Monday Morning Recap: Plenty Of Post State PRs

Riley Stewart ran a state leading 17:02 at the Colorado Classic XC Meet.

The state meet is behind us now, but that doesn't mean you still can't run a personal best... 

This past weekend proved that much - while there wasn't a massive quantity of meets, there sure was quality.

We'll start with the fireworks at the Colorado Classic XC Meet, AKA Heritage Distance Classic 2.0, AKA Liberty Bell 2020 Edition.

Riley Stewart shaved a few seconds off her Colorado PR - she threatened the 17 marker again. This time she ran 17:02, which was four-seconds faster than she ran here at the Heritage Distance Classic in September. 

While Stewart was doing Riley Stewart things, Cameron McConnell had a massive breakthrough. The Cherokee Trail junior showed that she was clearly eyeing the final week of October/first week of November on her calendar. 

McConnell ran big Colorado PR of 17:10 to finish second. 

Stewart and McConnell weren't the only ones dropping PRs - 3A state champ Katelyn Maley took .03 off her PR, running 17:21.00 to finish third. 

When you scroll down the results, it's clear this race was high-quality well into the field.

A staggering 11 girls broke 18 minutes (and it was almost 12!)


That's more than any of the previous years of races on this course.

The girl's race wasn't just insanely fast up front, it was deep. And the boy's race mirrored this fact.

Grahm Tuohy-Gaydos has been making statements all season, and while State was an unfortunate asterisk, his performance here solidifies his position among Colorado's best. 

The Green Mountain senior ran away from a stellar field to drop his third sub-15 clocking in Colorado this season.

Tuohy-Gaydos ran 14:53 for a seven-second victory over Caleb Boutelle, who came agonizingly close to becoming Colorado's third sub-15 runner this season. Boutelle, who finished third at the 5A state championships two weeks ago, was officially clocked at 15:00.00. 

Add that Boutelle's run was massive PR - 25-seconds in fact.

Speaking of PRs - Cheyenne Mountain's Erik Le Roux was hot on Boutelle's heels, chasing that Sub-15 Club as well. Le Roux dropped a nicely sized PR of his own, running 15:02.

And to show how deep this field was - James ThomasJackson Shorten, and 3A state champ Alex Baca all dipped under 15:10. Thomas ran 15:06, Shorten ran 15:08, and Baca ran 15:09. 

In total, nine broke 15:20.

Throwback to when 15:20 on this course could win the race...

24 broke 16 minutes (and it was almost 25!)

And the Colorado Classic XC Meet wasn't the only race with big performances. 

Mead's Keegan Caldwell went big at the River's Edge PR Invite, running 15:58 - just off his PR from State.  Sebastian Groom made the meet name true - he ran a 16:15 for a new PR, which was just two seconds ahead of Patrick Ash's new PR. 


Colorado Classic XC Meet

Heritage High School XC CourseLittleton, CO
Nov 1, 2020
348 Total Performances (334 CO)

Photo Albums (1)

