Flashback Friday: Jonjak-Plahn Kicks For The 2A 800 Title

What. A. Finish!

Literally. Those were the words used to describe this race on Instagram following this race. 

Colton Jonjak-Plahn and Harley Ewert made for one of the most exciting finishes at the state meet - and there were many.

The field cruised through the opening lap just under 60 seconds with a half dozen or so still in the hunt. 

Ewert preserved his kick, bidding his time until the backstretch, where he launched into lane 200 and into the lead with 200 to go. 

Meanwhile, Jonjak-Plahn was clearly applying the Kick-Last approach, as he hovered back in third.

As they cruised around the final bend Ewert was clear of the field, running nearly 10 meters in front of his chaser, Jonjak-Plahn, who had now moved into second place. 

The gap remained until 60 meters to go when Jonjak-Plahn shifted into another gun and Ewert felt the bear of fatigue jump on his back. 

The race was rapidly running out of real estate and the only question remaining was: did Jonjak-Plahn  wait too long?

Was the Kick-Last approach too much of a gamble?


The answer to both questions was No. 

Had he waited one more stride, maybe, but Jonjak-Plahn timed this one perfectly, catching Ewert at the line. 

Jonjak-Plahn leaned while Ewert dove, but the momentum Jonjak-Plahn had gathered in the final 60 meters was too much for Ewert to overcome. 

When the times and finishes flashed on the scoreboard Jonjak-Plahn had the state title by two-hundredths of a second,  wining the event 1:59.43 to 1:59.45.

What. A. Finish!