Week In Review: Transition From XC To Indoor

There were two notable meets from the weekend. 


There two meets total. 

A handful of Colorado's best cross country runners headed south to Florida for the AAU National Cross Country Championships, while a few of Colorado's best indoor athletes headed east to Virginia for the VA Beach Club Opener. 

For coverage of these meets:

WATCH: Gavin Schurr Drops US No. 1 21.28 At VA Beach Club

Featured Meets

VA Beach Club Opener (Grand Opening)

Virginia Beach Sports Center Virginia Beach, VA
Dec 4, 2020 Dec 5, 2020
1,443 Total Performances (11 CO)

Photo Albums (1)

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Articles (18)

Elite Performances

Boys (9)
60mF 1 1st6.73Gavin SchurrFairview High School
60mp 4 2nd6.91Gavin SchurrFairview High School
60mp 12 9th7.06Luke WernerBoulder High School
200mF 27 1st21.28Gavin SchurrFairview High School
200mF 22 19th22.52Luke WernerBoulder High School
200mF 22 25th22.77Matthew BaskinParker Panthers
200mF 24 28th22.80Bennett FeldenkirchenMountain View High School
400mF 26 11th50.54Bennett FeldenkirchenMountain View High School
400mF 25 23rd51.34Matthew BaskinParker Panthers

AAU National Cross Country Championships

Apalachee Regional Park Tallahassee, FL
Dec 5, 2020
654 Total Performances (80 CO)

Photo Albums (1)

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Articles (12)

Elite Performances

Girls (24)
5000mF 1 3rd17:02.04Riley StewartKokopelli Racing Team
5000mF 1 4th17:14.84Bethany MichalakKokopelli Racing Team
5000mF 1 14th17:54.76Cameron McConnellCherokee Trail High School
5000mF 1 16th18:04.12Mia ProkNiwot High School
5000mF 1 17th18:07.48Aspen FulbrightKokopelli Racing Team
5000mF 1 18th18:11.32Mckenna MazeskiCherokee Trail High School
5000mF 1 24th18:19.26Emily LamontagneArapahoe High School
5000mF 1 28th18:25.54Nina St JohnKokopelli Racing Team
5000mF 1 31st18:39.79Madelyn BlazoKokopelli Racing Team
5000mF 1 34th18:40.91Jade AllenKokopelli Racing Team
5000mF 1 35th18:42.66Addison PriceCherry Creek High School
5000mF 1 36th18:45.53Ava EscorciaArapahoe High School
5000mF 1 37th18:46.00Reese TuckerPeak Performance
5000mF 1 39th18:46.84Sawyer WilsonThe Classical Academy
5000mF 1 40th18:48.03Addison LaughlinCherry Creek High School
5000mF 1 41st18:48.53Leah ChristiansKokopelli Racing Team
5000mF 1 42nd18:48.96Kennedy McDonaldThe Classical Academy
5000mF 1 46th18:50.54Brooke MossKokopelli Racing Team
5000mF 1 48th18:55.95Aubrey SurageTri-Lakes Runners
5000mF 1 49th18:56.39Cassidy McDonaldThe Classical Academy
5000mF 1 59th19:10.18Sophia ValentineThe Classical Academy
5000mF 1 61st19:11.80Mollie RodenKokopelli Racing Team
5000mF 1 63rd19:12.85Alexis PagelCherokee Trail High School
5000mF 1 64th19:14.41Abigail MacLeanCherry Creek High School
Boys (13)
5000mF 1 2nd15:13.66Erik Le RouxKokopelli Racing Team
5000mF 1 5th15:34.86Joshua MedinaPenguin Track/XC Club
5000mF 1 10th15:45.72Christopher GandlKokopelli Racing Team
5000mF 1 16th15:56.47Alex MalineKokopelli Racing Team
5000mF 1 19th15:58.33Zinabu EngstromKokopelli Racing Team
5000mF 1 22nd16:00.48Brennan DraperParker Panthers
5000mF 1 24th16:01.30Enzo KnappKokopelli Racing Team
5000mF 1 25th16:01.83Knox ExtonKokopelli Racing Team
5000mF 1 32nd16:07.32Kaden LevingsCheyenne Mountain High School
5000mF 1 39th16:13.16Chandler WilburnThe Classical Academy
5000mF 1 50th16:20.64Nathan PontiousKokopelli Racing Team
5000mF 1 52nd16:22.70Henry IlyasovaKokopelli Racing Team
5000mF 1 60th16:29.18Hunter StrandParker Panthers