Elite Performances

Girls (50)
5000mF11st17:02.00Riley StewartUnattached - CO
5000mF12nd17:10.00Cameron McConnellUnattached - CO
5000mF13rd17:21.00Katelyn MaleyUnattached - CO
5000mF14th17:34.00Taylor WhitfieldUnattached - CO
5000mF15th17:45.00Shelby BaldingUnattached - CO
5000mF16th17:46.00Sierra BowerUnattached - CO
5000mF17th17:52.00Samantha BlairUnattached - CO
5000mF18th17:55.00Isabella ProscenoUnattached - CO
5000mF19th17:55.00Emily LamontagneUnattached - CO
5000mF110th17:56.00Aubrey SurageUnattached - CO
5000mF111th17:59.00Ella JohnsUnattached - CO
5000mF112th18:00.00Ava MitchellUnattached - CO
5000mF113th18:08.00Elliot PribramskyUnattached - CO
5000mF114th18:13.00Addison PriceUnattached - CO
5000mF115th18:13.00Addison LaughlinUnattached - CO
5000mF116th18:13.00Jocelyn MillicanUnattached - CO
5000mF117th18:17.00Jade AllenUnattached - CO
5000mF118th18:22.00Aspen FulbrightUnattached - CO
5000mF119th18:22.00Kiera ShortenUnattached - CO
5000mF120th18:26.00Maelynn HigginsUnattached - CO
5000mF121st18:27.00Reese TuckerUnattached - CO
5000mF122nd18:31.00Brooke WilsonUnattached - CO
5000mF123rd18:32.00Ava LaneUnattached - CO
5000mF124th18:33.00Sophia Connerton-NevinUnattached - CO
5000mF125th18:35.00Lauren BoutelleUnattached - CO
5000mF126th18:38.00Taylor RorickUnattached - CO
5000mF127th18:39.00Alexis PagelUnattached - CO
5000mF128th18:39.00Milaina AlmonteUnattached - CO
5000mF129th18:40.00Ava EscorciaUnattached - CO
5000mF130th18:42.00Sarah DeLaCerdaUnattached - CO
5000mF131st18:43.00Jordan BlankenshipUnattached - CO
5000mF133rd18:44.00Lily-Ann WhelanUnattached - CO
5000mF134th18:44.00Mckenna MazeskiUnattached - CO
5000mF135th18:47.00Claire SemerodUnattached - CO
5000mF136th18:48.00Hope StarkUnattached - CO
5000mF137th18:48.00Abby MacleanUnattached - CO
5000mF121st18:50.00Jaycee WilliamsUnattached - CO
5000mF138th18:51.00Imani Fernandez-GorbeaUnattached - CO
5000mF139th18:53.00Lily MourerUnattached - CO
5000mF140th18:53.00Jordan SteadUnattached - CO
5000mF141st18:55.00Baylor WolfeUnattached - CO
5000mF142nd18:58.00Alexis ChelleUnattached - CO
5000mF143rd18:59.00Skye HenleyUnattached - CO
5000mF144th18:59.00Julia SchorUnattached - CO
5000mF145th19:01.00Sierra ParksUnattached - CO
5000mF146th19:02.00Megan HodgesUnattached - CO
5000mF147th19:02.00Lauren HodgesUnattached - CO
5000mF148th19:03.00Addison TorresUnattached - CO
5000mF149th19:12.00Leah FuteyUnattached - CO
5000mF150th19:14.00Lila CrowleyUnattached - CO
Boys (43)
5000mF11st14:53.00Grahm Tuohy-GaydosUnattached - CO
5000mF12nd15:00.00Caleb BoutelleUnattached - CO
5000mF13rd15:02.00Erik Le RouxUnattached - CO
5000mF14th15:06.00James ThomasUnattached - CO
5000mF15th15:08.00Jackson ShortenUnattached - CO
5000mF16th15:09.00Alex BacaUnattached - CO
5000mF17th15:17.00Joshua MedinaUnattached - CO
5000mF18th15:18.00Kidus BegashawUnattached - CO
5000mF19th15:20.00Lukas HaugUnattached - CO
5000mF110th15:23.00Scott PrieveUnattached - CO
5000mF111th15:32.00Charlie WelchUnattached - CO
5000mF112th15:35.00Ty GarrettUnattached - CO
5000mF114th15:42.00Eric SankeyUnattached - CO
5000mF115th15:42.00Sullivan MiddaughUnattached - CO
5000mF116th15:46.00Kaden LevingsUnattached - CO
5000mF118th15:52.00Brennan DraperUnattached - CO
5000mF119th15:53.00Jake SheykhetUnattached - CO
5000mF120th15:54.00James RameyUnattached - CO
5000mF121st15:56.00Abuzaid FanningUnattached - CO
5000mF122nd15:58.00Jaydon FryerUnattached - CO
5000mF123rd15:59.00Dominykas RemeikisUnattached - CO
5000mF124th15:59.00Dominic DanbornUnattached - CO
5000mF125th16:00.00Adugna MoritzUnattached - CO
5000mF126th16:00.00Henry IlyasovaUnattached - CO
5000mF127th16:05.00Gage NielsenUnattached - CO
5000mF128th16:06.00Porter MiddaughUnattached - CO
5000mF129th16:06.00William John BrunnerUnattached - CO
5000mF130th16:08.00Tyler PrannoUnattached - CO
5000mF131st16:09.00Dylan BrushUnattached - CO
5000mF132nd16:10.00Jack DonzeUnattached - CO
5000mF133rd16:11.00Elijah WilcoxUnattached - CO
5000mF134th16:15.00Isaac HigaredaUnattached - CO
5000mF135th16:15.00Enzo KnappUnattached - CO
5000mF136th16:16.00Shane PrannoUnattached - CO
5000mF137th16:18.00Connor KennedyUnattached - CO
5000mF138th16:18.00Gavyn WelshUnattached - CO
5000mF139th16:19.00Jason BeckerUnattached - CO
5000mF140th16:20.00Caden SmithUnattached - CO
5000mF141st16:22.00Sylas ChambersUnattached - CO
5000mF142nd16:23.00Logan StoddenUnattached - CO
5000mF143rd16:24.00Ethan GrolnicUnattached - CO
5000mF144th16:27.00David RhoadesUnattached - CO
5000mF146th16:29.00Tanner BrownUnattached - CO

River's Edge PR Invite

River's Edge ParkLoveland, CO
Oct 31, 2020
63 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Boys (5)
5000mF11st15:58.00Keegan CaldwellMead High School
5000mF12nd16:15.00Sebastian GroomFrontier Academy
5000mF13rd16:17.00Patrick AshSilver Creek High School
5000mF14th16:19.00Carson SchmidtThompson Valley High School
5000mF15th16:30.00Gerasimos KavvadasThompson Valley High School

NW Open Space 5k PR Challenge

Open Spaces Park XC CourseNorthglenn, CO
Oct 30, 2020