The Class Leaderboard: Top Times In Every Grade

McKenna Mazeski's 17:38 from Liberty Bell currently leads the freshmen class. 

We're officially three weeks into the season, and nearly everyone has run a 5k at least once. So, now with the fastest course in the state (Liberty Bell) behind us, it's about time to take a look at the current class leaderboard...

At first glance: The girl's side of the rankings is high quality and quantity across the board - every grade from freshmen to senior has a leader who has dipped under 18 minutes already. 

Also, if you scroll a little further down, there are links leading you to rankings of each grade so far. 

Here are your current class leaders:

Freshmen Boys: Jackson Parrill, 16:17

Freshmen Girls: McKenna Mazeski, 17:38

Sophomore Boys: Nicholas Huger, 15:51

Sophomore Girls: Riley Stewart, 17:13

Junior Boys: Parker Wolfe, 14:48

Junior Girls: Taylor Whitfield, 17:46

Senior Boys: Cole Sprout, 14:38

Senior Girls: Isalina Colsman, 17:53

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