charlie Perry did not make the trip, opting to tune his engine for NXN instead.

The Colorado girls finished third in the state-by-state scoring, but came home without any nationals qualifiers. 

Quinn McConnell set up her race very similar to how Scudamore set up his, running about 15th at the midway point and seemingly within easy striking range. But, McConnell was never able to make a decisive move against the girls arrayed in front of her. At three miles, McConnell was at 12th, give or take a place, but slipped a few places in the mad dash to the finish. 

McConnell's season is now done, and the rebuilding process for track in the spring has begun. 

Joining McConnell in a strong overall Colorado girls state score--once again despite smaller numbers--were Hannah McReavy in 24th, Addi Iken in 35th, Tiana Bradfield in 41st, and Tiya Chamberlin in 48th. That placed Colorado behind only Michigan and Illinois. 

Michigan, without the benefit of a compelling Nike Cross Regionals option, placed five in the top ten .